Monday, April 28, 2014

Blogging At the Next Level

   Lately I have been unwilling to put my efforts into my two blogs as much. Sharing to my social sites and a couple back-links here and there was about all I had to promote them. So I started thinking about how to get traffic to my blogs. 

My pic from Lookout Point Oregon
    This is the next stage of the blogger who is trying to make money, trying to get out a message, or both. My main objective is to have a place to write where I can freely speak my mind. The next objective is to network and make money if possible as a writer and YouTube music artist. 

    There may be some criticism about the ads on my site. It may be warranted to some degree, but I don't think Jesus is telling me I can't try and make a living writing. He is just telling me, He comes first. I mean I mow lawns now for a living, and that usually has nothing to do with Jesus. 

     That being said, I have been seeking how to expand and grow as a blogger. Now, I write for some revenue sharing sites as well, and this is part of the system to promote my blog. What I have done is set-up a system which I'm comfortable with, and now it's time to start and work it. I will tell you the results as they come. 

     Basically the system includes about 5 main places to write for and YouTube. Then I have about 7 main places where I write short blurbs and snippets and put back-links. Then I have about 3 blog directories in which I am part of and stay active in. 

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 Now, I only promote about 4 of my main sites to my social sites, which include about 7 different sites, the main one being Google+ and the communities there. After I share there I ping the post on Pingler, and let the index know I have posted something. Not sure how this will work out as of yet. 

     So basically that is the plan. It gets more detailed, but I will spare you the details for now. Yet, I will be posting the results and the progress I have made. 

     The goals I have as of now are to make $50/month from each of my two blogs for a total of $100/month, that from Adsense and Amazon Affiliates combined. 

       Maybe this helps you in a way. If you hang around or search me out a bit, you will be able to tell which sites I'm using for back-links. The main writing place besides my blogs though is none other than Hubpages. For now, God bless and I pray you are well. 

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  1. We grow our platform based upon the purpose we invest in when we write. Are we writing for our benefit or the benefit of the audience we are trying to reach. When money is the reward you seek then that will be your benefit.

  2. That is not a bad plan for promoting your blogs.

    Be glorifying of and to God in all you do and you will be rewarded eternally, what happens in the meantime is not the ultimate reward.

  3. I like these comments, it's a blessing to have fellow Christians who understand Jesus is first. That has to be key, and then I can use my talents as best as I can to try and help others understand things, to help me understand better in the process. The reward is mostly in having an avenue to use my writing desire God installed into me at a young age. God bless, and thanks for commenting and reading.

  4. Following you here from ChatAbout! I've been writing about encouragement in marriage since 2008 - but it's never really been a money-making experience for me. Perhaps in the future. :-) Thanks for sharing your ideas and thoughts!

    My best experience on increasing the traffic for my blog was participating in a challenge - 30 blog posts in 30 days. A group of us did this, connected on Facebook, and commented on each other's blog posts. It got us all moving forward, let us know what others found valuable in our writing and into us into a good rhythm.

    (one suggestion for getting more comments/traffic is to remove the captcha - most who comment HATE that hurdle! If I'm tired I'll not leave a comment if I have to go through hoops...)

  5. Hey Lori, thanks for jumping through those hoops, that is a good idea to remove the captcha, I've just gotten the idea to change my commenting format yesterday, part of the growth. That sounds like a good idea for you, we all have our system that we are comfortable with.

    That sort of topic should attract a certain target audience you could find in forums. Chatabout, very nice, I have made $15 there so far.


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