Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Singer/Songwriter Spotlight: Maxie Kinney

The Gal From Oregon

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   Maxie Kinney is an authentic Oregonian singer songwriter who sings and plays the guitar in a folk style that will touch the hearers and relate to the humble truths of life within our souls. 
   As a young girl growing up in difficult times, and in challenging family situations, Maxie picked up on playing the guitar and the dream began. The dream would be the central theme in her life as she has continued to write song after song expressing her soul and trying to understand this life through music. 

   She played in bands throughout Oregon getting comfortable with the stage and maturing in her songwriting ability. Then the hunger to make music her life took her all the way to Nashville Tennessee, where she was on You Can Be A Star, which was a television show in the 90's where musical talent competed on live television to try and receive the rewarded record contract. Although her and her sister Inge didn't win, they did win the hearts of thousand of people and came in a close second. This was the beginning of her efforts to make it big in the country music scene. 

   As the music industry is a place where integrity and genuine sincerity are no longer valued, and the wicked nature of the record labels require a near selling of your soul, Maxie never ended up being a sensation in the country music scene in America. Although, she did have her highlights and even some songs which see sold and received royalties from. A couple notable highlights were: her and her sister as back up singers in the Dolly Parton hay ride at Dollyworld (a theme park for Dolly Parton), and songwriter of the year award from the Tennessee Songwriters Association.

   Maxie Kinney chased the dream and gave it her all for five years in a land that was not her own. Her songs and talent was not appreciated by the superficial music industry which catered to the powers to be. If you haven't noticed the mainstream music is getting worse and worse. That she didn't get swept away into some stardom was a blessing in my view, as her genuine artistic integrity was retained and her mystic as an Oregonian gal is forever etched into the place of great singer/songwriters from this place in the West. 

     If you haven't heard of Maxie Kinney, it's not because she isn't as talented as those who are household names. In fact, her songs are the essence of "from the heart" and are at the core of respectable artistic ambition in the world of genuine sincerity and pure love of music. So, here is A Writer's Review spotlight to the best singer/songwriter to ever come out of the Northwest, the beautiful and genuine Maxie Kinney.

Maxie Kinney YouTube Channel

                                                 Broken Girl


  1. Wonderful review and talented artist, thanks for sharing. God bless you both.

    1. Thanks for coming by Fawn, and for your kind words. God bless you too.

    2. Yep the real talent is bien real. Somthing the music industry knows nothing about.

  2. That's right Shane, amen, thanks for the comment. Maxie has kept it real, and that is commendable.

  3. Thank you for a great piece on Maxie Kinney!!
    Beautiful and genuine is the truth! She gives me chill-bumps every time I listen to her authentic, earthy heart-felt music! She is my inspiration and always has been. I believe that her music is a gift from God, it heals, it soothes, and it is who she is…….There is no need for stardom, because, just like the material things in this world, it is temporary and void of true fulfillment.....


  4. Amen Inge, very glad to have you commenting here as well, of course your talent was equally wonderful, and once you get some YouTube videos up I can do a Spotlight on Inge too! Looking forward to that.

    I just did a How to make a YouTube video post on this blog, hope it helps. God bless you and thanks for coming by, it's an honor to have heard you and Maxie singing all those years. So beautiful it is and was.

  5. Thank you Robbie LowdownO what wonderful words they really touch my heart. The ones that love me and believed in me all this time are my inspiration and I will continue to write songs until I leave this earth! I might not have became a star but I'm sitting on the top of the world just having loved ones and people that believe in me like you thank you everyone for your wonderful comments love you and God bless you

    1. It's my pleasure Maxkin, and thank you for graciously leaving a comment. We are waiting to hear your next YouTube video as well. God bless.


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