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Writing on Hubpages and Blogger

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For those who love to write, the Internet has been a great development. There are so many sites to write on and be heard, it gives the obscure ambitious writer a chance to be heard and improve their craft as quickly as they wish. After the initial excitement about finding this avenue to be here for them, a writer then has to slosh through the manifold sites to find the place that is best suited for them. In this post, I'm going to share my views on mainly two of the avenues which I've found to be my favorite: Hubpages and Blogger.

At first I started writing for Squidoo, as I liked the format and how they took care of the particulars concerning getting paid. I found out though I made the wrong choice as Squidoo hardly gets any traffic compared to Hubpages. So I went back to Hubpages and slowly started creating some Hubs. As of now, I have 6 hubs, and I'm much happier with the traffic.

First of all, making money quickly writing on the Internet can't be your first goal. Making money may come, but it could take a year or longer to build your readership and gain traffic. There is a learning curve, and if someone starts out totally new to the Internet, then it will take awhile to build up a presence on social networks and learn the ropes. Personally, I write for a couple content mills on occasion if I want to make some direct money. I write for Textbroker and Hirewriter, which I can make about $5/hr with if I'm so inclined, but the writings I do there are not personal, and the rights are sold. For someone who loves to write and has something to say, then these platforms are not for the type of writing I'm discussing.

In a way, it's a bit of an experiment. I'm not sure exactly how much money I can make simply writing a couple blogs and Hubpages. Being prolific is helpful and needed to build up your work quickly, but as for now I work a lawn care business to make money. So, I can only write so much 8 months of the year while my lawn care business is going. Still I can write a good amount, if I am constructive and motivated.

Finding the groove took me about 3 months from my initial discovery of the opportunity the Internet provided for my writings. I spent some time trying to write for some sites which ended up not being the right place for me. I found myself eventually writing on two Blogger blogs and Hubpages. My blogs are monetized with Google Adsense, as is Hubpages. With my hubs I also receive an incentive from their own adprogram, Amazon affiliate, and Ebay affiliate.

As a born-again Christian, I write about some controversial topics and needed a place to not have to worry about censorship as much. So I have my blogs to place these writings at, and on Hubpages I can put more banal articles which may appeal to a more mainstream audience. Hubpages is a popular website and gets placed well in Google searches, so your hubs will consistently get views over time. With my blogs, I will get an initial bunch of views, but because they are fairly new, they won't be high on the searches and so traffic will slow.

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As I keep writing for these sites, I keep learning more how to promote my writings. As of now, that is what I'm working to do more. I had to start from scratch with social networking, but as your social sites like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon – are built up, you can share your writing and get more views. The limit is endless as you keep building up your social sites and the inventory of writings on your sites.

Making money from your writings is all about traffic. The more traffic you can generate the more you will make. This is created by smart promotion and prolific writing. The angle I am taking now, is simply slowly and steady, consistency and keep at it. After awhile, the little bit I do here and there will end up building a fairly good sized audience.

Setting goals is a good way to measure your success. My goal is to make about $500/month through my writings in a years time from now. This would include some work done with the content sites I write for as well as a couple other sites like: WebanswersChatAbout, and Postloop. I'm not sure if this will happen, but I enjoy writing and the process of trying. I would likely have to garner at least a couple thousand views a day to make this kind of money, from all three sources of my writings: Blogger blogs and Hubpages.

I hope you have found some nice places to call home and start writing what is on your heart too. It is exciting to have a place to write and be heard, and even have the bonus of getting paid some for our efforts. As for me, this is a dream come true, and although I would love to write everyday for a living, I am realistic that if this was to happen, it will take years of consistent hard work to achieve. In the meantime, we can be heard and try to help people with the message we have to give. For me that is the good news of the Gospel, of Jesus Christ dying for our sins and giving us eternal life if we believe on him.  

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    1. Thanks Emma, we have to allow ourselves to learn along the way, and change some, not get stuck on our perfection, but the journey and do best can with diligent effort and prayer to Jesus.

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  9. Found this article very helpful as I just started writing... I will keep in mind your ideas and experiences as I write more.

    Once again thank you for writing a wonderful article. I started writing on Hubpages and have posted 2 articles on 2 different hubs.


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