Friday, January 15, 2016

Singer/Songwriter Spotlight: Carroll Roberson

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   I heard about Carroll Roberson from the same preacher who married my wife and I, and baptized me the same day. My wife and I were looking for some good gospel music we could listen to in the absence of all the worldly music we threw away from our collection. Music is a large part of both of our experiences, so we know how powerful it can be to influence a person either with the Holy Ghost or the Anti-Christ Spirit.

Carroll Roberson sings from the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, of Jesus Christ our Lord.

After a few years of listening to Carroll, I've grown to like his music more and more. Some of his songs are remakes of older gospel songs, but many of them are songs him and his wife wrote and sing. They work together on many songs with their singing, and wow they both have awesome voices.

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I love the rhythm in many of Carroll's songs, his guitar playing is another special talent God has gifted him with. I guess if I had to choose which song is my favorite, I'd pick “When You Call On Him” (video is below article). Carroll has hundreds of unique good songs to listen to, and there's hardly ever one I don't really like.

One of the ways God helped me with: to sanctify myself from this world and the things in this world, was by only allowing Godly music into my ears. Not so called Christian music, which you can hear on the mainstream channels, but rather sincere Holy Spirit music. Carroll's music uplifts me, but doesn't get me hyped up. I can stay joyful, peaceful, and with a sound mind – when listening to his music.

Just a short bio of Carroll. He was born in 1955 in Mississippi, although raised reading the Bible, he never surrendered his life to Jesus Christ until 1983 when he survived a cancerous tumor in his throat. He wasn't sure after the surgery if he'd be able to talk again. When he was able to talk again after, he dedicated his life to Jesus Christ and ministry. Since, he's built his Carroll Roberson Ministries, written over 300 songs, recorded over 40 albums, and had many other successful works for Jesus.

Presently, Carroll and his wife are working their ministry, conducting Holy Land tours and still writing and singing songs.

I don't get involved in their ministry any more than listening to their songs and video talks about the Bible during specials. There are some doctrinal differences we have and I'm not sure what he thinks about the Vatican and Catholicism, but his music is very simple and agreeable to my understanding in Jesus. What I look at mostly in people is if they're sincere believers, if yes, then they're saved - although maybe very wrong in a certain area of doctrine (like believing in Futurism).

Carroll Roberson has been a blessing to me and my wife for the last three years, and I wanted to put him in the Singer/Songwriter Spotlight on AWR. This is the fourth one so far on AWR. Check out the others : 

For now, God bless and protect you in Jesus Christ, and enjoy listening.

                                                            "When You Call On Him"