Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Clixsense Review

Clixsense is a paid to click site (PTC) that has passed the test of time in this highly scam ridden PTC scene. Clixsense is the pioneer of this industry as far as I know. Neobux came soon after and also has passed the test of time. Both of these are great sites to start with if wanting to make some money with PTC sites. 

Clixsense is different than Neobux because you can't rent referrals. You can have as many direct referrals as you want. Clixsense from my experience gives the most ads per day, anywhere from .10-.20 cents per day with the standard membership. It cost $18 to upgrade to the Premium membership and your ads go up along with their value and the amount you can make from your direct referrals. 

There are different ways to make money here, you can take surveys, do tasks, view ads, play their grid, make money from your referrals work and get daily bonuses for completing enough work. All I've done there is click ads as a standard member for about three months now. 

The result is I was able to cash out for my first check of $10.05. Now, the first cash out (at least for Americans) is a check sent to my physical address. Then after this, I can get paid instantly every Mon. and Friday through Paypal, as long as I have the min. cash out of $8. If a premium member, then the min. pay out is $6. 

So, the check is in the mail. I'm not worried, because I've never heard any complaints about Clixsense. They are a solid site to make money with. I realize $10 isn't much, but it doesn't take very long to click the ads. I work about 6 different PTC sites and it takes me a half and hour every day to complete them all. It's just part of my routine. 

The real goal with Clixsense (and with all PTC sites really), is to get direct referrals who are active. I have one DR with them so far, but they are not active, which is a bummer. Just to think of the possibilities though with 100 DR who are active! Well, then you are talking making a hundred or more per month. You also get paid a certain amount every time a DR upgrades their account, up to 7 levels as a premium member. 

As it is, I make about $4-$5/ month there just clicking ads. This means about every two months at this rate I'll be able to cash out. In time though with some advertising efforts I could very well build up my DR's and then upgrade myself and make more each month. One good thing, is it doesn't cost anything to work Clixsense, and you can rest easy that it's not a scam. 

So, if you're interested in Clixsense and want to check it out and maybe sign up, then click the link below and become my referral! Happy clicking, and be sure to check back for more article on PTC sites and other online revenue opportunities. 

Sign Up For Clixsense Here

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