Watch the Movie: Touchback (2021)

I want to share this great movie with you called Touchback made in 2021. The most notable actor is Kurt Russell and the writer/director is Don Handfield.  There are two time periods depicted in the movie, one from the main character's high school senior year of 1991 and twenty years later when he is married with two children.  This is the story of a small-town high school quarterback star from Coldwater, Ohio, who was destined to play college football for Ohio State and then on to a pro football career. That was what it seemed until the he broke his leg on the last play to win the state championship, thus ruining his chances of the bright future he dreamed of.  The description compared it to the movie Field of Dreams, which I think is a fair comparison, although I actually like this movie better. The plotline is fantastical, yet intriguing.  Without giving away the entire movie, the main actor is having a hard time trying to stay afloat running the farm and finds himself desperatel

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