Search Engine Review: Presearch



    Presearch is a decentralized search engine powered by blockchain technology. If you've been looking for a viable alternative to Google, this is the best option I've seen yet. The features and benefits of using this search engine are perfect for what most of us need with our daily searching efforts. Let's examine these features and benefits while getting to know this new search engine on the online block.

    For those who don't know much about the blockchain or cryptocurrencies that's OK, you will still benefit from using this search engine. Although I'm invested in about 13 cryptocurrencies and have been learning about them for a year, I still have a hard time understanding the language and process of the blockchain. The main takeaway I understand is the platform is decentralized, built and ran by and for the community of users -- runs on node servers operated by the Presearch community.

As of January 2020, Presearch had 1.3 million registered users with 300k signing in monthly


    Privacy is a big benefit of using Presearch, as this search engine doesn't track or store searches. This is comforting considering how invasive Google and big tech are when it comes to privacy and benefiting from our information and participation while not giving us anything in return monetarily. This brings me to the next benefit of Presearch. 

    Making PRE coin. Presearch is the search engine that pays in the form of their own PRE coin cryptocurrency. As of today, one PRE coin is worth about 7 cents. Users can earn by searching (.25 PRE per search with a max of 8 PRE per day) and referring others -- the affiliate program gives 25 tokens per referral after they have been active for 30 days since signing up. You can also earn money operating nodes -- if nodes are your thing

    Also, if users want to advertise, users can keyword stake search terms and use PRE coin to pay for them (users can buy PRE coins through Presearch). When someone searches for your term and you've bid more than the others staking that term, then your ad will show up first in the search. There is no price per click or impression, just the amount users spend to stake a certain keyword or phrase -- it is called keyword staking.  

    PRE coin is part of the Ethereum blockchain and can be found on a few exchanges they list for us. Also, when withdrawing PRE, a user must have a min. of 1000 PRE coins and have a wallet to transfer to. Since I haven't yet withdrawn any coin ( I have earned 45 so far) I can't verify the process -- as of today, they have a note saying they are experiencing withdraw delays because of huge transaction fees by Ethereum, so if users want to withdraw at this time, they'll have to contact them at the email listed. 

    One of the more interesting features of Presearch is how users can search using different search engines, including for shopping, social media, and many other categories. In fact, there are 18 different categories to choose from and many platforms to search with for each. For instance, users can use the Presearch search engine, DuckDuckGo, Bing, Google, and others. The main interface doesn't change when you switch back and forth looking at different search engine results. 

    Also, importantly, when you download Presearch your bookmarks stay the same -- no need to export them over to another search engine, etc. This was a problem I was having with the Brave browser because I couldn't figure out how to sync my bookmarks, so when I used Google and added bookmarks, they weren't synced over to Brave; eventually, I just stopped using Brave because of this issue. 


    Besides usability and great features, Presearch has better ethics than Google and other big tech search engines, who are basically on board with politicians and corporations to go along with their Godless new world order agenda (including the censorship of the truth or any opposition that is not controlled), etc. Here is part of the mission statement from Presearch:

We believe that the world deserves a community-driven, grassroots, decentralized search engine that’s built by and for the community it serves.

This search engine should reward those who contribute to its success, and leverage blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to align the interests of all of its stakeholders.


    Lately, I've been using Yahoo search to get away from Chrome, yet the results and features have been lacking for all I need. Often I would have to switch between Google and Yahoo to get the results I needed, etc. Now, I get better results with Presearch and can use whatever search engine needed without any hassle, I can search and then look at the results in multiple searches without having to search for the term in each of them, and my searching is private and not being monetized by big tech. 

    In addition to the great features and usability, I'm now getting paid to search and refer people to the search engine. Referring my readers to this quality search engine is a no-brainer because I sincerely think it's a great alternative to Google and others of the same type. If interested, 

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