Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Clixsense Review

Clixsense is a paid to click site (PTC) that has passed the test of time in this highly scam ridden PTC scene. Clixsense is the pioneer of this industry as far as I know. Neobux came soon after and also has passed the test of time. Both of these are great sites to start with if wanting to make some money with PTC sites. 

Clixsense is different than Neobux because you can't rent referrals. You can have as many direct referrals as you want. Clixsense from my experience gives the most ads per day, anywhere from .10-.20 cents per day with the standard membership. It cost $18 to upgrade to the Premium membership and your ads go up along with their value and the amount you can make from your direct referrals. 

There are different ways to make money here, you can take surveys, do tasks, view ads, play their grid, make money from your referrals work and get daily bonuses for completing enough work. All I've done there is click ads as a standard member for about three months now. 

The result is I was able to cash out for my first check of $10.05. Now, the first cash out (at least for Americans) is a check sent to my physical address. Then after this, I can get paid instantly every Mon. and Friday through Paypal, as long as I have the min. cash out of $8. If a premium member, then the min. pay out is $6. 

So, the check is in the mail. I'm not worried, because I've never heard any complaints about Clixsense. They are a solid site to make money with. I realize $10 isn't much, but it doesn't take very long to click the ads. I work about 6 different PTC sites and it takes me a half and hour every day to complete them all. It's just part of my routine. 

The real goal with Clixsense (and with all PTC sites really), is to get direct referrals who are active. I have one DR with them so far, but they are not active, which is a bummer. Just to think of the possibilities though with 100 DR who are active! Well, then you are talking making a hundred or more per month. You also get paid a certain amount every time a DR upgrades their account, up to 7 levels as a premium member. 

As it is, I make about $4-$5/ month there just clicking ads. This means about every two months at this rate I'll be able to cash out. In time though with some advertising efforts I could very well build up my DR's and then upgrade myself and make more each month. One good thing, is it doesn't cost anything to work Clixsense, and you can rest easy that it's not a scam. 

So, if you're interested in Clixsense and want to check it out and maybe sign up, then click the link below and become my referral! Happy clicking, and be sure to check back for more article on PTC sites and other online revenue opportunities. 

Sign Up For Clixsense Here

Poor Person's Neobux Strategy


There are many people out there with Neobux strategies, but I always wanted to come up with my own through trial and error. Also, I don't want to invest $500 or more into Neobux either. So, this strategy is what I've come up with and I thought I would share it with you.

This strategy could be used on any PTC site that has Rented Referrals. Currently I'm using it on Actionbux and Neobux. You don't have to be an upgraded member either, with Neobux I'm a Golden member, but with Actionbux I'm not. 

This strategy is very simple and is easy to maintain. It may not make you hundreds a month from Neobux, but you could make $20 profit fairly simply. Spending a couple minutes working the site a day is easy for $20 as far as I'm concerned. 

Of course, I'm talking about making money from rented referrals and your own clicks here. Direct referrals are the best way to make money from any PTC site. If you have enough Direct Referrals you can do very well with Neobux and Clixsense. Neobux, Clixsense and Actionbux are the only three PTC sites I can recommend at this time. All the other ones I've tried have either ripped me off or are worthless. 

So, what is the strategy dude? 

OK, here it is:

Do not recycle ever, set your filter for .80 per/day average clicks. Only extend those RR, and extend them for 30 days at a time with AutoPay on. Every once in awhile rent more referrals and filter them out the same way never recycling or extending any of them not clicking at an average of .80 or better. 

Simple right? See, every strategy I read told me never to let my RR expire because it's hard to get more when your Golden. Well, I've found it's not that hard to get more RR if you time it right, and it costs more to recycle and then extend all the time. 

See, Neobux is rigged with RR, so the averages are low. I believe these are bots for the most part. So, you are not going to make money unless you extend your RR for 180-240 days, recycle all the time and have the best Upgrade package available. And even then, you may not make too much. From what I understand people are trying to make $20/day doing it this way. How many Direct Referrals do they have as well? I don't know...

Active Direct Referrals are the best way to make money. So spend your money advertising for more Direct Referrals instead of upgrading and renting referrals all the time. That's what I think at least. 

Not sure exactly how this will work out. But, what should happen is the RR that I'm extending should be the most consistent and profitable, so in theory they will remain in my pool of .80 average and above clickers and grow over time as I infuse more RR into the mix. Will this happen? I'll see, because Neobux may have the game rigged to the extent where even the ones who are clicking the best will stop all of a sudden and not click anymore, so there is no way to predict which ones are good RR. 

See, I have one active Direct Referral and he/she clicks everyday. The RR aren't like this, not even one of them out of the 400 or so I've filtered through is like this, so this is why I think the system is rigged. 

Even so, this is a strategy anyone can use to try and make a little every month on top of their own clicks and Direct Referrals. It takes very little time to manage, all I have to do is extend any RR that are clicking above .80 and are set to expire in less than a week. 

I'll write another article in a month or so about this strategy and inform you of the outcome. So far it seems to be working to make me about $15-$20/month. I have to minus the cost of the Golden upgrade from this (about $6/month), the rest is profit. Currently I have around 40 RR with an average of .80 or better. 

If you want to sign up for Neobux, Clixsense, or Actionbux click on the links below:




Here is a video about this strategy:

Thursday, June 4, 2015

The 2015 NBA Finals From a Christian Perspective

cc from flickr.com

The NBA Finals is starting today June 4th 2015 with Golden State Warriors vs. Cleveland Cavaliers facing off. I just wanted to do my review about what this means to me, which might be different than you've heard before. 

Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors is the NBA MVP
Curry, cc from wikimedia
this year in only his 5th year in the league, and he is regarded by many as the best pure shooter the game has ever seen. All of this is great, but what is most impressive to me about Curry is he is a Christian and he gives all the glory to Jesus Christ. At least, this is what I hope he continues to do. 

I first saw Curry when he played for Davidson and his underdog small school team made it all the way to the elite eight mostly just because of his amazing shooting abilities. It was very refreshing to see the young man thank God and Jesus after the games, he's a real Christian - and I hope this is still true and will remain true. What do I mean by this? 

Well, on the other side of the game you have Lebron James
Lebron James, cc from Bossip
who is playing for the Cavaliers against Curry and the Warriors. James likes to call himself the King, and everyone knows he is an Illuminati sell-out. What this means is he likes to flash the Illuminati occult symbols and hang out with other famous people who are sell-outs to Satan as well. It's a sad fact that an athlete who already has talent given by God has to sell his soul for nothing except they simply want more and want to be part of the in crowd, even if this in crowd is a bunch of perverted satanist weirdos. 

Maybe you don't understand the inside culture of the rich and the famous. They make it out to be some mysterious thing, but in reality it's simply the worst kind of sin you can imagine done in the most expensive ways to excite and further erode the people's morality and ability to escape with any semblance of a conscience. Anyways...

I haven't noticed Curry flashing any Illuminati symbols as of yet, but he is in a lot of commercials and is has been awarded the most valuable player in the league. All of this lime light must be difficult for a young man to contend with. He is married and has a young daughter, so it seems he is staying true to his faith, but I'm sure there is a story behind the scenes that would tell of his struggle to stay true to his faith in Jesus Christ in an Anti-Christ system of which is he is being courted to join. He is very talented, and athletes have a special ability to get to the top of the society without selling out, because of their physical ability. Musicians and actors have merely an subjective talent when it comes down to it and often are forced to sell their souls to get to the top levels of their trade. Curry though is at the top level of his trade and seemingly hasn't sold out...but will he? 

Pete Maravich played his whole career and only became a born again Christian after his playing days were over. Curry is in a different time though and also he has began with the faith. It's my hope that beyond this game and who wins, that Curry will remain true to his faith in Jesus Christ above all things - even and especially basketball in the NBA. 

I mean really, it's simply just a game. All the money, fame, and favor given to the players and the idolatry that surrounds the games is simply a wicked mess that any true believer in Jesus Christ wants no part of. We all know what ridicule Tim Tebow endured because of he like to show his faith in Jesus Christ, yet Stephen Curry being the absolute best player in the NBA is bound to even influence more people with his outward belief in our savior. He does this by often by pounding his heart and pointing to the sky when he makes a shot, giving the glory to God. Although he is soft spoken and not brazen, he will also straight up give glory to Jesus Christ (not just the vague God others mention)! In the clip below he shows where his priorities are when he gives all the glory to you guessed it: Jesus Christ, check it out:

Praise God for Stephen Curry, but let's not forget to pray for this wonderful young man who has such positive influence on the youth of this country. Keep an eye and ear out and see if his faith continues to be talked about or if it begins to fade with the spotlight and flattery of this beast system trying to court him and nullify his faith in Jesus. 

Let's keep in mind the real battle here, and look to see if he gives glory to Jesus after a win in the finals, this is the true championship, cause everyone without Jesus Christ is ultimately a loser in the end. That includes King James. 

Keep these things in mind when watching the finals this year...it might mean more to you. 


Here's a follow up article a year later (June 2, 2016):

Has Stephen Curry Sold Out to the Anti-Christ Beast System?