Friday, February 27, 2015

The Trouble With PTC Sites

cc from pixabay

For the last couple of months I've been working many different PTC (paid to click) sites. In the process I've invested in many of them to the total amount of $350. This to me is a lot of money, and at this point it seems as though it's going to take a long time to get it back. This is my second month review of my experience with PTC sites. I will list the ones that have scammed me and give info on legit ones in this post.

Most PTC sites are scams, period. I've been scammed now by about 6 different ones out of the 9 or so I've invested into. Basically, don't join a new PTC site that hasn't been around for a year or more. All of these new PTC sites coming out are almost always scams. I don't care how sincere the admin seems at these sites either, don't invest into them unless you want to take a big chance in losing your money. Even if a site pays you the first small payout, this is mostly to hook you into thinking they are legit to have you invest a large amount.

These PTC sites are basically criminals at work. I've come to this conclusion after a couple months and with so many ripping me off. You have no recourse with these sites, and they can rip you off in so many ways. They simply selectively pay, not pay at all, mess with the rented referrals average, glitch the autopay, and maybe even simply shut down completely in an instant. All of these things have happened to me. Here is a list of SCAM PTC sites you want to avoid:

  • Herafi
  • Polobux
  • Crebux
  • Nexiaclix
  • Tecnoclix
  • Clixtoclix
  • Rombux

I would also suggest you stay away from Grandbux because it requires you to click at a certain time of the day or else you will not get a profitable average. For me this means I'd have to stay up late at night to click. Also, Digadz, although paying, they are always having glitches and they are running off a model that will soon enough collapse. Paidverts can sustain itself because it goes into debt default with their sister site Mytrafficvalue, but Digadz has no sister site to do this and will eventually go under.

Even the sites that do pay, it's never like it seems. The rented referral average is manipulated and the fees often are so large it makes your profit even smaller. The whole time you have to click on these ads everyday without fail, otherwise you'll not get paid the next day from your referrals. For instance Noblebux has paid me about 5 times, but the fees from them and Paypal equal 10%!

There are so many scams out there. Here is a list of the sites I'm still trying to work:

  • Neobux
  • Clixsense
  • Actionbux
  • Noblebux
  • PTC Stairs
  • Buxbery

I can verify that PTC Stairs and Noblebux do pay, but the other ones I can't yet. Neobux and Clixsense are solid places that have been around, so can be trusted. Buxbery is the same as PTC Stairs, so this should be fine too. Actionbux I don't know yet, but will find out soon enough. I wouldn't invest much there though cause it's too new.

The whole experience has been interesting, but overall it's turning into a waste of time. I'm sure I'm not the only one to be scammed over and over. That's how these criminals make their money. Neobux and Clixsense are about the only legit sites like this out there. All the other ones as far as I'm concerned are scams in the making or in part. Paidverts included, as they will do this thing called a Debt swap where someone has to loose money for others to make money.

That's really the general theme with these kinds of sites, someone has to loose money in order for someone else to make money. Not everyone can make money, otherwise the site will crash. Neobux is a solid place, but making a profit there isn't as easy as people think. The rented referral averages must be rigged, because you simply cannot make a good average with your rented referrals. They likely are simply manipulating the averages until the people give up.

Clixsense is different because they don't have the rented referral scheme, so it's simply clicking ads and making money from direct referrals. Clixsense is the best PTC site really, but you won't make much from them unless you have many direct referrals. This is the same with Paidverts.

In general the whole PTC scene is a waste of time. I set up a YouTube channel, two blog sites, and have written over 5 reviews about these sites, and all I've gotten out of it is a loss of about $340! It's really a disappointment. All I hope to do at this point is keep working the ones I have up there that are legit and try to make my money back. This could take a year though the way it's going. Imagine working a year on this to break even!

If you are thinking about investing in PTC sites, then stick with Neobux and Clixsense. If you go outside of these, then make sure the site has been around at least a year and has good reviews about it paying people on time. The most important part about these kinds of sites is: are they going to pay us or not? Think about it, if they don't pay people, then what is the use. And if they don't end up paying you, what are you going to do? Nothing, cause it's a total scam artist dream to rip people off in such a manner.

So, I'm moving on from this kind of scene. I have to work the few legit ones I'm already invested in to try and make my money back, but the illusion has been broken. I can admit I was snared into some sort of gambling dream, but now I'm back to normal and will get to work writing and other things that actually have meaning. I suggest you learn from my mistakes and be very careful with these PTC sites, and most of all don't think you are going to make a lot of money from them. Maybe you end up making $50/month profit, but even that is going to take awhile. Hope this helps. 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ministry Spotlight: The Oasis Church

Pastor Kyle and wife Linda

The Oasis Church is located in Billings, Montana. Pastor John Kyle and his wife Linda are two dedicated Spirit filled Christians who work tirelessly to bring the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ and deliverance from demons to humanity.

I first learned about Pastor Kyle about 3 years ago when listening to him on Omegaman Radio on Blog Talk Radio. His down to earth humility, holistic Biblical message, and knowledge of spiritual warfare was exactly what my wife and I needed to grow in the Lord. The deliverance of demons is one aspect of the ministry of Jesus Christ that most modern day ministries leave out, and the believers who suffer from demonic problems are the worse for it.

Pastor Kyle and Linda are very knowledgeable about the world around us politically and historically as well. The fact that there's a large satanic conspiracy being conducted to create a satanic new world order isn't lost on them. This isn't the main message of their ministry though, as they know (like the Bible states) that our battle isn't against flesh and blood, but against the spiritual forces of darkness (Ephesians 6:12).

Pastor Kyle and Linda have a church in Billings Montana called the Oasis Church, a website called, and every Friday night Pastor Kyle has a Blog Talk Radio show called Deliverance Today for 2 hours. Pastor Kyle and Linda both have books they have written as well, which you can buy from their website. The links to their website, show, and books are below this post.

This ministry is very special to my wife and me, as we have reached out to Pastor and Linda many times to receive prayer and deliverance in times of need. We also had the privilege of meeting them at the White Stone Remnant Conference back in July of 2014. They are both good friends with Steve Quayle and the Hagmanns.

My wife and I live in an area where we haven't been able to find a church that can provide the basic fundamentals we desire from a ministry, so we find our fellowship through shows on-line, emails, over the phone, and with random people God puts in our lives. 

We consider Pastor Kyle our pastor and we also have included them in our tithe which we split between many of the wonderful remnant ministries we are fed from often. It's a true blessing to be able to support this ministry, which is sincerely serving the Lord Jesus Christ without compromise. As you likely know, telling the truth isn't the way people get wealthy these days.

Personally, I find Pastor Kyle's humility and down to earth style refreshing and he is someone I can relate to in ways it's hard for me to with other ministries. Maybe this will be the case with you as well, so I want to encourage you to listen to his shows and support his ministry. His wife Linda has helped my wife very much so, as John has helped me overcome sins and be free of demons. On his Friday night show he takes calls for deliverance and also does mass deliverance so everyone can get a measure of help that we surely all need.

The one time I received deliverance from Pastor Kyle over the phone, I ended up spitting up and even puking up some bile from the inner part of my stomach. I'm a skeptical person when it comes to hysteria and the gifts being abused, but I can't deny that his anointing was strong and that the measure of deliverance I received nearly two years ago broke me free from the sin I was in. The manifestation of me actually puking some was undeniable and the fruit was peace, freedom, and an strength to abstain from that sin.

I would only recommend a ministry in which I believed is based on the Bible and is sincerely helping people live in the freedom Jesus Christ died to give us. In a country and world that lifts up the wicked and gives glory to the profane, the true leaders and honorable people are forgotten and even punished by the main stream culture. It's one of the blessings of being shown the truth, to see what truly is valuable and meaningful in life, and thus my wife and I see great value in the Oasis Church ministry.