Sunday, May 10, 2015

Slave Labor at Eugene Country Club Golf Course

This isn't the best screen capture shot, as I'm only learning how to do these things on-line, but the this will work to show you the point I wanted to make.

I live very close to Eugene, Oregon where the Robert Trent Jones designed Eugene Country Club Golf Course is located. This private 18 hole golf course in the middle of Eugene has routinely been in the top 100 golf courses in the world according to Golf Digest. It is always in the top 100 private courses in America every year. So we are talking about a very prominent place for golf.

The cost of playing here is $250 for 18 holes! And you also have to have a membership as well which I don't know how much exactly this is. They don't just say the amount on their website because it's likely in the tens of thousands for an annual membership. So, this is a place that brings in hundreds of millions of dollars every year to put it generally.

Now, for my complaint. Looking at the picture above, you'll see they are hiring for a PT greenskeeper. Wow, what an opportunity right? OK, so having a job here at this very wealthy prestigious club must mean you would make some good money, right? Wrong! Look at the measly pitiful amount they are offering to people to work their as a greenskeeper: $10-$13/hr depending on experience! Now, keep in mind Oregon's min. wage is $9.10/hr.

So, these cheap skates are trying to get some experienced greenskeeper to work on their multi-million dollar golf course and do an excellent job with the up-most tact and precision for $10-$13/hr?! What a load of crap!

This is so typical of the New World Order system we are being subjected to more and more. The elite want slaves to work for them, no less. It doesn't matter that most of the greenskeepers could beat them at golf (this has always been the case with golf). They have all this money and are bringing in hundreds of millions a year, but they are paying the very people who make the course great (grounds crew) wages that are outright insulting!

They only let the workers play free golf on Mondays, and I'm sure they justify their slave labor with this "benefit". Big whoop, who cares about playing some stupid elite course, how about being able to support my family and actually live in a decent place instead of a quad with a bunch of illegals and college dropouts!

Just thought I would show people a very proper example of Modern Slavery in action here in Eugene Oregon at the prestigious Eugene Country Club (smells like sulfur there by the way). Happy hacking elite scum...

Here is an eBook I wrote that goes along with this theme:

Modern Day Slaves In America


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    1. Robots couldn't do the work of a greens-keeper, but I'm sure they wish they could.

  2. Robbie - you are a true moron. You and your socialist, woe-is-me, big government support me attitude is what is ruining the U.S. for all of the hard-working people who are not afraid of getting and keeping a job so they can support themselves and through hard work advance up the economic ladder. Get off the pot (literally and figuratively), get a real job and stop blaming your problems on everyone else. I don't care what hardships you or your family experienced in the past, you are only a victim of your own inabilities and lack of initiative. Quit crying, man-up and go succeed. You will feel much better about yourself and will stop being a cancer on society.

    1. That's right Robbie. See, it's capitalism. All it takes to succeed and build a mansion with pool in our capitalism loving country is hard work.
      If you don't have a mansion and pool you are not working hard. Get some initiative.
      Work harder, Robbie, harder... you are not working hard enough Robbie.
      99% of America is not working hard enough to succeed.
      Don't be the 99% who smoke pot, cry, are a cancer on society and don't advance up the economic ladder, Robbie.
      There is no nepotism. There is no class privilege.
      All you need to do is to work more and harder for less, Robbie.

  3. Yeah Robbie, you are an idiot. The Eugene Country Club's goal is to break even financially since it is technically member owned. They aren't making millions like you assume. It takes a considerable cost to maintain grounds in that condition. If the job isn't worth the pay, people won't apply. That's the beauty of a free market. It's not slave labor if you have to apply for it.

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