Friday, July 28, 2017

The Best Remedy for Poison Ivy/Oak

Having a reaction to poison oak and ivy may not be life threatening, yet if left untreated, or mistreated, it can be really, really bothersome to daily life; not to mention an impaired immune system, constant itching, soreness, and a constant feeling of being trapped inside one’s nasty flesh.

Some people get rashes from poison ivy/oak, some people don’t; what I’ve learned is it’s progressive once  a person does “get it” from their outside ventures. That is, a person catches it easier the next time, and the reaction gets progressively worse.

For the person that’s gone through weeks, if not months, of dealing with this spreading rash, this progressive thing doesn't sound very promising. The good part is: there’s a product that heals and prevents poison ivy/oak!

I wish I would've know about this product the first time I got poison ivy; the end result was a visit to the emergency room. Ugh, poison ivy/oak is treacherous and last for months even.

It wasn’t until a few years later, when I met my wife, when I learned about Tecnu! Since then, I have no fear of poison ivy/oak anymore; even when I catch it, Tecnu easily stops it from growing and heals it completely.

The name Tecnu doesn’t sound like a lotion for poison ivy/oak, rather an electronic device, yet, nevertheless, this is the stuff that works.

What I do, personally, is put it on the affected areas, like a lotion, after a shower and when needed. When I had a really bad case of poison ivy/oak and I started using Technu, I put it on about every 5 hours for a couple weeks.

Even when using this remedy, bad cases will take weeks to heal, and months to completely go away; yet, it stops the poison from spreading immediately and slowly abates the problem from there.

Although, Tecnu doesn’t claim to help itching directly, from my experience it does help some. There’s another effective product by Tech Labs, called Caragel, which relieves itching and pain more directly -- while Tecnu removes the oils and cures the root problem.

Just wanted to inform my readers about this powerful remedy for poison Ivy/Oak/Sumac. Click on the product pictures or Amazon modules to buy from Amazon.


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