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Hubpages Censors the Truth

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   As the video below this article explains, my last article for Hubpages called: Satanism is a Criminal Belief, was censored from being monetized. 

   While I was creating the hub, a warning appeared saying it was not going to be monetized because of the content filters detected material that was against their advertisers. So, curious to see what part of the article they were detecting, I edited it some until the warning message went away. The last part of this article is the part of the Hub which I edited to get it to comply. As you can see, from the third paragraph on I had to cut it out. 

   I'll put a link below this post if you want to see the entire article, or you can get to it from the video description on YouTube. 

   I just wanted to give people a heads up about Hubpages, they do censor the truth. What happened is the liberal moderator didn't like what I was saying, so used the excuse that it was against their advertisers, which it isn't. 

   I experienced this type of censorship from Wizzley as well, but even more draconian. I wrote a hub and blog post about being censored there, I'll leave a link to that below this post as well. 

   Writing about fundamental Christianity and exposing the New World Order is not allowed in some cases on Hubpages. This shouldn't be too surprising, it's a mostly liberal place full of those who embrace the New World Order with open arms. Still, it's good to know how far I can go with them. I'll keep writing there and see how it goes, mostly what I write there isn't as difficult of a subject as this. Yet, I've lost some respect for them. 


- Here is the excerpt that I had to edit at first:

The Reason I wrote this ebook

   There are two reasons why I wrote this 32 page ebook: one is to show Satanism is not a benign belief
and the other is to show the negative growing influence it has in American culture and society.

   Even if someone isn't a Christian, they shouldn't want this influence being promoted in the mainstream culture, which included cartoons now. Cartoon Network is showing openly satanic cartoons now to children. I mean it's getting that bad that they are openly doing this.

(from here on I had to cut this out of the Hub)
   There are still the brainwashed masses who somehow come up with excuses for all this evidence and rationalize it. It's getting harder for them to do so though. The end game here is for the NWO satanist to finally be able to completely openly show their total allegiance to Lucifer, and for the masses to go along with this and embrace it as well. The masses of America embracing Lucifer openly! Doesn't that sound absolutely impossible?

   Yet, they have the masses almost where they want them. They want the masses to openly embrace and act out the same satanic crimes they commit themselves, which includes openly murdering their babies in rituals (abortion inside and outside the womb), child molesting, raping innocent victims in rituals, having sex with same sex, having sex with demons, and finally executing Christians and Jews for sport.

Sounds far off? It's already happened in civilizations in the past (and happening now in secret and in the open partly), and there is nothing new under the sun. This time though, Jesus Christ will come back, as these are the end days. This is a battle for our souls, make no mistake. What side will you choose?

Will you choose love, righteousness, mercy, forgiveness, life, truth, kindness, light, which is Jesus Christ, God the Father, and the Holy Ghost?

Or will you choose hate, murder, perversions, lies, meanness, child abuse, cowardliness, un-forgiveness, sickness, darkness, death, which is Satan?

Seems like an easy choice to me, but as we can see in the ebook I've written, the video below, and the
culture/society around us – it's not so easy of a choice after all for most...

As for me and my family, we choose the Lord Jesus Christ. Praise God.


Here is the Hupages Article: Satanism is a Criminal Belief

Here is an article about Wizzley censoring the truth: Censored at Wizzley

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