Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Making Money With Paidverts and Clixsense

(Update Jan. 17th, 2015):

      If you are interested in joining Paidverts, read this article first: Paidverts Review.


   Paidverts and Clixsense are two PTC sites I'm going to give a try for awhile and see how it goes. These seem to be a couple of the best PTC sites to work. 

   I've been a member of Clixsense before, but it seemed very complicated and I didn't have a strategy to make it work. These sites can seem complicated to the newbie at first, but after you get familiar with them they become understandable. Then, it's just a matter if you are willing to put together a strategy to make them work or not. 

   People that make decent money from these sites are doing so from having many referrals. I'm not sure how they get so many active referrals, but out of the millions that try I guess a few succeed. Yet, I think there are many people who are making a few bucks a day working the site without it taking up all their time. I mean, who wants to sit there and click ads all day? 

  The whole process is sort of a game, especially with Paidverts. This is a fairly new site that came out earlier this year in 2014. Paidverts has BAP (bonus ad points), from which you get placed into different levels depending on how many points you have. You gain points by investing in ads and also by clicking on some ads that come daily worth 25 BAP. 

  From what I understand, Paidverts takes some of your BAP daily and gives you some value ads, which you can make money from. The ads range from .0005 - $200. At first though, you will see mostly .0005-.0125 ads. The .0005 ads are ridiculous because all of these ads take about 40 seconds to complete. Yet, the more BAP you gather, the higher the ads you get. 

   There are a few different options to buying ad placements and earning points, or buying ads themselves. Sounds strange? Well, it's not as complicated as it seems, but I think they make it sort of hard to understand because they count on a certain amount of people to quit before they make any real money. 

   Clixsense is simpler, but the amount you can earn without referrals is less. The ads are generally worth more, but there is no options to invest and get points and such. The ads take less time the less their worth as well. Clixsense is geared more towards referrals, although a person could also join a membership there and get certain benefits concerning more valuable ads. 

    Will these PTC sites work out for me when I only plan on working them for about 15 minutes a day? I'm going to give it a shot for a month or so and see how it goes. If I can make $10/month from them combined I'll continue in hopes of some growth. 

    Working these together is nice, because you can click on an ad from Paidverts and then go to a new screen and click on a Clixsense ad, so get them both done at once. Clixsense ads you can't go off the screen though. 

   If you would like to give these two sites a try, then here are my referral links below. We can go on this journey together. If you need any help, then just contact me from the contact page in the tabs above on this blog. Who knows, maybe with the right strategy, these could make us some decent money? 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tsu, the Social Sharing Site That Pays!

      Update (Dec 17th): I have since made .04 cents from Tsu, so I can attest now that they pennies do start rolling in once you work it some. The site is great so far, meeting Christians there. Excited to see how it grows in future. 

   Have you ever heard of the social site that pays called tsu? The site looks like facebook sort of, but in my opinion a little better, although I don't like facebook. 

   Yet, the concept there is you can make money simply sharing and working the site as you would any social site. The specifics on what you have to do to make money aren't really clear, except they say if you work the site more the more you'll make. I think it has a lot to do with referrals as well. 

   The site on the Alexa ratings is around 3K in the world right now, so it's getting some decent traffic. I'm thinking of Mylot, which had this idea a couple years ago. Mylot paid people to share and work the site, but they stopped paying people about a year ago. I joined Mylot after they stopped paying just to see if it was worth it to gain traffic. I found it a spam ghost town with the occasional misfit who spent too much time there. 

   tsu seems to be different. The usability is great as well as the features to see your stats and such. The only problem I've seen so far is I have't even made a penny. I've been there a few weeks and have scantly worked the site, but still not gaining a penny makes me wonder. 

   I thought I would come and let you know about this site though, it may just grow and become a hit. And if it does and you have invited a bunch of people who invited a bunch of people, then this could really pay off for us in the long term. There is the chance that it won't take off as well. 

   I like the idea they are trying to work with here, and the usability and look of the site is great. They also pay through PayPal, which makes it easy. I'm going to continue to try and work the site and see how it goes. Maybe in a few months those rankings will get under a thousand and then they'll be off to the races. 

   Check them out in the link below and get on board:

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Hubpages Compared to Blogger Update

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   In the past I've wrote some reviews and articles about both Blogger and Hubpages. I wanted to update this continuing review with new developments.
   The insight I've gained of late is a little different, in that I haven't been very active for the last few months on either platform. This has allowed me to see how they do without consistent content being added. Specifically, I've written 12 blog articles and 2 hubs in the last three months.

   HubPages has been getting less views lately, I've noticed that since Squidoo has came over the views have went down by at least half. This before I even became less active. Strangely, I actually had the best month on HubPages two months ago because I was given money from Amazon Affiliates from products I don't even recall selling on my hubs. This amount makes the amount made in the last three months better than it really should have been without this apparent mistake.

   In particular in the last three months, these are the stats:

Blogs (three blogs total): 
 Views (Adsense): 2679 
 T: .0015/view

 Views: 1920 
 T: .0038/view

*Now, this is the Hubpages amount after the likely mistaken $6.06 I made through Amazon Associates was taken out.

   These numbers do favor Hubpages as the better earning site, yes, but the last couple months have been much lower than usual. Basically without writing any hubs, I've made less than a $1.50/month with 37 featured hubs. So, basically the numbers for the last two months are actually very similar.

   If you've read my other articles about these two platforms, you'll see why I chose my blogs over Hubpages as my writing center (articles below). This is becoming more and more the right decision for many different reasons. One of those reason was Hubpages censored one of my hubs about satanism being a criminal belief.
   When a person comes to my blog, they can connect with many different platforms I contribute to. There are links there for all my eBooks, social sites, Reverbnation, Ebay and Amazon stores, YouTube channel, and more. When a person goes to one of my hubs they can't easily access any of these things.

   I'm not going to stop writing for Hubpages, because it is a quality popular site to use to promote my different projects. Yet, I'm going away from making it the number one place for product reviews. Rather, I'm going to make one of my blogs the main place for product reviews. It just makes more sense, and the amount I can make through Adsense, although not much, is something I can calculate and work with.

   Some people may like Hubpages better, but for those who like to be creative and personalize their website, then blogs are a much better way to reach the audience you want. Another great aspect is you can have people subscribe through email and different readers. This way you will start building a unique audience that is loyal to your work.

   I have a good feeling my three blogs at Blogger are going to grow and begin to gain a good sized audience in the near future. When I get into a better writing routine and start being consistent with posting, they should exceed Hubpages in earnings and help gain attention to the other money making strategies I'm using to make money on-line.

   I just thought this might be interesting to some people who are thinking about writing for Hubpages and have a blog. They are both good places to write and be heard, and they both have the potential to make money. Choosing which one you want to make the center of your writing system, depends on your overall goals. Check out some of the articles below to gain further insights.