Friday, July 28, 2017

The Best Remedy for Poison Ivy/Oak

Having a reaction to poison oak and ivy may not be life threatening, yet if left untreated, or mistreated, it can be really, really bothersome to daily life; not to mention an impaired immune system, constant itching, soreness, and a constant feeling of being trapped inside one’s nasty flesh.

Some people get rashes from poison ivy/oak, some people don’t; what I’ve learned is it’s progressive once  a person does “get it” from their outside ventures. That is, a person catches it easier the next time, and the reaction gets progressively worse.

For the person that’s gone through weeks, if not months, of dealing with this spreading rash, this progressive thing doesn't sound very promising. The good part is: there’s a product that heals and prevents poison ivy/oak!

I wish I would've know about this product the first time I got poison ivy; the end result was a visit to the emergency room. Ugh, poison ivy/oak is treacherous and last for months even.

It wasn’t until a few years later, when I met my wife, when I learned about Tecnu! Since then, I have no fear of poison ivy/oak anymore; even when I catch it, Tecnu easily stops it from growing and heals it completely.

The name Tecnu doesn’t sound like a lotion for poison ivy/oak, rather an electronic device, yet, nevertheless, this is the stuff that works.

What I do, personally, is put it on the affected areas, like a lotion, after a shower and when needed. When I had a really bad case of poison ivy/oak and I started using Technu, I put it on about every 5 hours for a couple weeks.

Even when using this remedy, bad cases will take weeks to heal, and months to completely go away; yet, it stops the poison from spreading immediately and slowly abates the problem from there.

Although, Tecnu doesn’t claim to help itching directly, from my experience it does help some. There’s another effective product by Tech Labs, called Caragel, which relieves itching and pain more directly -- while Tecnu removes the oils and cures the root problem.

Just wanted to inform my readers about this powerful remedy for poison Ivy/Oak/Sumac. Click on the product pictures or Amazon modules to buy from Amazon.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Review of WW1 Documentary: "To Arms!"

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Recently, during some research into WW1 for the first time in-depth, I found and viewed a well done WW1 documentary on YouTube called "To Arms!". I wanted to share this ten part series and some short thoughts on war. Of course, when I say this documentary is well-done, it does fall short of explaining the Vatican's central role in the instigation and creation of this conflict and the horrors she caused. Even so, this documentary is still a quality look at the entire war from 1914 til 1918.

Here's the first episode of the documentary:

WW1 Thoughts

Reality Behind the Mask

Most of the soldiers were younger than 30 years old, and most of those under 25. This is often too young to have a mind yet, to fully think for oneself; I can attest, therefor, most soldiers were ignorant of: real history, our need for salvation in Jesus Christ, current events, secret societies, Anti-Christ Papal power, and Satan's devices.

It took me until 30 to understand there's a world for show and a reality behind the stage. One thing controlled opposition does is: fail to tell us about the Vatican's role in history and the present, as well as prophecy from the Bible.

What lands of confusion! Full of lies we've been told for generations. The truth slowly censored and left out of the Jesuit education, to further their evil agenda. To bring every person under the bondage of the Papacy, in subjection as unbelievers, even if Christian in name. Sincerely believing in the Holy Bible and living it out, will be the crime that can't be tolerated.

The strong delusion is upon us, the younger generations are, mostly, ignorant to real history, yet wildly excited about technology and themselves.

The Forgotten War by Most

WW1 is forgotten by most people alive today, WW2 is more remembered. The complexity of the beginnings and the rudimentary camera and photo documentation are, likely, two major reasons why; plus it was 20 years earlier, and there are no WW1 veterans left – Claude Choules, who served in the British Royal Navy, was the last surviving combat WW1 veteran, he died in May 2011.

WW1 dealt with a different Europe than WW2, the map of Europe was different with the: Ottoman Empire, Austria/Hungary, and Prussia. These were absorbed and broken up into smaller countries until the next war 20 years later.

This was the biggest war in recorded human history, killing nearly 11 million soldiers and 7 million civilians. One stat said 6,000 people died on average every day during the four year conflict. Wounded and missing puts the number of casualties to nearly 40 million soldiers alone. These types of numbers are the result of emerging modern warfare, including the machine gun, grenades, flamethrowers, and more as the war progressed: fighter planes, bombers, tanks, submarines, and better artillery.

Only WW2 surpasses the carnage and destruction of the first war, yet both were just an extension of the long conflict in Europe of good vs. evil. In other words, the Anti-Christ Papacy against all those that oppose its tyrannical and blasphemous reign. 

These conflicts were orchestrated by the Vatican and the Jesuits as the brains; it was carried out by those who created the problem (partly, by the Serbian assassin that "started the war", who was part of a Vatican secret society called: the Black Hand), then finished and taken care of by those who have to solve the problem (allies); all the while benefiting the Papal powers to be to: get revenge on their enemies and increase their power and control.   

WW1 had to be fought, the Germans had to be stopped and put in check for their wicked ambitions, even if these ambitions (along with the means) were planted and watered by the Vatican and its sly workers of deceit.

In this war, we can see the transition from the darkness of an undocumented past into a time where film and photo can clearly prove the wicked deeds done by the persecuting Anti-Christ Papacy.

We can see this exposure of the Vatican in WW2 as well, both wars show how the Vatican manipulates the rulers of the world into these conflicts – in a way she's been doing for around 1500 years now.

WW2 shows this even better, because of the improvement of film and camera, such as documenting the Serbian genocide under the Croatian Ustashi, and the mass murderer of the innocent: Ante Pavelic; this was a genocide that was ran, directed, and done by the Croatian Monks and Priests, with the blessing of the Vatican and the Pope. They murdered and tortured like they did during the Inquisition and dark ages, and nearly 1 million innocent, Orthodox, Serbian Christians and Jews were slaughtered by their cruelty and wickedness.

This genocide isn't even spoken of in our establishment's history lessons, it took me until 37 years old, until I heard of this atrocity, and that on my own searching and seeking for the truth, beyond the illusion of the Jesuit filter.

This period of time shows the direct link with the Vatican and the Axis powers, which is a big reason why Vatican 2 council was necessary – to spruce up and modernize their history for the coming digital information age, where everyone would have access to see their wickedness.

Real History has been Censored and Suppressed

They have successfully censored true Protestant history and eliminated it from our public and private schools alike, including, even, the main Seventh Day Adventist Colleges. The infiltration of the agents of evil, have masqueraded themselves into positions of power, with: money, power, threats, back stabbings, betrayals, lies, murder, persecution, and other "means to an end" methods.

Christians, you see, will not stoop so low to do such unGodly things, therefor, we are like sheep to the slaughter; yet, God is our Good Shepherd: Jesus Christ – Amen.

As we look toward Jesus and eternal heaven, the workers of evil look to take over this world through secret, evil plans. What a contrast, Christians are trying to save souls and help people have hope, joy, forgiveness, love, and peace in their lives through faith in Jesus Christ; and the other group is trying to invent ways to deceive and take advantage of other peoples' honesty.

This is why most cannot conceive WW1 being a creation of such men with such evil ambitions. Americans' realities are formed by the Protestant ideals of yesteryear, yet these intrinsic ideals are taken for granted as what's always been in history; most are not even close to being aware of the real forces behind the major events in history, especially, in the last 2,000 years or so.

WW1 and 2 were merely the continuance of the conflicts of old, this time with modern warfare and larger populations; the devastation was the worst the world has ever experienced, at least since the worldwide flood from God.

So many people died in these two wars, the mourning was massive, and the events were traumatizing and severe for all of: Europe, America, Russia, and the entire world that was impacted with deaths and casualties.

Russia lost the most in both conflicts, please pray for the precious Russian people to be saved by Jesus Christ. They have been punished by the Papal powers more than any other country, since the start of WW1, with the Bolshevik Communist revolution; of course, started by the Papal powers to be, and continued in force with Stalin, the Jesuit trained mass murderer of the innocent.

The hatred for the Orthodox Christians has been very severe from the Roman Catholic Harlot Church, much persecution has taken place since they split from the Anti-Christ during the Great Schism in 1054 A.D.


The main point of this article is to share this documentary of WW1, which is well done and informative for those interested. The back story of the Vatican's involvement takes research dedicated to this topic alone.

These WW1 thoughts are mixed with spiritual thoughts as well, this because war is a place where the meaning of life is very important to know. Understanding is at a premium when faced with: chaos, death, and fear.

All the millions of men, women, and children that were killed and laid to rest, are now awaiting the resurrection of the righteous or the wicked. We can be sure God will be a fair Judge. These were major events in these last moments in time, wherein the Biblical end days have come.

It would do us good to pray for those who have been affected by death and tragedy during all open and secret wars, for those still alive and dealing with the trauma and memories of those hellish times. 

Father in Heaven, please bless and protect those who are yours, those who have been affected by these evil conflicts, and strengthen us to endure future ones and stay faithful to the truth, in Jesus Christ's name, Amen.