Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Poor Person's Neobux Strategy


There are many people out there with Neobux strategies, but I always wanted to come up with my own through trial and error. Also, I don't want to invest $500 or more into Neobux either. So, this strategy is what I've come up with and I thought I would share it with you.

This strategy could be used on any PTC site that has Rented Referrals. Currently I'm using it on Actionbux and Neobux. You don't have to be an upgraded member either, with Neobux I'm a Golden member, but with Actionbux I'm not. 

This strategy is very simple and is easy to maintain. It may not make you hundreds a month from Neobux, but you could make $20 profit fairly simply. Spending a couple minutes working the site a day is easy for $20 as far as I'm concerned. 

Of course, I'm talking about making money from rented referrals and your own clicks here. Direct referrals are the best way to make money from any PTC site. If you have enough Direct Referrals you can do very well with Neobux and Clixsense. Neobux, Clixsense and Actionbux are the only three PTC sites I can recommend at this time. All the other ones I've tried have either ripped me off or are worthless. 

So, what is the strategy dude? 

OK, here it is:

Do not recycle ever, set your filter for .80 per/day average clicks. Only extend those RR, and extend them for 30 days at a time with AutoPay on. Every once in awhile rent more referrals and filter them out the same way never recycling or extending any of them not clicking at an average of .80 or better. 

Simple right? See, every strategy I read told me never to let my RR expire because it's hard to get more when your Golden. Well, I've found it's not that hard to get more RR if you time it right, and it costs more to recycle and then extend all the time. 

See, Neobux is rigged with RR, so the averages are low. I believe these are bots for the most part. So, you are not going to make money unless you extend your RR for 180-240 days, recycle all the time and have the best Upgrade package available. And even then, you may not make too much. From what I understand people are trying to make $20/day doing it this way. How many Direct Referrals do they have as well? I don't know...

Active Direct Referrals are the best way to make money. So spend your money advertising for more Direct Referrals instead of upgrading and renting referrals all the time. That's what I think at least. 

Not sure exactly how this will work out. But, what should happen is the RR that I'm extending should be the most consistent and profitable, so in theory they will remain in my pool of .80 average and above clickers and grow over time as I infuse more RR into the mix. Will this happen? I'll see, because Neobux may have the game rigged to the extent where even the ones who are clicking the best will stop all of a sudden and not click anymore, so there is no way to predict which ones are good RR. 

See, I have one active Direct Referral and he/she clicks everyday. The RR aren't like this, not even one of them out of the 400 or so I've filtered through is like this, so this is why I think the system is rigged. 

Even so, this is a strategy anyone can use to try and make a little every month on top of their own clicks and Direct Referrals. It takes very little time to manage, all I have to do is extend any RR that are clicking above .80 and are set to expire in less than a week. 

I'll write another article in a month or so about this strategy and inform you of the outcome. So far it seems to be working to make me about $15-$20/month. I have to minus the cost of the Golden upgrade from this (about $6/month), the rest is profit. Currently I have around 40 RR with an average of .80 or better. 

If you want to sign up for Neobux, Clixsense, or Actionbux click on the links below:




Here is a video about this strategy:


  1. becouse i wrote neobux is a scam site. couse i invest 25$ and return only 17$


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