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Scathing Work Industry Review of America!

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   If I were to review the work industry in America, I'd have to conclude that there's a concerted effort to make sure that both parents have to work to have a house and raise a family. Basically, the money that is offered as income for most jobs, isn't even half the amount of money needed to support a family. I know this is the agenda of the New World Order crowd, to make sure the man can not support his family and thus creating the environment for a feminist culture  and a two parent income to simply get by.

   They sell the idea in many different seemingly appealing ways, such as liberation for women, equal pay for equal work, and other brainwashing social conditioning tactics. The end result though is destruction and slavery of men, women, and children. The State comes in and saves the day implementing their agenda along the way to enslave us further.

   Let's just look at the numbers for a moment in a place like Oregon. The costs of living in Oregon is actually fairly low and there is no sales tax. Also, we have the third highest min. wage in the nation at $9.10 an hour. So, if a man is working as a house painter for a small private company full-time, shouldn't he be theoretically be able to make enough to support a family of three in a modest duplex or house? Have you ever house painted before, because it is hard work and takes skill. Regardless, let's say the man makes a wage of $11/hr, which is actually fairly high for a house painting job that isn't union. Now let's times $11 with 160 hours a month, which equals $1760. Now the GROSS part of this equation is he about 15% of this money will be taken, and that is a low estimate. So now he is making $1496 Net, so he is taking home this paltry amount each month for working full-time at a semi-hard labor job that is even life threatening at times.


   Do you think the man can take care of his family of three with this amount of money? The answer is absolutely NO!

   Let's say the family wants to move into a duplex to save money, they can find a duplex that has one bedroom for $650 a month plus they pay for electricity. Remember they must come up with about $2000 just to get into the place too. Let's estimate the electricity to be $100/month. So, now they are paying $750 for rent and electricity.
$1496-750= $746 left.

   He needs a truck to go to work right? Vehicles need insurance and take gas right? Insurance costs $75/month and the gas to get around for the month costs $200. That is $275 for the vehicle expenses not counting repairs, payments, DMV, or any other governmental fees they like to throw at us like parking and tickets.

$746-275= $471 left

   OK, money is getting a little tight now isn't it? Although they have been very frugal with their lifestyle and choices so far. OK, so now they need phones, him for his work and her to keep in touch with him and to conduct the business of life. Let's say their phones costs them $110/month for both of them.

$471-110= $361 left

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   OK, so they don't have Wi-fi for the computers they don't have, they don't have Cable, they are being very frugal here. They don't have any past debts they need to pay off, they don't buy presents for anyone, they don't go out to eat, they don't take trips anywhere, they basically don't do anything but sit motionless in their homes as he works and she stays home and takes care of the child.

   So, although this couple with their child have absolutely no life to speak of, do you think they can get by with $361 for food and household goods each month for three of them? Even if they could somehow, how are they going to buy the vehicle, get the registration, buy the phones, get furniture, get a pan to cook with, how are they going to get the money to get into the duplex?

   Truth is this scenario is actually a favorable situation compared to what most people are facing these days. Truth is most people are faced with working for wages that are less than $10/hr, and they have past debts to pay off as well. Most places to rent are more expensive than this too, for instance in California you wouldn't even be able to find a studio for this amount, and their min. wage is less than Oregon, plus most places have a sales tax!

   In reality this is exactly what the New World Order crowd had in mind to enslave this country. My generation, the X generation and lower are bearing the brunt of the experiment upon America. We are wasted because of it! We are gone, lost, burnt, slaves, zapped, victimized, emasculated, strapped, consumed, confused, and bewildered to say the least. Only Jesus can salvage the crap pile we've been born into.

   Truth is if a man were to make enough money to provide for his family, and the woman he was married to stayed home and took care of the children (which included home-schooling the kids), then he would have to make twice the amount of the man stated above – At Least! That means that he would have to make $22/hr and taxes would have to stay around 15% at the most. Of course taxes aren't even legal, and although idiots like Rush Limbutt says us poor people get all our taxes back, what he isn't saying is we get the Federal taxes back, maybe, but that is not the biggest part! The biggest chunk they take is Social Security and Medicare, and then State tax. We don't get those back, and our generation will never get them in the future. There would be no need for them if they New World Order crowd, whom Rush works for, didn't initiate the socialistic destruction tactics they did – way back when they killed off President McKinley even, and got rid of the Tariffs. Uhgg.

   We are such slaves, the only people who are really getting anywhere in this slave land are the mindless drones who embrace the lie and have no convictions or meaning besides getting along with everyone and fitting in for personal gain. These are compromised cowards who in the end will have their soul sucked out and be discarded like an aborted baby if they don't repent and find Jesus. Does that comment make you mad? Then get mad that Abortion/Murder of the innocent in legal here!

   Let me say though before you get mad, there is still a very small remnant of private businesses that are providing fairly decent jobs in which you don't have to work for the government (and unions are part of the government mostly now). Those small percentages of people who have a valuable skill and can make decent money would I'm sure disagree with my assessment, but I would say they are snobby pricks who don't think about anyone else but themselves!

   There is a whole plethora of American men who work hard at difficult physical labor jobs and are getting nowhere, who can't feed their families, who can barely feed themselves although they work full-time!

   I know what I'm talking about, I've worked 35 different jobs in 19 years in the work force since I was 16, and not one of them made me enough to raise a family. Most of them barely allowed me to survive myself.

  This is the point: if a man works full-time at an honest job, then he should be able to live in a house and support his family. It's that simple!

   What we have instead: both parents working and barely getting by living in an apartment, as their kid is being taught how to become a transvestite communist at the New World Order propaganda centers known as the public schools!

   Judgment is coming America, God doesn't like unfair masters and abusers of the innocent. Seek the Lord Jesus Christ while there time cause it's going to get ugly and who could disagree with this country needing judgment?

That's the Lowdown Truth, you'd be well advised to listen.

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  1. First let me say this is not some big agenda to force two-income households and put women in the workforce. Women WANT to be in the workforce. You can't blame the government for that. They're just as capable as men. This fact does not make me (or anyone else) a feminist.

    Second, while yes, it is definitely difficult to get by with just one income... it can be done. My husband was the breadwinner in our home and I stayed home with the children for the first 8 years of our marriage. Then, he became unable to work (medical reasons) and I had to go into the workforce. We don't have a lot... but we have managed to raise 6 children on one income.

    I firmly believe that one parent should be home raising the kids. While this is usually the mother, I don't think it matters - so long as kids are raised by their parents. I wish the US would pay mothers to stay home (some countries do this).

  2. I appreciate your views, yet they disregard the masses of people who haven't found that possible to do. Not only is their financial factors to deal with, there is emotional problems young adults are dealing with as well because of a destroyed family life starting with the Boomers. The planned destruction is obvious if you take into account every major social movement was funded and led by the government and those who were affiliated with it, centering with the CIA. The 60's and 70's were instrumental for the New World Order to put into place their final moves to complete totalitarian dominance, if you can't see that, you haven't even begun to wake up to what's going on, maybe turn off Oprah and Ellen and get with it.

  3. ITA with what you write. Americans are taxed into poverty. I get angry when people complain about raising the minimum wage to $15. That's still barely enough to live on. I don't have solutions, but I'm frustrated like you.

    1. I agree Clara, the solution isn't raising the min. wage but to lower the costs of living. All raising the min. wage does is raise the costs of living and put private small business out of business letting the government come in and take over more of our economy like vultures. And the taxes are simply robbery.

  4. My 19 year old son gets $17.40 an hour as a permanent part-time supervisor in Yoghurt Land, and he's not happy with how little that is. I just told him your story to make him glad it could be worse. Much worse. Considering the conversion rate right now is 1.07 Australian dollars to 1.00 US, I'm blown away by the minimum wage for a man with a trade in the US! You're so right -- it would be difficult for one to live on that, let alone a family! Goodbye home-schooling, which is what they want (without officially making it illegal) I'm sure!

    Here, a qualified house painter gets AU$36,416 - AU$68,430 per annum, with the average being AU$24.93 per hour.

    For my dystopian novel, I've been struggling to come up with a way a tyrannical government can make it so hard for a family to thrive financially that they lose their farm, and you've given me a great idea. Unfortunately for you. Wish I had even one idea to help you get around the cruel situation you're in. :-(

    There is so much for me to be thankful for, it's just a shame that it usually comes after hearing of the hardship of others.

    1. Interesting Belinda, thanks for sharing. I appreciate that you find value in this reflection which I tried to make as life-like as possible. I could have gotten into more even, like health care, which is the number one debt people have, but it would be redundant, it's easy to make the case when the numbers are as such.
      I worked as a house painter for two years, and I was paid $7.50 and hour, this was about 10 years ago, well cost of living wasn't that much less back then, so you can see how hard it was to even keep the small dumpy studio I was in.
      Your son has a right to complain, we all are under the boot of the global elite at this point in history, just because many have it worse doesn't mean others can't complain, but it is good to keep it in perspective.
      If a person does somehow get a job making $15/hr, they are supposed to jump up and down and basically have to beat out a thousand other capable people for the job. Therefor they have to put up with so much crap that their job in the end sucks, and this wage isn't even good in reality. Really, like I said, people should make at least $20/hr, or what really needs to happen is the costs of living need to be 75% lower and the wages stay the same. Thanks for commenting, God bless.


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