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25 Back-linking Sites to Promote Your Blogs

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   If you are trying to grow your blogs or articles from a revenue sharing site, then having sites to back-link to will help bring traffic and give authority to your sites. I want to share some of the main ones I've found and use, and give you a brief description of them. I will also list the social sites I use too.

   Personally I have three blogs which I try and promote. This may be different for you, as you maybe are trying to promote Hubpages as the center of your writing system. Either way, this list should help you find some good back-linking sites that are applicable.

(Alexa Ratings are World ratings)

   First I want to briefly list the social sites I use to promote my blogs and even my hubs.

  • Google+ and communities (Alexa: ? Google is number 1)

   Building your social sites up with friends and followers can help you grow your blog, but you don't want to spend all your time there. I would suggest choosing one or two you spend time at and the others just sparingly try and plug away with.

   Now I want to share some back-linking sites, some of which are revenue sharing sites, some being simply sites that can give authority and traffic.

  • Teckler (Alexa: 24K): this is a quality site, which pays about .40 cents per thousand views. The traffic there isn't very good as they are a newer site, but it's easy to use, pays through Paypal with just a .50 cent payout.

  • Bubblews (Alexa: 1567): This is a high traffic site and a place where you can probably make money, but don't be surprised if they don't pay you here and there. (Review)

  • Redgage (Alexa: 38K): This is one of my favorite places personally, but at first I had to get on the waiting list to be let in. Not sure if this is still the case, if so then give them your email and get on the waiting list. They pay about .60 cents per thousand views though a gift card they give you when you reach the payout of $25. You can share links, photos, videos (not YouTube though). Overall it's a good site to build up.

  • MyLot (Alexa: 30K): This site no longer pays people to use it, but nevertheless it is still a good place to leave a back-link. It leaves a nice display of your article and easy to use.

  • Allvoices (Alexa: 4,130) This is a citizen journalism site, they do claim to pay, but the process is complicated and difficult to attain. They do get some traffic though and if you like to write on news oriented topics this could be a place to get some traffic. It's fairly easy to use and you can leave back-links in your articles.

  • Slashdot (Alexa: 1,617) I have recently joined this site, but have already seen traffic from it. It's not a money making site, but is a good place to leave short snippets of your article and then get some traffic and some authority with search engines. Easy and fun to use.

  • Newsvine (Alexa: 4,199) This site no longer is a place to make money, although it still says you can connect your Adsense account to it, yet it provides nowhere to do so. Still though it is a good place to leave snippets with your back-link. The communities there can be very engaging and can lead to traffic to your site.

  • Shvoong (Alexa: 16K) This is a review site, which pays a 10% share of the Adsense revenue in to your Paypal account after $20 payout is reached. I haven't had much success here, but it does get decent traffic and is easy to use, only requiring 200 words to make a review. They allow related articles to show under your review and is an interesting place to be.

  • Hubpages (Alexa: 594) Obviously this is a great place to place your back-links, is a good paying site and gives very good authority to search engines. You have to write quality articles here of about 700 words, but they pay per view and through associate accounts. The Payout is $50 and pays through Paypal. (Review)

  • Wizzley (Alexa: 56K) This is a similar site to Hubpages, except they pay through Adsense and Chitika directly depending on your preference. Also they have associate programs to make money from. You have to write a quality 400 word article here, but this is a good place for back-links and it does get decent traffic. (Review)

  • Webanswers (27K) This is a question and answer site that pays directly to your Adsense account. Answering questions is a great way to leave back-links to topics that relate to your articles. (Review)

  • Yahoo Answers (Alexa: ? Yahoo is 4): Yahoo answers doesn't pay people, but is a very high traffic area to be and leave back-links. You do have to get to level 2 on their tier point system though, so you'll have to answer some questions and be active for awhile before leaving live back-links. This should be worth it though as it is a high traffic site with many questions.

  • Hupages Answers and Forums: Even if you don't want to write articles at Hubpages, using their forums and question and answers sections are great ways to leave back-links to related articles to the discussion.

  • ChatAbout (Alexa: 49K) This is a site that is fairly new, but on the rise. You can make money there by commenting, writing article and reviews. Although not much money it is a good way also to leave back-links and get traffic. The payout is $5 through Paypal. (Review)

  • Daily Two Cents (Alexa: 168K) This is a newer site where you can write articles at a min. of 100 words. You can leave contextual links in the articles, and they pay a half cent for each view. They pay through Paypal once a month if have made $5 threshold. The owners at this site are very nice and interactive and the site is growing rapidly. Their sister site is Writedge which has better traffic, but requires 400 word articles. You can also make money through associate accounts here too.

  • Before it's News (Alexa: 1813) This is a citizen journalist site where you can place your back-link and blog information in your article and in your author bio. You can't make money here, but it's a high traffic site. I have yet to get an article through after two attempts, so not sure how it works as of yet, but is a good opportunity if can get an article through.

   Those are the sites that I have been using of late. There are also other ways to promote your blog like blog directories, RSS directories, forum posting, and more, but in this article I wanted to focus on these sites and ways to promote a blog.

   Forum posting with your signature can be a good way to get your site out there, but from what I've experienced this can be a time consuming activity. My advice is to have a few forums you go on here and there, but not to camp out on many of them or you'll never write anything in your blogs.

   Some of the sites above you can make money with, and some you can't. Either way, they provide authority and traffic to your sites. The money you make with them is just a bonus, but won't likely amount to much.

   With these sites included in your writing on-line system a person can plug away and grow their sites and on-line presence over time. The possibilities over 6 months to a year with consistent effort should result in success at some level. Of course, there is a lot of work in the mean time we are seemingly doing for free, that's why blogging and revenue sharing sites are not for everyone. You have to love what you are doing and believe in the long term goals you have. In the meantime while implementing your system, learn things along the way that will help you achieve success.

   Hope this article has helped you, if you have any sites that aren't mentioned that are worthy of note, leave a comment please. I'm always looking for more quality back-linking sites that would work for me, and also always trying to learn more about how to understand the tech side of blogging.  


  1. Vow watta great list.
    It is great to see all have quite higher alexa rank which shows their back links won't have any doubt of spam and will help lift our blog to next rank.
    thanks for sharing this wonderful list

  2. You got is Mi Muba, I didn't think of that, but your right. I'll update this list as I grow and learn. Thanks.

  3. Do you know anything about BindSpace? It's pretty new so I'm not too sure about it yet. I'll have to check these sites out.

    1. Hey there, I have heard of BindSpace, I checked it out, but didn't sign up yet. I thought it was a good idea, just wasn't sure about it yet. One thing I didn't like was how small the writing was. It might just be another place to write for though, have to check back there and see if it's rising in Alexa ratings.


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