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Robbie "Lowdown0"
   A Writer's Review was created to write reviews, about, how-to, and spotlight articles from a Christian perspective. This includes websites to make money from, books, movies, Christian ministries, singer/songwriters, how-to articles, and more.

    As a blogger and writer, there are different things I want to share and review to help the reader gain insight on these subjects. This is a website where writers/bloggers who are trying to grow their writing on-line platforms and make money, can come and learn tips and gain understanding on the process. 

    Also, as a born-again Christian trying to navigate the on-line experience, also trying to find Godly oriented movies and books -- I wanted to have a place to share books, movies, and sites from a Christian perspective. Also covered will be topics such as: nature, sports, careers, lawn care, and more. Please subscribe and be a member if you like this blog, and if you'd like to donate, thank you:

  Always seek truth; may your journey be blessed.

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