Sunday, May 11, 2014

Movie Review: The Adventures of The Wilderness Family Trilogy

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The Wilderness Family is a great movie about a city dwelling family of four who decides to move to Alaska and try to make a living mining for gold. The movie starts off in Los Angeles where they show the family dealing with the city life and all it's hassles. The married couple (Robert Logan and Susan Damante) talk to each other about the dream they have, and why not do it. They decide they are tired of city  life and decide to go.      

   Sometimes it's the first step that is the hardest for us to take in life. Moving all the way to Alaska from southern California is one of those dreams most have, but they never do. Even if the idea seems to be like paradise, the comfortable surroundings of where we know how to be is where we stay.

   My wife and I are always looking for good wholesome movies to watch away from the Hollywood scene. This movie was made in the 1975, the theme of the wilderness, and the great escape from the modern lifestyle really appeals to us. I was mostly a country boy growing up and although I've lived in cities most of my adult life, I long to get back to the rural areas where life is simpler, and so does my wife.

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   The couple sells their house and all their belongings and they takes their two children (who are younger than teenagers) to Alaska. They have to be flown in by a plane that lands on water to get to the remote cabin tucked away in the mountains near a lake area. The setting is beautiful, the wild life shown and the mountains makes you feel like you are there. They arrived in the spring and made it their home with some difficulties, but the big question was if they were to stay on through the winter. Winters in Alaska are nothing to joke about, and the plane that dropped them off wouldn't even be able to bring them supplies in the winter, so the decision to stay had to be made.

   The movie is actually a three part series so you will get your fill with the wilderness families' trials and triumphs. Suffice it to say it is full of adventure and fun. You and family will smile, laugh, cry, and feel the struggles with this family trying to make this wilderness their home. The dream many of us have is lived out in this 3 part series for you and your family. I would recommend this movie to anyone.  

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