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Hubpages or Blogs As The Center of Writing System?

Where is The Center of My On-Line Writing System?

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   I've been evaluating my system of writing on-line lately and coming up with a question that I haven't really answered yet. The question simply is whether I should focus on my blogs more or Hubpages and Wizzley? I have two different blogs, one which I don't have much conflict with Hubpages because the writings are not suited for Hubpages as much. Yet, the other blog is where I write reviews, how-to, and about articles –- this is where I'm in conflict.

   After an initial beginning of distrust I have embraced HP to a certain extent and have written now 18 articles. The amount I have earned there is about $6.50 so far from this effort. Now this doesn't sound like a lot, but the amount I have made from my blogs is less, and I've written at least twice as much so far (that are counted towards Adsense).

   Hubpages gets organic traffic and their Adprogram pays us about a half a cent for each view. With my blogs I'm not assured of making any money from the views, and the traffic seems to die off fairly quickly after I promote it the first day or two. I have joined a couple directories, forums, back-linking sites, and submit the URL of the post to pingler, Google search, and Bing. Also, I have a couple RSS feed directories I'm part of as well. The whole campaign has increased viewers about 25% so far.

   The Adsense ads and Amazon is basically where I'm making my money from my blogs. Amazon and the Adprogram is where I make money from Hubpages. For now I will leave Wizzley out of this conversation, but I earn from Adsense and Amazon there too. So, basically if I can get a thousand views I can basically get paid about the same from either or. So, the question is which one has the greater potential for getting views in the long run?

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   Also a question when looking at this holistically, is which one gives me more freedom and which one do I enjoy writing for the most. As it is, HP seems to be a better strategy, but then again they could shut down my account and erase all my posts for all I know. At least with my blogs I can relatively be assured my posts won't be deleted for whatever reason. I did have my privileges suspended in the forums once at HP for writing about hell and the Devil.

   I think it would require a leap of faith to venture out and rely mostly on my blogs. Lately, in my mind HP has been where I've been concentrating. I have been writing more blogs, yet HP has been where my mind has been for making money. See, I'm looking towards the future here, thinking about when I find a way to get a thousand views a day instead of 50. As it is now, I get about an average of 50 views a day from both my blogs combined. That comes from writing about one post a day from either blog, so about 7 posts a week (this effort started only a week ago).

   Maybe if I used Hubpages as a snippet back-linking place to drive traffic to my blogs and also to get some money from them? I could write a 700 word synopsis or re-write of the same topic and then drive traffic back to my blog, on every post. I already do this with Allvoices and Daily Two Cents. Wizzley is the same concept, except there I would just write a 400 word snippet and drive traffic back. This idea has potential, it doesn't mean I have to write poorly written articles, just rewrite the original article or review and then put a back-link. If it is a product to sell, then place it there at HP and Wizzley as well. I guess the key is to make the blogs the center pieces of the writing system.

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   That is what I'm struggling with is where is my center to this writing system. Is it my blogs or HP? As it is my blogs haven't been making very much and the traffic is hard to get. What I want to happen though is for my blogs to start getting authority and picked up by search engines in the searches. Then I will have organic traffic to my blogs continuously. Also, the back-linking and forum posting should contribute to this strategy. If I'm posting once a day and then writing snippets for that post the rest of the day, this should give that post a good buzz and healthy traffic for awhile.

   The thing about Blogger is the numbers are off in the dashboard. I can't rely on those numbers at all, because they will say 100 and Adsense will say 30. I have to go with what Adsense and Analytics are saying rather than the Blogger dashboard. Because I started my Adsense up after I had 18 posts already on my first blog, the numbers that are in Adsense don't reflect the totality of the numbers I've had from my blogs. Yet, because it was new and I was just starting out the numbers were very small anyway besides the bots.

   So this is me thinking out loud here, trying to figure out where to make the center of my writing system. I'm going to be pushing forth with a lot of writing and I want it to make the biggest impact I can muster with the tools I have learned. I will learn more as I go of how to increase traffic. When it comes down to it, I want to make the decision based on where I like to write the most. And I like to write on my blogs the most. 

   HP and Wizzley are quality places to write and I like them, but still they are not designed by me, they don't have the same feeling of home as my blogs. Also my blogs have a lot of widgets and serve as a home base for readers to connect with me on many different platforms. My blogs serve as a hub you could say for my total on-line effort, which will integrate an Ebay store widget soon enough. Enough said, the answer has been mined out of this analysis. Hope this has helped you figure out this as well, as to what path you're going to take with your on-line writing system.  

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  1. Search engines prefer .com vs blogspot. For $10 I got the .com from Blogger.

  2. [ Smiles ] It is all about good content (which you are good at producing) and I want you to know that it is not necessary to get a .com.

  3. I haven't thought about the .com so much, one says it helps the other that it doesn't. Personally I like when I see it on a URL because then I know it's someone's blog and I usually will visit it more often than a .com. I'll look into this.
    And thanks Renard, that is encouraging and I appreciate it. It's great fun to have a blog to write on and design. Thanks for coming by.

  4. I think the views come from our own blog hopping activity. I call it blog karma. =) I am no pro. My aim is not to make money at this point. But I'm increased my views by 3-5times what I was getting before I starting promoting my blog. Part of promoting (sounds counter-intuitive) is promoting other people, through my personal experience.

    Good prompt for a post. Do you do fill out the metadescription box?

  5. Hey Meredith, I think your right, by being involved with other bloggers and using creative ideas to gain traction all helps to get a spark and have your blog increase in readership. I've been looking into getting a better commenting system from Disqus, but I got stuck on how to get it to blog for now. I want people to be able to leave live links here.

    One blogger helped me commenting about the captcha making it hard to leave a comment, I was grateful she said this because I was unaware people had to do this, so not it's gone.

    I haven't filled out the Metadescription box, that is important isn't it? So, thank you for this tip! I will have to try and figure out now how to do it. Thanks for coming by.

  6. I'm having the same inner conflict. I have four blogs that I hardly have time to keep up with, and have pretty much neglected them for the other writing sites -- HubPages, Squidoo, and Bubblews. I also have work on Wizzley and Zujava. I just lost all my work on Qondio because I didn't get the notice it was being sold until it was too late. I also saw another site I was active on go under. This makes me believe it's crucially important to pay more attention to my blogs because you just never know when one of the other sites one earns from will just disappear. I now write everything in Word and am backing up any work I car about from the other sites.

  7. Good thinking Barbara, yeah it's hard to pass up these sites cause they are so fun to work for. Although Hubpages is great when it comes down to it I have more control with my blogs and freedom. These other sites are good to work for, but I think should be secondary to your blogs, but you have to be willing to improve and work on the technical issues that don't have much to do with writing. Thanks for the comment and coming by.

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  10. I'm having the same inner issue. I have four weblogs that I hardly have a chance to keep up with, and have fairly much ignored them for the other composing websites -- HubPages, Blogger, and Bubblews. I also have perform on Wizzley and Zujava. I just missing all my perform on Qondio because I did not get the observe it was being marketed until it was too delayed. I also saw another website I was effective on go under. This creates me believe it's vitally essential to be more conscious of my weblogs because you just never know when one of the other websites one generates from will just vanish. I now create everything in Term and am storing any perform I car about from the other websites.

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