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25 Back-linking Sites to Promote Your Blogs

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   If you are trying to grow your blogs or articles from a revenue sharing site, then having sites to back-link to will help bring traffic and give authority to your sites. I want to share some of the main ones I've found and use, and give you a brief description of them. I will also list the social sites I use too.

   Personally I have three blogs which I try and promote. This may be different for you, as you maybe are trying to promote Hubpages as the center of your writing system. Either way, this list should help you find some good back-linking sites that are applicable.

(Alexa Ratings are World ratings)

   First I want to briefly list the social sites I use to promote my blogs and even my hubs.

  • Google+ and communities (Alexa: ? Google is number 1)

   Building your social sites up with friends and followers can help you grow your blog, but you don't want to spend all your time there. I would suggest choosing one or two you spend time at and the others just sparingly try and plug away with.

   Now I want to share some back-linking sites, some of which are revenue sharing sites, some being simply sites that can give authority and traffic.

  • Teckler (Alexa: 24K): this is a quality site, which pays about .40 cents per thousand views. The traffic there isn't very good as they are a newer site, but it's easy to use, pays through Paypal with just a .50 cent payout.

  • Bubblews (Alexa: 1567): This is a high traffic site and a place where you can probably make money, but don't be surprised if they don't pay you here and there. (Review)

  • Redgage (Alexa: 38K): This is one of my favorite places personally, but at first I had to get on the waiting list to be let in. Not sure if this is still the case, if so then give them your email and get on the waiting list. They pay about .60 cents per thousand views though a gift card they give you when you reach the payout of $25. You can share links, photos, videos (not YouTube though). Overall it's a good site to build up.

  • MyLot (Alexa: 30K): This site no longer pays people to use it, but nevertheless it is still a good place to leave a back-link. It leaves a nice display of your article and easy to use.

  • Allvoices (Alexa: 4,130) This is a citizen journalism site, they do claim to pay, but the process is complicated and difficult to attain. They do get some traffic though and if you like to write on news oriented topics this could be a place to get some traffic. It's fairly easy to use and you can leave back-links in your articles.

  • Slashdot (Alexa: 1,617) I have recently joined this site, but have already seen traffic from it. It's not a money making site, but is a good place to leave short snippets of your article and then get some traffic and some authority with search engines. Easy and fun to use.

  • Newsvine (Alexa: 4,199) This site no longer is a place to make money, although it still says you can connect your Adsense account to it, yet it provides nowhere to do so. Still though it is a good place to leave snippets with your back-link. The communities there can be very engaging and can lead to traffic to your site.

  • Shvoong (Alexa: 16K) This is a review site, which pays a 10% share of the Adsense revenue in to your Paypal account after $20 payout is reached. I haven't had much success here, but it does get decent traffic and is easy to use, only requiring 200 words to make a review. They allow related articles to show under your review and is an interesting place to be.

  • Hubpages (Alexa: 594) Obviously this is a great place to place your back-links, is a good paying site and gives very good authority to search engines. You have to write quality articles here of about 700 words, but they pay per view and through associate accounts. The Payout is $50 and pays through Paypal. (Review)

  • Wizzley (Alexa: 56K) This is a similar site to Hubpages, except they pay through Adsense and Chitika directly depending on your preference. Also they have associate programs to make money from. You have to write a quality 400 word article here, but this is a good place for back-links and it does get decent traffic. (Review)

  • Webanswers (27K) This is a question and answer site that pays directly to your Adsense account. Answering questions is a great way to leave back-links to topics that relate to your articles. (Review)

  • Yahoo Answers (Alexa: ? Yahoo is 4): Yahoo answers doesn't pay people, but is a very high traffic area to be and leave back-links. You do have to get to level 2 on their tier point system though, so you'll have to answer some questions and be active for awhile before leaving live back-links. This should be worth it though as it is a high traffic site with many questions.

  • Hupages Answers and Forums: Even if you don't want to write articles at Hubpages, using their forums and question and answers sections are great ways to leave back-links to related articles to the discussion.

  • ChatAbout (Alexa: 49K) This is a site that is fairly new, but on the rise. You can make money there by commenting, writing article and reviews. Although not much money it is a good way also to leave back-links and get traffic. The payout is $5 through Paypal. (Review)

  • Daily Two Cents (Alexa: 168K) This is a newer site where you can write articles at a min. of 100 words. You can leave contextual links in the articles, and they pay a half cent for each view. They pay through Paypal once a month if have made $5 threshold. The owners at this site are very nice and interactive and the site is growing rapidly. Their sister site is Writedge which has better traffic, but requires 400 word articles. You can also make money through associate accounts here too.

  • Before it's News (Alexa: 1813) This is a citizen journalist site where you can place your back-link and blog information in your article and in your author bio. You can't make money here, but it's a high traffic site. I have yet to get an article through after two attempts, so not sure how it works as of yet, but is a good opportunity if can get an article through.

   Those are the sites that I have been using of late. There are also other ways to promote your blog like blog directories, RSS directories, forum posting, and more, but in this article I wanted to focus on these sites and ways to promote a blog.

   Forum posting with your signature can be a good way to get your site out there, but from what I've experienced this can be a time consuming activity. My advice is to have a few forums you go on here and there, but not to camp out on many of them or you'll never write anything in your blogs.

   Some of the sites above you can make money with, and some you can't. Either way, they provide authority and traffic to your sites. The money you make with them is just a bonus, but won't likely amount to much.

   With these sites included in your writing on-line system a person can plug away and grow their sites and on-line presence over time. The possibilities over 6 months to a year with consistent effort should result in success at some level. Of course, there is a lot of work in the mean time we are seemingly doing for free, that's why blogging and revenue sharing sites are not for everyone. You have to love what you are doing and believe in the long term goals you have. In the meantime while implementing your system, learn things along the way that will help you achieve success.

   Hope this article has helped you, if you have any sites that aren't mentioned that are worthy of note, leave a comment please. I'm always looking for more quality back-linking sites that would work for me, and also always trying to learn more about how to understand the tech side of blogging.  

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wizzley Review After 8 Articles

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   Wizzley is a revenue sharing site much like Hubpages. The difference it they have more ways to earn from different affiliates including Chitika ads if Adsense doesn't work for you. They share revenue from these ads 50% of the time which goes directly to your Adsense. Wizzley is a quality site, yet there are some problems I've encountered.

   Wizzley has an Alexa rating of 32K in the US and 56K in the world. This means they get a decent amount of traffic. Their word requirement is 400 minimum. After writing 8 articles I have gained 178 unique views and one article has been blocked and rejected. The article that was rejected they said was preaching and more suitable for a personal blog. I did put a similar article on my blog The Lowdown Truth, but also a similar article on Hubpages.

   Hubpages has actually proven to be less restrictive as for writing about Jesus and faith. Wizzley lets people write all they want about New Age topics, but it seems that fundamental Christianity isn't welcome there. This is a problem for me, and makes me not want to write there anymore. I probably won't write there anymore because of this. I will include the article that was blocked so you can see it wasn't offensive.

   After 177 unique visitors which is different than views, I haven't made a penny from Wizzley. The thing is I can't even see the views in Adsense for Wizzley. I can see the other sites I have Adsense connected to, but I can only see Wizzley stats from Analytics. This was a pain when I first started there because I couldn't tell if I was making anything. I guess there is a place in Analytics to see if you made anything, but the whole experience with tracking your earnings there is confusing.

   After 177 views and not seeing a penny, this doesn't excite you very much to keep writing there. Then they blocked one of my articles and this made me think I should just put my efforts into my blogs and Hubpages. So, that is what I'm going to do is spend my efforts elsewhere. I've heard Hubpages is liberal and will censor some conservative truth tellers, but in my experience so far, they are much more lenient than any other revenue sharing site I've been on. Yet, I was suspended from the forums once for talking about Satan,demons, and hell.

   Although Wizzley is a quality site and I like the way it looks and feels, this review has to be a negative one because I haven't made a penny after essentially 8 articles, and they blocked an article that shouldn't have been blocked. This means the people who run Wizzley are liberal leaning people who are not comfortable with true Christianity. Just keep these thing in mind if thinking about writing there.

Here is the article Wizzley blocked and rejected:

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Alternative News and Views on Blogtalkradio

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   Blogtalkradio has a large presence on the Internet with an Alexa rating of 3,174 in the world and 784 in the US. Maybe you've heard of the site, or have listened to some radio shows there. I found Blogtalkradio a few years ago listening to OmegamanRadio. I generally listen to Voice of Evangelism, Omegamanradio, and The Hagmann and Hagmann Report from Blogtalkradio these days. I have been encouraged and feed spiritually very much so by these ministries, especially Voice of Evangelism with David Lankford.

    As for myself I started broadcasting my own show July 2, 2012. As of now I have 13 episodes in all on my show called Lowdown. I have only a free account, so my broadcasts are 30 minutes long. That is the longest I could likely go anyway, so it works out just about right. I have been sporadic in my broadcasting, mostly doing it in spurts here and there these last couple years. The last show I've done is last Monday May 12th.

pic we took in Oregon
   I really like Blogtalk radio and wanted to start it up again and add to the blogging and writing efforts I'm doing now on-line. It's a way for me to say what's on my mind and recap the weeks work I've been doing blogging and also relay what I've been learning in the Lord Jesus. My writing week ends on Sunday, so Monday is a good time to have the broadcast.

   My review of the site has to note that the site itself takes a lot of effort for my computer to navigate and load. Also, the ads have gotten more invasive and now run before the shows when playing them from my page. I'm sure this is only on the free accounts, so I feel pressured to pay. That's not likely going to happen anytime soon if ever. I just like to have a weekly show for a half an hour. Although the ads are invasive, free is still a good deal.

   The Lowdown show talks about Jesus centered subjects and about the efforts I'm undertaking on-line trying to become a successful on-line blogger and writer. The show will not have hype or gimmicks, and if I ever do put music on, it'll be Carroll Roberson most likely or myself. Mostly though if you listen to my shows you'll hear encouragement and information that may be helpful in your walk with the Lord Jesus Christ and as a writer on-line.

Pic we took  on McKenzie Pass In Oregon
   The Lowdown is aware we are in the last days, and that there is a conspiracy of secret societies in the process of taking total control of the world. I'm not shy about talking about these subjects and relaying what I've gathered. Of course, as menial labor working man, I'll give you simply a layman's view. Although my voracious study and compacted research has filled me with a decent understanding of the history and reality of this modern world. I always loved history, even majored in it in college, only to be taught absolutely nothing basically. I've learned more from You Tube than ever did from my public education.

   As of now after 13 episodes, I've gained 135 listens and have one follower besides myself. I would have two, but I haven't gotten my wife to sign up for Blogtalk yet. This is a good start though, as before this last show I had no social sites and hardly any presence on-line at all. So, now with a growing platform the show should gain some ground and some listens. I will make sure that what I'm broadcasting is as quality as I can muster with the resources and knowledge I have.

   I will be broadcasting this coming Monday at 8pm Pacific time. The show topic will be Don't GiveUp, There's A Way With Jesus. If you are so inclined to listen and join me, then there is a Blogtalkradio button at the top of both of my blogs as well as a Blogtalkradio widget to my shows on the bottom of my blogs. God bless.   

Here my last show on May 12th:

Blogging, Writing, Lowdown is Back:

Online Spirituality Radio at Blog Talk Radio with Lowdown0 on BlogTalkRadio

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Golfing Better With A Statistical System

Middlefield GC, Oregon
   Some of us golfers that don't have much natural talent have to become crafty and try all the angles we can find to break 90, 80, and then shoot the elusive par round. This golfing statistical system I've created for myself I want to share with you in hopes it may help you shave some shots off the score card. Knowing your weaknesses and strengths can help you zero in on what you need to practice and lead to you playing better golf.

   First of all it's always best to play by the rules, no mulligans or kicking the ball out of trouble. Play the ball as it lies or if winter rules take your 6 inches no closer to the hole. Know your rules and you might as well stick to them cause it's the best way to measure your true ability as a golfer. If you know your pure ability out there on the course then you can work with this. So keeping an accurate score is necessary for this stat system to work.

   I have placed a video of my statistical system here in the article for you to see the pictures as I explain what the numbers mean. Most of the numbers you likely are aware people keep stats of, cause you hear them when watching pro golf. Yet, there are some unique stats I keep every round which are likely new to you. These have helped me evaluate the round with more depth.

   The first one is the check mark = chances gave self for par, the c=conversion of par, and B+ = clean up (one putts when first putt is bogey or worse). These are put into percentages by some relatively easy math you can figure out. For instance the number of holes had at least one putt for par divided by 18 holes = the % of holes check mark.

Middlefield GC, Oregon
   The second unique section of stats I began to keep last year is the zone. Being in the zone is playing to your goals. This is a sort of realistic look at what your ability is as of yet. Of course we would like to shoot par, but really shooting five over for 18 would feel nearly as good to me, as I'm about a 15 handicap at best right now. So to compute the zone stats go through the 18 holes and realistically place goals on each hole that you think are possible for your ability. Don't be too easy on yourself, your zone score should be a little better than your best round.

   So when you are shooting in the zone, then you are shooting within the goals you have already set for those holes. Maybe you get a bogey on a long par 4, if you allowed that hole to be a bogey hole, then you are still in the zone. So put the number of holes you shot within your goals and divide it with 18 and you'll get your % of holes you played in the zone. I like to put also how many holes I played in a row in the zone. Then there is the power zone, this is where you shot par or better on one hole or better. For the power zone I just put how many in a row I did. The zone is a fun way to track your progress as a golfer. If you start shooting 95% in the zone for instance, then you need to redo your zone goals to a lower score.

Middlefield GC, Oregon
   The video and picture will help you understand the rest. I failed to mention in the video that the 203yards was the average drive distance. This doesn't mean I used a driver on the hole, but it's the distance I shot off the tee on all the par four and fives. Because the course I was playing had so many shorter par 4's I use an iron a lot of times off the tee to avoid trouble. This doesn't mean I stay out of trouble always, but it helps when the driver has gone wild.

   I wanted to share this system to you to help you think of ways to become a better golfer besides just pounding the range day and night. If you are breaking 100 consistently, then you are hitting the ball well enough, so it's time to get mentally tough and know what your game is made of by the numbers. By knowing your stats you can evaluate your play while you are playing and the information helps you make adjustments and know what to do. It just makes you focus that much more and know your game, which will lead to you making the best out of your round.

   What you want to do while out on the course, is mark down the drive distance, circle the hole if a green in regulation, mark down your putts, fringe putts, penalty strokes,sand saves, par saves, fairways hit, and if you are in play after the drive. From these markings on your actual scorecard, you can then gather all the stats that I explained here and in the video. It will take some math and some time to compute it all, and you may do it differently than me, but taking the time to do this will give you time to reflect on the round and know how to prepare for the next round.

   I love to golf even if I can't do it as well as I hope sometimes. Every round I hit a shot that makes me feel like a professional. This keeps me dreaming, keeps me loving the game. I haven't been for awhile, but I'll be back out there again, scribbling in my scorecard, yep, God willing...  

Know The Rules:

This Is For Inspiration, Get The Video For Use Always, This Masters Was Awesome Golf!

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Hubpages or Blogs As The Center of Writing System?

Where is The Center of My On-Line Writing System?

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   I've been evaluating my system of writing on-line lately and coming up with a question that I haven't really answered yet. The question simply is whether I should focus on my blogs more or Hubpages and Wizzley? I have two different blogs, one which I don't have much conflict with Hubpages because the writings are not suited for Hubpages as much. Yet, the other blog is where I write reviews, how-to, and about articles –- this is where I'm in conflict.

   After an initial beginning of distrust I have embraced HP to a certain extent and have written now 18 articles. The amount I have earned there is about $6.50 so far from this effort. Now this doesn't sound like a lot, but the amount I have made from my blogs is less, and I've written at least twice as much so far (that are counted towards Adsense).

   Hubpages gets organic traffic and their Adprogram pays us about a half a cent for each view. With my blogs I'm not assured of making any money from the views, and the traffic seems to die off fairly quickly after I promote it the first day or two. I have joined a couple directories, forums, back-linking sites, and submit the URL of the post to pingler, Google search, and Bing. Also, I have a couple RSS feed directories I'm part of as well. The whole campaign has increased viewers about 25% so far.

   The Adsense ads and Amazon is basically where I'm making my money from my blogs. Amazon and the Adprogram is where I make money from Hubpages. For now I will leave Wizzley out of this conversation, but I earn from Adsense and Amazon there too. So, basically if I can get a thousand views I can basically get paid about the same from either or. So, the question is which one has the greater potential for getting views in the long run?

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   Also a question when looking at this holistically, is which one gives me more freedom and which one do I enjoy writing for the most. As it is, HP seems to be a better strategy, but then again they could shut down my account and erase all my posts for all I know. At least with my blogs I can relatively be assured my posts won't be deleted for whatever reason. I did have my privileges suspended in the forums once at HP for writing about hell and the Devil.

   I think it would require a leap of faith to venture out and rely mostly on my blogs. Lately, in my mind HP has been where I've been concentrating. I have been writing more blogs, yet HP has been where my mind has been for making money. See, I'm looking towards the future here, thinking about when I find a way to get a thousand views a day instead of 50. As it is now, I get about an average of 50 views a day from both my blogs combined. That comes from writing about one post a day from either blog, so about 7 posts a week (this effort started only a week ago).

   Maybe if I used Hubpages as a snippet back-linking place to drive traffic to my blogs and also to get some money from them? I could write a 700 word synopsis or re-write of the same topic and then drive traffic back to my blog, on every post. I already do this with Allvoices and Daily Two Cents. Wizzley is the same concept, except there I would just write a 400 word snippet and drive traffic back. This idea has potential, it doesn't mean I have to write poorly written articles, just rewrite the original article or review and then put a back-link. If it is a product to sell, then place it there at HP and Wizzley as well. I guess the key is to make the blogs the center pieces of the writing system.

cc from
   That is what I'm struggling with is where is my center to this writing system. Is it my blogs or HP? As it is my blogs haven't been making very much and the traffic is hard to get. What I want to happen though is for my blogs to start getting authority and picked up by search engines in the searches. Then I will have organic traffic to my blogs continuously. Also, the back-linking and forum posting should contribute to this strategy. If I'm posting once a day and then writing snippets for that post the rest of the day, this should give that post a good buzz and healthy traffic for awhile.

   The thing about Blogger is the numbers are off in the dashboard. I can't rely on those numbers at all, because they will say 100 and Adsense will say 30. I have to go with what Adsense and Analytics are saying rather than the Blogger dashboard. Because I started my Adsense up after I had 18 posts already on my first blog, the numbers that are in Adsense don't reflect the totality of the numbers I've had from my blogs. Yet, because it was new and I was just starting out the numbers were very small anyway besides the bots.

   So this is me thinking out loud here, trying to figure out where to make the center of my writing system. I'm going to be pushing forth with a lot of writing and I want it to make the biggest impact I can muster with the tools I have learned. I will learn more as I go of how to increase traffic. When it comes down to it, I want to make the decision based on where I like to write the most. And I like to write on my blogs the most. 

   HP and Wizzley are quality places to write and I like them, but still they are not designed by me, they don't have the same feeling of home as my blogs. Also my blogs have a lot of widgets and serve as a home base for readers to connect with me on many different platforms. My blogs serve as a hub you could say for my total on-line effort, which will integrate an Ebay store widget soon enough. Enough said, the answer has been mined out of this analysis. Hope this has helped you figure out this as well, as to what path you're going to take with your on-line writing system.  

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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Movie Review: The Adventures of The Wilderness Family Trilogy

cc from ALASKA
The Wilderness Family is a great movie about a city dwelling family of four who decides to move to Alaska and try to make a living mining for gold. The movie starts off in Los Angeles where they show the family dealing with the city life and all it's hassles. The married couple (Robert Logan and Susan Damante) talk to each other about the dream they have, and why not do it. They decide they are tired of city  life and decide to go.      

   Sometimes it's the first step that is the hardest for us to take in life. Moving all the way to Alaska from southern California is one of those dreams most have, but they never do. Even if the idea seems to be like paradise, the comfortable surroundings of where we know how to be is where we stay.

   My wife and I are always looking for good wholesome movies to watch away from the Hollywood scene. This movie was made in the 1975, the theme of the wilderness, and the great escape from the modern lifestyle really appeals to us. I was mostly a country boy growing up and although I've lived in cities most of my adult life, I long to get back to the rural areas where life is simpler, and so does my wife.

cc from 
   The couple sells their house and all their belongings and they takes their two children (who are younger than teenagers) to Alaska. They have to be flown in by a plane that lands on water to get to the remote cabin tucked away in the mountains near a lake area. The setting is beautiful, the wild life shown and the mountains makes you feel like you are there. They arrived in the spring and made it their home with some difficulties, but the big question was if they were to stay on through the winter. Winters in Alaska are nothing to joke about, and the plane that dropped them off wouldn't even be able to bring them supplies in the winter, so the decision to stay had to be made.

   The movie is actually a three part series so you will get your fill with the wilderness families' trials and triumphs. Suffice it to say it is full of adventure and fun. You and family will smile, laugh, cry, and feel the struggles with this family trying to make this wilderness their home. The dream many of us have is lived out in this 3 part series for you and your family. I would recommend this movie to anyone.  

Get the Movie Here:

Watch the trailer here!

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Movie Review: Miracle ( 1980 Olympic Gold Ice Hockey Team)

cc from Herb Brooks
Miracle is a movie that came out in 2004, which is based on the true inspiring story of the 1980 US Olympic ice hockey team. This team achieved what most people thought was impossible, in beating the Russians in the semi-finals and then going on to win the gold. Everyone doubted the US team except Herb Brooks, the coach, who inspired his team to believe as well.

   Herb Brooks is played by Kurt Russell in this film by Disney. Normally I wouldn't recommend a Disney movie, but this one doesn't seem to have any hidden agendas, so if you skip the garbage previews and not listen to the music at the credits after the movie, then this is a good movie. It's rated PG, and is void of any cursing God and Jesus, and there is no sex scenes.

   True stories are compelling to me, and I love to watch them. Sports movies are some of the best true life stories in my opinion. Although I don't know much about ice hockey, I still enjoyed this film. The Russians were the dominating team in the world for the better part of two decades, and this was in the era of the cold war, so the communism vs America theme is portrayed as a time piece background for the movie's nature.

cc from
  Also, what makes this story compelling is the coach Herb Brooks. Herb was cut from the 1960 Olympic hockey team the day before they left for the games and went on to win the gold without him. Every Olympics since then the Russians beat everyone. So, this was Herb's determining motivation to beat the Russians with whoever he could put on his team. As the US team were amateurs, yet the Russians were only feigning to be so, as they were actually seasoned veterans who beat even the top US All-star hockey teams before the Olympics.

This movie shows what great, honest leadership can inspire in those who follow it. It shows us that dreams can be achieved if we believe they can be, and work harder than anyone else to achieve them. If you haven't heard of this story or watched the movie, you'll be blessed to do so. It is one of the greatest sports stories ever told, and it was absolutely true.

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Monday, May 5, 2014

How To Make Music Videos For YouTube

my pic of Eugene Oregon
About a month ago I started uploading videos to my YouTube account. I had a channel before this, but never uploaded videos to it. I even linked Adsense to it, now my videos are monetized. This may be easy for some people, but for others it's a bit of a mystery. 

The purpose of my YouTube channel is mostly for music videos, where I play guitar and harmonica and put a picture of my own and place it there. Also, I have been putting annotations on the screen with Bible scriptures. As I go along, I'm learning more and improving the recording sound. 

I started off recording on my smart phone through an app, then I found a free program called Audacity to record tracks from the computer. At first I used a headset to record, then I bought a microphone from St. Vincent for a couple bucks. The sound is decent I think, at least it is improving as I go. 

Everything I upload is unique content, my pictures and recordings. This way I don't have to worry about any copyright infringement. There is fair use laws and other copyright usability for certain things, I just haven't learned all that yet. Also, I'm focusing on this channel to make it unique content with music, conspiracy, and how-to videos, all from a Christian perspective. Sort of like my two blogs, but add the music. 

First off I want to say that there are different ways to make a video and put it on YouTube. Depending on your phones capabilities you can upload a video you recorded right off your phone. There is probably a way put an external mic into your phone, but I'm not sure cause I haven't done it. If you can't upload to YouTube from your phone (which is me), then you can upload it to Google+ and then save it to your computer from there. Then you can move it from your computer to YouTube from their upload button. That is how I have done a couple videos. 

cc from
If you want to start putting music you've recorded from your computer onto YouTube you  can do it with a computer, Internet access, a microphone, and a couple programs. The programs you need are Windows Movie Maker, and Audacity. The process goes something like this:

Record your track on Audacity, export it to your computer as a MP3, then open up Windows Movie Maker and import the file you just saved from your documents, then place the file you've opened in the editing area where you are making the movie. Then upload a picture or video to go along with it and place it in the section where you are editing your video in Windows Movie Maker. Then you save the movie to your computer. 

Now you go to YouTube and press on the upload button, then you find the file you saved from Movie Maker in the videos section of my documents. The file will process, upload and then you fill out the information there at YouTube and publish it to your channel. That's the short of it. 

You have to create a channel first of course, which is as easy as signing up for it. 

If you want to monetize your account, you have to first have an Adsense account. You have to apply for an account after you have a site you are on, which they see fit to give you an account for. You can get an Adsense account from having a Blog at Blogger, from Webanswers, or from Hubpages. The way I got it was by having a blog at Blogger, but now my Adsense is also linked to Webanswers and Hubpages. You will have to look into this a bit. Once you have the Adsnense account, you simply put your YouTube account onto your Adsense account and then you be able to make money when someone clicks on the ads which display on your video. Google owns Adsense of course. 

The process does take some effort and research, but it isn't as hard as you might think. Once you have these things set up and usable, then you can focus on creating your videos and growing your YouTube channel. Here is a video of mine and my channel link, and if you press on the links throughout this post, you will be directed to other blogs and information that will help you understand the process. God bless, and happy posting. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel too. 

Link: Robbie Lowdown0's YouTube Channel

Here is a good tutorial about how to use Movie Maker in Yahoo Answers: Movie Maker Tutorial

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Christian Testimonies of Near Death Experiences (Video included)

cc from
  I wanted to share this video with you, it's called To Hell and Back, hosted by Dr. Maurice Rawlings, who was converted to a Christian from actually experiencing being near one of these patients who had a near death experience.

  This is a powerful video which you would be blessed to take the time to watch when you have an extra hour. It details the experience of a handful of men who had near death experiences, where they actually saw hell, then by the grace of God become saved from it to tell the tale. 


    You can either call all these men liars, delusional, or say that it isn't doctrinal so you aren't going to even watch it. Yet, being so skeptical and cold towards the reality of these men's lives bearing the fruit of God would be a shame. These were hard core atheist who were converted to Jesus Christ through these experiences. To say these experiences are anything other than divine, is to say these men's conversions are false. And I would challenge you to look at your own walk with the Lord and see if it is on fire as theirs became. 

     Dr. Maurice guides us through these heart felt wonderful testimonies and helps us understand why exactly we are so blessed to have Jesus Christ in our lives as our Lord and Savior. It also reminds us of those who aren't saved, and the urgency we need to show towards sharing the gospel in love with them. Hope you enjoy this, God bless.  

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Readers Are Just As Important As Writers

Picture I took of Oregon coast area
One thing the world needs more of is more listeners and more readers. The world needs more people who are talented in appreciating the creative talent of others, and less people trying to get attention from their so called talent. When it comes down to it, the most important thing a writer needs is someone to read their writings, otherwise why are we writing?

I remember when I was a full fledged journal writer who would write to no-one except my journal. There was a chance that when I died someone would take some of my writings and publish them, and I would posthumously gain notoriety. Other than this faint hope, I was simply writing to God, who was listening I found out later. Now, things have changed a bit. The journal writing, and the worldly ambition that went along with them, are gone. Now I have more of a purpose and even have readership.

Although the readership might be small, there are some people who have even commented that what I've written has inspired them in a way. Of course there are others who have said unkind things, but that is to be expected when posting about angry atheist in the Thinkers community on G+. This readership is important to me and has given me the motivation to grow my blogs and continue writing on-line.

Being a reader though, isn't something I do as well as writing I've noticed. It's not that I don't like to read, cause I do, but it seems I don't have the time to digest people's words in the way needed to really meditate on what they're saying. This is something I'm working on and has come to my attention. The more I travel around the net, the more I see the value of the reader. The readers who likely aren't even interested in writing, but simply love to read other people's creations. In all art I see this being a struggle in the vain society and world we live in. Mostly, people simply aren't motivated to pay attention to you unless there is something superficial they get out of it, like money or recognition.

That is to say, most people are greedy respecters of persons. What can we expect with what people are watching on TV and the music they listen to? Aleister Crowley's saying “Do as thou wilt” is the motto of America every since the 60's. In reality, it has led to many discontent and vain people who are constantly seeking attention and recognition for nothing of merit except being alive. Notwithstanding that being alive is a miracle, yet a miracle God has done and not us. Glory to Jesus, not to ourselves here, see.

So bloggers, writers, and others – let's appreciate those who appreciate artists and others for the talents and skills God hath given them. And let us learn to become readers and admirers of other artists and people when they deserve merit. In the end we will become better people for it. If we find something interesting, then digest it and appreciate that someone created it, and by digesting it in this way we will become better people even if we don't agree with what they are saying.

What I'm saying is that writers need readers, and musicians need listeners. So one isn't more important than the other.