Sunday, November 22, 2015

MyKites - A Great New Writing Site That Pays!

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    Are you looking for a place to write since Bubblews went down the drain? Well, MyKites is looking to be the next best writing site for people who want a sort of social site/ revenue sharing site. MyKites is a simple well-designed site, easy for people to understand and write on.

  Here's how it works, when you write a post it's called a Kite and when you post it you're flying your Kite - get it? Now, for every like, view, comment, and social media share on your Kite – you get a Flight Point which you can redeem for money. The threshold for a payout is a reasonable $15, or 5000 Flight Points, which roughly means each flight point is worth .003 cents. Not bad considering the post only have to be 100 characters and it's a fun place to be!

   There are also levels you can achieve, which can gain you benefits announced from time to time? Who knows, but it's fun to move up in rank nevertheless, here are the levels:

  • Newbie
  • Beginner
  • Trained
  • Skilled
  • Expert
  • Elite

   With my now 171 Flight Points I'm still a Newbie, but with a post everyday I should move up quickly. My efforts so far have earned me . 51 cents and 9 friends. Truthfully, I'm not very social and hardly ever hang out on social sites, but I do like to write and so I go there once a day and spend 5-10 minutes. For the person who wants to write 10 posts a day ( the max amount you can post) then go right ahead and make that money writing!

   So, what are you waiting for, besides the link to the site? The link is below this paragraph, and did I tell you they have a referral program too! Hey com'on, be a pal and sign up through my link- I'm the one who told you about it right? Yeah, so your welcome and enjoy flying your Kites dear writers!

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