Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tsu, the Social Sharing Site That Pays!


      Update (Dec 17th): I have since made .04 cents from Tsu, so I can attest now that they pennies do start rolling in once you work it some. The site is great so far, meeting Christians there. Excited to see how it grows in future. 

   Have you ever heard of the social site that pays called tsu? The site looks like facebook sort of, but in my opinion a little better, although I don't like facebook. 

   Yet, the concept there is you can make money simply sharing and working the site as you would any social site. The specifics on what you have to do to make money aren't really clear, except they say if you work the site more the more you'll make. I think it has a lot to do with referrals as well. 

   The site on the Alexa ratings is around 3K in the world right now, so it's getting some decent traffic. I'm thinking of Mylot, which had this idea a couple years ago. Mylot paid people to share and work the site, but they stopped paying people about a year ago. I joined Mylot after they stopped paying just to see if it was worth it to gain traffic. I found it a spam ghost town with the occasional misfit who spent too much time there. 

   tsu seems to be different. The usability is great as well as the features to see your stats and such. The only problem I've seen so far is I have't even made a penny. I've been there a few weeks and have scantly worked the site, but still not gaining a penny makes me wonder. 

   I thought I would come and let you know about this site though, it may just grow and become a hit. And if it does and you have invited a bunch of people who invited a bunch of people, then this could really pay off for us in the long term. There is the chance that it won't take off as well. 

   I like the idea they are trying to work with here, and the usability and look of the site is great. They also pay through PayPal, which makes it easy. I'm going to continue to try and work the site and see how it goes. Maybe in a few months those rankings will get under a thousand and then they'll be off to the races. 

   Check them out in the link below and get on board:

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