Sunday, June 26, 2022

Listen to the Song: "Just Go By" (Carroll Roberson The Best of Volume 1)

Do you ever find yourself doubting the Holy Bible? Well, in our modern world which speaks and teaches the opposite of the Bible, having doubt is understandable. Nevertheless, the truth remains the same as it did 2000 or even 6000 years ago, while the lies of this modern world will fade away very soon indeed. 

What we put in us will determine what comes out of us. If we listen to the world's music, we will think and act like the world. If we listen to Gospel music, we will think and act according to the Gospel. As a musician and someone who was deeply into worldly music before I was born again, I know how important it is to put away worldly music, even if it doesn't overtly seem AntiChristian -- mainstream music that ignores Jesus Christ and the Gospel is cursed and full of the worldly anointing, rather than the Holy Ghost -- there is no truth in this world. 

To live according to the Word of God includes training our minds to not entertain worldly movies, music, lusts, and thoughts, as they will only bring misery and evil in our lives. Many will have to learn this the hard way and some will never learn this. 

This song is special because it addresses that doubt and gives us the answer: Faith in Jesus Christ. That is the answer friends; I know it may seem too simple, yet if one loves the truth, they will love Jesus Christ, as He is the Truth and will led us into all truth through the Holy Ghost, who is with us until the end. If we can train our minds to put away wickedness, to not listen, watch, hang out with, or otherwise be involved with worldly things and pursuits, then we will avoid the snares the Devil has waiting for us. Hope this song helps in your Christian walk, blessings in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.