Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Making Money With Paidverts and Clixsense

(Update Jan. 17th, 2015):

      If you are interested in joining Paidverts, read this article first: Paidverts Review.


   Paidverts and Clixsense are two PTC sites I'm going to give a try for awhile and see how it goes. These seem to be a couple of the best PTC sites to work. 

   I've been a member of Clixsense before, but it seemed very complicated and I didn't have a strategy to make it work. These sites can seem complicated to the newbie at first, but after you get familiar with them they become understandable. Then, it's just a matter if you are willing to put together a strategy to make them work or not. 

   People that make decent money from these sites are doing so from having many referrals. I'm not sure how they get so many active referrals, but out of the millions that try I guess a few succeed. Yet, I think there are many people who are making a few bucks a day working the site without it taking up all their time. I mean, who wants to sit there and click ads all day? 

  The whole process is sort of a game, especially with Paidverts. This is a fairly new site that came out earlier this year in 2014. Paidverts has BAP (bonus ad points), from which you get placed into different levels depending on how many points you have. You gain points by investing in ads and also by clicking on some ads that come daily worth 25 BAP. 

  From what I understand, Paidverts takes some of your BAP daily and gives you some value ads, which you can make money from. The ads range from .0005 - $200. At first though, you will see mostly .0005-.0125 ads. The .0005 ads are ridiculous because all of these ads take about 40 seconds to complete. Yet, the more BAP you gather, the higher the ads you get. 

   There are a few different options to buying ad placements and earning points, or buying ads themselves. Sounds strange? Well, it's not as complicated as it seems, but I think they make it sort of hard to understand because they count on a certain amount of people to quit before they make any real money. 

   Clixsense is simpler, but the amount you can earn without referrals is less. The ads are generally worth more, but there is no options to invest and get points and such. The ads take less time the less their worth as well. Clixsense is geared more towards referrals, although a person could also join a membership there and get certain benefits concerning more valuable ads. 

    Will these PTC sites work out for me when I only plan on working them for about 15 minutes a day? I'm going to give it a shot for a month or so and see how it goes. If I can make $10/month from them combined I'll continue in hopes of some growth. 

    Working these together is nice, because you can click on an ad from Paidverts and then go to a new screen and click on a Clixsense ad, so get them both done at once. Clixsense ads you can't go off the screen though. 

   If you would like to give these two sites a try, then here are my referral links below. We can go on this journey together. If you need any help, then just contact me from the contact page in the tabs above on this blog. Who knows, maybe with the right strategy, these could make us some decent money? 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tsu, the Social Sharing Site That Pays!

      Update (Dec 17th): I have since made .04 cents from Tsu, so I can attest now that they pennies do start rolling in once you work it some. The site is great so far, meeting Christians there. Excited to see how it grows in future. 

   Have you ever heard of the social site that pays called tsu? The site looks like facebook sort of, but in my opinion a little better, although I don't like facebook. 

   Yet, the concept there is you can make money simply sharing and working the site as you would any social site. The specifics on what you have to do to make money aren't really clear, except they say if you work the site more the more you'll make. I think it has a lot to do with referrals as well. 

   The site on the Alexa ratings is around 3K in the world right now, so it's getting some decent traffic. I'm thinking of Mylot, which had this idea a couple years ago. Mylot paid people to share and work the site, but they stopped paying people about a year ago. I joined Mylot after they stopped paying just to see if it was worth it to gain traffic. I found it a spam ghost town with the occasional misfit who spent too much time there. 

   tsu seems to be different. The usability is great as well as the features to see your stats and such. The only problem I've seen so far is I have't even made a penny. I've been there a few weeks and have scantly worked the site, but still not gaining a penny makes me wonder. 

   I thought I would come and let you know about this site though, it may just grow and become a hit. And if it does and you have invited a bunch of people who invited a bunch of people, then this could really pay off for us in the long term. There is the chance that it won't take off as well. 

   I like the idea they are trying to work with here, and the usability and look of the site is great. They also pay through PayPal, which makes it easy. I'm going to continue to try and work the site and see how it goes. Maybe in a few months those rankings will get under a thousand and then they'll be off to the races. 

   Check them out in the link below and get on board:

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Hubpages Compared to Blogger Update

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   In the past I've wrote some reviews and articles about both Blogger and Hubpages. I wanted to update this continuing review with new developments.
   The insight I've gained of late is a little different, in that I haven't been very active for the last few months on either platform. This has allowed me to see how they do without consistent content being added. Specifically, I've written 12 blog articles and 2 hubs in the last three months.

   HubPages has been getting less views lately, I've noticed that since Squidoo has came over the views have went down by at least half. This before I even became less active. Strangely, I actually had the best month on HubPages two months ago because I was given money from Amazon Affiliates from products I don't even recall selling on my hubs. This amount makes the amount made in the last three months better than it really should have been without this apparent mistake.

   In particular in the last three months, these are the stats:

Blogs (three blogs total): 
 Views (Adsense): 2679 
 T: .0015/view

 Views: 1920 
 T: .0038/view

*Now, this is the Hubpages amount after the likely mistaken $6.06 I made through Amazon Associates was taken out.

   These numbers do favor Hubpages as the better earning site, yes, but the last couple months have been much lower than usual. Basically without writing any hubs, I've made less than a $1.50/month with 37 featured hubs. So, basically the numbers for the last two months are actually very similar.

   If you've read my other articles about these two platforms, you'll see why I chose my blogs over Hubpages as my writing center (articles below). This is becoming more and more the right decision for many different reasons. One of those reason was Hubpages censored one of my hubs about satanism being a criminal belief.
   When a person comes to my blog, they can connect with many different platforms I contribute to. There are links there for all my eBooks, social sites, Reverbnation, Ebay and Amazon stores, YouTube channel, and more. When a person goes to one of my hubs they can't easily access any of these things.

   I'm not going to stop writing for Hubpages, because it is a quality popular site to use to promote my different projects. Yet, I'm going away from making it the number one place for product reviews. Rather, I'm going to make one of my blogs the main place for product reviews. It just makes more sense, and the amount I can make through Adsense, although not much, is something I can calculate and work with.

   Some people may like Hubpages better, but for those who like to be creative and personalize their website, then blogs are a much better way to reach the audience you want. Another great aspect is you can have people subscribe through email and different readers. This way you will start building a unique audience that is loyal to your work.

   I have a good feeling my three blogs at Blogger are going to grow and begin to gain a good sized audience in the near future. When I get into a better writing routine and start being consistent with posting, they should exceed Hubpages in earnings and help gain attention to the other money making strategies I'm using to make money on-line.

   I just thought this might be interesting to some people who are thinking about writing for Hubpages and have a blog. They are both good places to write and be heard, and they both have the potential to make money. Choosing which one you want to make the center of your writing system, depends on your overall goals. Check out some of the articles below to gain further insights.  

Friday, October 17, 2014

Hubpages Censors the Truth

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   As the video below this article explains, my last article for Hubpages called: Satanism is a Criminal Belief, was censored from being monetized. 

   While I was creating the hub, a warning appeared saying it was not going to be monetized because of the content filters detected material that was against their advertisers. So, curious to see what part of the article they were detecting, I edited it some until the warning message went away. The last part of this article is the part of the Hub which I edited to get it to comply. As you can see, from the third paragraph on I had to cut it out. 

   I'll put a link below this post if you want to see the entire article, or you can get to it from the video description on YouTube. 

   I just wanted to give people a heads up about Hubpages, they do censor the truth. What happened is the liberal moderator didn't like what I was saying, so used the excuse that it was against their advertisers, which it isn't. 

   I experienced this type of censorship from Wizzley as well, but even more draconian. I wrote a hub and blog post about being censored there, I'll leave a link to that below this post as well. 

   Writing about fundamental Christianity and exposing the New World Order is not allowed in some cases on Hubpages. This shouldn't be too surprising, it's a mostly liberal place full of those who embrace the New World Order with open arms. Still, it's good to know how far I can go with them. I'll keep writing there and see how it goes, mostly what I write there isn't as difficult of a subject as this. Yet, I've lost some respect for them. 


- Here is the excerpt that I had to edit at first:

The Reason I wrote this ebook

   There are two reasons why I wrote this 32 page ebook: one is to show Satanism is not a benign belief
and the other is to show the negative growing influence it has in American culture and society.

   Even if someone isn't a Christian, they shouldn't want this influence being promoted in the mainstream culture, which included cartoons now. Cartoon Network is showing openly satanic cartoons now to children. I mean it's getting that bad that they are openly doing this.

(from here on I had to cut this out of the Hub)
   There are still the brainwashed masses who somehow come up with excuses for all this evidence and rationalize it. It's getting harder for them to do so though. The end game here is for the NWO satanist to finally be able to completely openly show their total allegiance to Lucifer, and for the masses to go along with this and embrace it as well. The masses of America embracing Lucifer openly! Doesn't that sound absolutely impossible?

   Yet, they have the masses almost where they want them. They want the masses to openly embrace and act out the same satanic crimes they commit themselves, which includes openly murdering their babies in rituals (abortion inside and outside the womb), child molesting, raping innocent victims in rituals, having sex with same sex, having sex with demons, and finally executing Christians and Jews for sport.

Sounds far off? It's already happened in civilizations in the past (and happening now in secret and in the open partly), and there is nothing new under the sun. This time though, Jesus Christ will come back, as these are the end days. This is a battle for our souls, make no mistake. What side will you choose?

Will you choose love, righteousness, mercy, forgiveness, life, truth, kindness, light, which is Jesus Christ, God the Father, and the Holy Ghost?

Or will you choose hate, murder, perversions, lies, meanness, child abuse, cowardliness, un-forgiveness, sickness, darkness, death, which is Satan?

Seems like an easy choice to me, but as we can see in the ebook I've written, the video below, and the
culture/society around us – it's not so easy of a choice after all for most...

As for me and my family, we choose the Lord Jesus Christ. Praise God.


Here is the Hupages Article: Satanism is a Criminal Belief

Here is an article about Wizzley censoring the truth: Censored at Wizzley

Monday, September 29, 2014

Ebook Review: The Complete Guide for Starting a Small Lawn Care Business

   Over the span of about 20 years of working, I've had many different jobs and types of jobs. The best job I've had is when working for myself having a small lawn care business. For about four years out of this 20 years, this has been the way I've made my living in this modern America.
Customer's Lawn

   Currently, I'm working my third lawn care business, which is in it's third successful year. Over time I've gained enough experience to make life easier and the business more profitable. As I'm also a writer, I wanted to share what I've learned from starting three successful small lawn care businesses. I've done this in the ebook below called: The Complete Guide For Starting A Small Lawn Care Business.

Harold Dog ready to go
   For a very affordable price, a person who is interested in starting their own small lawn care business can get this book and see exactly what it will take. It'll give them an idea of whether this is right for them. And if they decide it's right for them, they can use this guide and not have to learn the hard way how to be successful.

   This guide can also be helpful for people who already have a small lawn care business, and just want some tips and motivation. There is also a chapter that talks about off-season work ideas, which may be helpful for them.

 Overall, this book is meant to help people escape working for someone else at a job that asks too much and gives too little. Although owning/operating a small lawn care business is hard work sometimes, it's rewarding and has many benefits. Working outside, having flexibility in life, being your own boss, making good money, and getting some physical exercise are some of these benefits.

   Get this ebook to guide you in starting a small lawn care business, or to see if it's something you may want to do. For the price, you can't go wrong. Blessings in your future endeavors.

Here's a great lawn care resource and article from online publication Yard Day:

- "How to Maintain a Gas Lawn Mower: Keeping a Mower Maintained and Grounded"

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Singer/Songwriter Spotlight: Stevie Sightz

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  Blessings and greetings in Jesus Christ everyone. I wanted to shed the singer/songwriter spotlight today on Gospel Artist Stevie Sightz!

   Stevie came out with his debut album May 1st, 2014 called "Witness Stand." The songs included in this post are called "Heaven" and "Nothing Can Separate Me."

                            "Nothing Can Separate Me"

    Somehow in the course of mingling through my Google + stream I met Stevie and have had the pleasure to listen to his music. He comes across as a very sincere person who has a great love for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. That is so important these days, and to find a talented singer/songwriter who is putting his best effort forth to represent his faith for Jesus, is something I respect. 

     If only the masses would embrace people like Stevie more and stop feeding their minds with the Satanic garbage the culture is placing in front of them. We need to counter this wicked culture with artist like Stevie and others who are much more talented than the puppet singers who they put in front of us. 
     Rather than a long critique of the mainstream music scene in America though, I'll say that Stevie's music has good beats, strong lyrics, and a smooth delivery. His melody and creativity are unique and overall this is music we as Christians can appreciate.  

     Check out Stevie's website where you can find more info:     
 The Witness Stand Muzic

    If you are interested in supporting Stevie and obtaining a digital CD, check out his iTunes Store:

    And if you want to subscribe and listen and watch more music videos, check out his YouTube Channel:
Stevie Sightz YouTube Channel

 Be blessed and pray for Stevie and other Christian artists for them to gain favor with God, and stay true to their calling. 


Saturday, August 2, 2014

1990 Movie: "Lord of the Flies" Is Analogous to Holy Bible

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William Golding

   Author William Golding came out with a novel in 1954 called Lord of the Flies, in which two English films were made. One in 1963 by Peter Brook, the other by Harry Hook in 1990. The later film is the one I'll be talking about in this post. A couple days ago I watched this film for the second time in my life (the other time when I was a young teenager) and I was struck by the analogy it provides depicting the story of the Holy Bible and Jesus Christ.

   Of course, everything I watch and experience as a born again believer in Jesus, I relate to the Word of God anymore. This is a good thing, and I've noticed most movies leave Jesus out all-together. This movies does as well, yet I perceived it to be analogous to the story of Jesus in the New Testament. I'm not sure if this is the author's intent, or the film makers, but nevertheless I thought I would share these insights with you.

   What got me thinking about Lord of the Flies (which means Beelzabub: Satan) again, was the book by William Golding, in which I acquired from a sale somewhere. I've never read the book, but I did remember watching the movie about the young boys stranded on an island and how most of them turned into savages. Now, I'm going to spoil the movie if you've never watched it, so I suggest you watch it first (the movie is in the post). I remember how sad the movie made me when I was young, and how interesting the movie was in a sociological way.

   In the movie about 20 boys who are about 9-12 years old are stranded on a remote island after their plane crashed in the ocean (could have been their ship?). There emerges a good leader named Ralph, and a few strong characters named Piggy, Jack, and Simon. These four characters are basically what the movie revolves around. There is also an adult that they rescue from sure death from the crash, but he is incapacitated and struck with a fever.

   This is my analysis for what it's worth. Ralph represents Father God, Piggy represents the law givers and prophets, Jack represents the Anti-Christ, Simon represents Jesus Christ, and the incapacitated adult represents the Holy Spirit.

cc from 
   See, Jack is the bad boy who begins to rebel against Ralph and appeal to the children's carnal natures. He tells them they will never get off the island, sort of like the non-believers/atheist say there is no God, and that Jesus Christ will never come back or never came at all. Jack starts to hunt wild boars and wield weapons, abandoning all hope of being rescued and adapts fully to his carnal nature where rules are made from man's mind. Jack represents the fallen world without God, those who have made the world their home and have no hope in being restored to the Kingdom of God, in fact they don't believe the fall was a bad thing, and instead see it as freedom from restrictions. Jack believed this as well in the movie when he was talking with Ralph saying how he liked not having to deal with parents and authority, and how there was freedom on the island.

   Ralph represents Father God, in that he is good and just, abiding in law and order. Also, Ralph is optimistic they will be restored to the Kingdom of God and reassures the weak boys of this hope. Ralph sets up a plan to get rescued by starting a fire on a high cliff, and they set up camp on the beach to wait out the sure rescue to come. Piggy, is the nickname of the fat kid with glasses, which Jack and his crew make fun of and ridicule. Piggy agrees with Ralph and tries to speak to the children about the need to listen to Ralph and be orderly.

   Piggy represents the prophets of God, who would speak to the people and be ridiculed. The prophets were not given honor and were often killed by the evil rebellious people of whom they were speaking the messages of God to. In the movie this is the fate of Piggy as well, as at the end of the movie he is killed by the kids who were now following Jack instead of Ralph.

   See, after-awhile Jack rebelled against Ralph and started his own camp, in which they were chiefly hunters. At first about 70% of the boys went with him, and eventually every single boy except for Piggy went over to his camp, leaving Ralph. This represents how people are swayed in times of adversity to choose their carnal side and leave the blessed hope of Jesus Christ. The only boy who stayed was Piggy, and even he at the end was wavering wondering if they shouldn't just join the other boys. Ralph never wavered though and was stalwart to speak to the other boys to reason with them.

   Ralph and Piggy went to Jack's camp two times to reason with them, and both times are very significant. Jack's camp at this point has meat from the wild boar and the boys are mad with their carnal nature, running around in circles along the fire. Jack invites Ralph and Piggy to join them, and even offers them some meat, in which Piggy eats, but Ralph refuses.

   The first time Ralph and Piggy go to talk with Jack's tribe, a special character called Simon in the mean time is searching out a cave where a supposed monster is located. Simon is the caretaker of the incapacitated adult who halfway through the movie runs off mad with a fever not to be found again. Simon is the only boy who the adult would let take care of him. This cave where Simon is searching out with his green glow stick is where a supposed monster is located. Before a boy from Jack's gang ,and then Jack himself, heard this monster in this cave growl and moan. One of the boys even speared the monster before running away frightened.

   It might be a stretch to say that this adult represents the Holy Ghost, but when he disappeared one day from the camp, the camp started to split and Jack began to rebel. This adult who is mad with a fever is the monster in the cave. The carnal boys mistook it as a monster and tried to kill it, and then began to be very superstitious around the monster to even put a Boars head on a stake outside of the cave and do rituals around the fire depicting them killing the monster. The biggest enemy of the carnal boys was this monster, just like the biggest enemy of the world is the Holy Ghost.

   Simon though wasn't afraid of this so called monster, and he went right past the Boars head on a stake outside the cave and went inside the cave to investigate. What he found was the adult whom he took care of and loved more than all the others – dead. This disturbed him very much so, and he began to run to tell the other boys. As he was running to the tell what he found, he had the glowing green glow stick in his hands while it was dark. At this point on the beach the carnal boys with Jack were chanting and running around the fire while Ralph and Piggy were watching trying to talk sense to them. When the boys saw the glow stick coming towards them, they immediately thought it was the monster, and all went with one accord and killed Simon with their spears.

   Simon represents Jesus Christ, as he is full of the Holy Ghost (green glow stick), and he comes with the Holy Ghost to the boys who kill him before he can even explain who the “monster” really is. Simon was about to reveal to the boys that there really was no monster and that instead it was the adult who is now dead. What this would have done is take the fear of the illusion away from the boys, and also reveal to them that they needed to reconcile themselves back to Father God for killing the adult. See, many of the boys who later switched over to Jack's tribe from Ralph's camp, did so because they were afraid of this monster.

   The second time Ralph and Piggy went to Jack's camp to talk sense with them, was the last time as well. They went over this time because Jack's tribe came and stole Piggy's glasses to make fire, and now Piggy couldn't see. This time when they went over Ralph fought with Jack, and in the middle of the fight Piggy sounded the horn from a seashell, which was formally how they assembled the boys to order. They stopped fighting and everyone listened to Piggy try and talk sense to the boys about sticking together and to stop acting carnal. While he is speaking to the boys, the second in charge to Jack, dropped a large boulder on Piggy's head from the cliff above and killed him. To this Ralph was dismayed entirely and told them they will not get away with this as they started throwing rocks at him to go away. He ran away and was now alone.

   Piggy represents the prophets who tried and try to give God's message to the rebellious people. In turn they ridicule the prophets and then kill them for their message. Although what the prophets are saying makes perfect sense and is what is good, right, and just, the carnal people will not hear it and are overcome with madness as to not remember they are created by a loving God and will return to God one day.

   At the end of the movie, Ralph is being hunted by the carnal boys, so they can kill him. He is running through a burning forest and trying to escape the horror, as they surround him and chase him. Ralph is one of the largest boys, and is fast, but he is no match for all of the boys that are coming after him. As he is spotted from his hiding place, the movie shows him running desperately towards the beach as the whole tribe of carnal boys are chasing him with spears and knives. We know that he is going to be caught and killed, as he stumbles and falls onto the beach in desperation. All of a sudden he looks up and sees a Marine Captain in front of him, and he looks on to see a rescue boat full of armed Marines and a helicopter landing on the beach.

   These Marines represent Godly Angels who come back with Jesus to destroy the Anti-Christ and his army like they were little boys with spears going up against full-grown men with machine guns and modern equipment. Ralph starts to cry with relief and sadness when he sees he is going to be rescued. The other boys soon gather about awe struck by the sight of the Marines coming to rescue them. The scene is one of shame and complete surprise, that they were wrong and have behaved so badly simply because they had no faith in the blessed hope of being rescued from the remote island.

   This is where the movie ends. This movie touched me deeply when I was younger, it was such a sad movie to me, how people can act towards one another. It still affects me this way, but this time watching it I saw not only a sociological representation depicted through it's story, but also a Biblical representation. Like I said, I'm not sure if this was the intent of the author or the film maker, but to me it is intrinsic in the nature of man anyway. And, although the world wants to make believe that God is not real, and they reject his Son Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, instead choosing to embrace this fallen temporary world – those who are in Ralph's camp know better that there is hope, and one day we will return home to the Kingdom of God.

   Forgive me for relating this secular movie to the Gospel, I know it is a crude understanding of what is divine. Yet, I thought I would share this with you, as the movie struck me in a deep way, and helped me understand the nature of the struggle within humanity that much more. As for the movie itself being one a Christian should watch, I would say it's mostly harmless except for about two times when GD is used and then the two times where the boys are murdered. One time even Ralph says GD, so this obviously is not like Father God. That's why this is a crude representation of the Gospel, of course this movie is made from the same carnal people who are represented in Jack's tribe. I chose to suffer through this to glean this insight, when almost always I avoid Hollywood and any movie using GD.

   With this movie review in mind and the warnings given, if you do watch and see what I saw, leave a comment and discuss it with me. Know that what's most important, and the lesson we should learn, is it's worth everything to be on the side of Good, the side of Father God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost.  

William Golding's Book: Lord of the Flies

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Review of Article Writing Site: Daily Two Cents

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(Update November 10,2015): Daily Two Cents has went to an adshare model of pay instead of the per view. This means you have to have an Adsense account to get 75% of the ad revenue from your article's pages. I haven't yet made the transition, but I'm actually glad about this because I need help reaching the Adsense $100 min. payout. Just wanted to keep you up to date. DTC site is still ran by very trustworthy admin and is a quality place to write. 


(Update Feb. 12, 2015): Just wanted to stop in and say that DTC has dropped their pay rate significantly down to $1.50 per 1,000 views. This from $5 per 1,000 before. This is unfortunate, yet they are basically trying to remain sustainable and I respect that they are only offering what they can afford to. I have been paid again from them on time, this time around $11. DTC might not pay as good as before, but they are a legit honest place to write for, and your articles do get more views than before as they are more popular today. 


   On April 23rd, 2014 I wrote my first article on Daily Two Cents. Since then I have written 36 more. This article is going to be a review on that experience. 

  Daily Two Cents is an article writing site which has been around I'm estimating a little over a year. Their sister site is called Writedge. DTC requires a minimum of only 100 words in your article, while Writedge requires a minimum of 400. Both are run from a Wordpress platform and pay equally a half a cent per view. 

  I can now write a review because I recently received my first pay from DTC. Because I mainly write on DTC that is the site I'll talk about, although Writedge and it are very similar. I've only written one article on Writedge, even though it's the more popular site. Both have been rising in the Alexa rankings considerably since I've been there. The ranking of DTC when I started was 170k in the US, and now it is 37k in the US. That's impressive! 

  The reason why it's grown is because the owners are responsive and committed to making it a great site for writers, as they're both writers themselves. The site also pays it's writers what they say they will, and the owners are continually improving the site. They now have a nice forum area and a point system that rewards the writers for sharing and interacting on the site. Their goal I believe is to make it a place where serious writer's can write and socialize as well. Although I honestly don't spend much time there, it is a neat looking site which  is easy to navigate and read articles. The only drawback I would give it is it can be a bit slow to get around, but this will likely improve and it's not so bad. 

   DTC allows contextual back-links in your articles, and also your author's profile can have your social sites and website links in it as well. So, DTC is a good back-linking website to gain traffic while making some money as well. Mainly, this is what I've been using the site for. It has generated fairly decent traffic to my blogs, and it seems it will only do better. 

  Another option we can do is affiliate marketing with Amazon in our articles. They even have a snazzy review template which you can review books, movies, and whatever else in a nice media rich format. I have done this a couple times and was impressed at how nice it looked. Also, we can share pictures and videos in the posts as well. 

  DTC pays through PayPal once a month if you reach the minimum $5 payout amount. I believe it's on the 5th of the month, but not sure about this. I was paid in the amount of $2.60 for some reason. I think it's because they were cleaning up some left over views that disappeared for awhile while they were revamping the site. This is impressive to me, cause I thought those views were lost. This is how they work there, honest, direct, and responsive. 

  I also have to say that DTC is also a fair place to write, although the majority of the Internet in general is liberal types, they don't censor or penalize the fundamental conservative types. This is refreshing to me, as I'm a fundamental born-again Christian conservative who understands about the New World Order and the Satanic elite that are running the world. I can write about this and I haven't had trouble with it yet. This is the most impressive part of DTC to me, and I haven't even gotten rabid haters leaving comments. 

   After 37 articles, I have made an estimated $5 in totality. This means I've made about .14 cents per article. Now, keep in mind I never share my articles to social sites or promote them in any way. This is because they are mostly back-linking articles in which I've already used up my social site credit on that particular topic. This isn't too bad considering this. Also, you have to consider that this is throughout the last four months when the site wasn't as popular. I believe the site has gone from 70k to 36k in the last two weeks!

    So, I've made about .14 cents per article there at DTC, and received some traffic to my sites. And, I received a payment of $2.60 cents. If I were to estimate how much I could make if I were to share my articles and promote them more, then I would say I could likely make .50 cents per article. Then I could even write a couple a day and make about $30/month. Not bad for only having to write 100 words each time. This article here is about 1400. 

   So, this is my rudimentary review of the site called Daily Two Cents. I would suggest giving it a try and checking it out. Not only is it fun to write for, but it has some interesting articles to read as well. The writers there are sincere and interesting. I'm sure there are other features that I'm not aware of, like maybe a referral program? I believe they have contests every so often as well, this could be a money maker for some too. 

  Well, for now take care, and maybe I'll see you around DTC. 

   To check out the site, here is the link to the homepage:

- Daily Two Cents

Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Lowdown Vlog # 3 The Spirits of Jezebel and Ahab

   This is not a subject that most Christians want to touch or look at, but it is one of the root problems when it comes to the destruction of the family unit and therefor society at large. The foul spirits of Jezebel and Ahab are running rampant in Western societies and in the so called churches. This is the same spirit that causes women to want to be pastors and ministers, when this clearly is not Biblical. 

  The Bible says in the New Testament that women should not have authority over the man, that women are the weaker vessels, and that the woman was made for the man, not the man for the woman. 

1 Peter 3:7 Likewise, ye husbands, dwell with them according to knowledge, giving honour unto the wife, as unto the weaker vessel, and as being heirs together of the grace of life; that your prayers be not hindered. 

1 Corinthians 11:3 But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God.

1 Corinthians 11:8-9 For the man is not of the woman; but the woman of the man. Neither was the man created for the woman; but the woman for the man.

1 Timothy 2:11-12 Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.

1 Corinthians 7:3 Let the husband render unto the wife due benevolence: and likewise also the wife unto the husband.

    We can see that the Holy Bible is clear about the roles of the sexes. Tell me, is this what we see in the modern world today? Is this what we see in the modern churches today? Why not? 

     I contend it's because of the Jezebel and Ahab spirits that I talk about in this Vlog. Jezebel is basically the modern feminist who is so called "liberated". Ahab is the modern man who says "my wife is the boss". Ahab takes orders from his wife, but silently resents her for it.

    A woman doesn't respect a man who takes orders from her and wants her to lead him in the relationship - no matter what she says, she does not respect this type of man. Ahab doesn't respect a woman who takes leadership over him and the family, no matter what he says, he does not respect this type of woman. The reason why is because the sexes were simply not made this way by God. This role reversal does not fit naturally in marriage and family. We can see the results in modern society are very negative, if we're honest. 

    The results in the family unit are devastating, the children don't respect the father (if he is even allowed to be around anymore), the children also don't learn discipline and respect for authority. The mother is incapable of disciplining the children in a proper way, without a strong father presence to led the way. The daughters end up not respecting men in general and look for a man who they can boss around as well, and the sons learn to become Ahabs who resent woman. Both the daughters and the sons are more prone to becoming homosexuals as well, because of their disrespect for the opposite sex because of their disrespect for their mothers and fathers who are in unnatural and un-Biblical roles. 

   To hear more about this listen to the Vlog (below) and get some insight on this subject in your life. The reason why I'm addressing this issue is to help people see what exactly went wrong with the family unit. My hope is it will help Boomer Generations and younger, to see their error and come to repentance, then seek deliverance from Jesus Christ and come to live in a Biblical way - sanctified from this Jezebel and Ahab inspired world system. In the end, this is about loving my brothers and sisters in Christ and helping them become aware and then remedy this huge issue in our lives.

Further Insight Into Getting Deliverance From Foul Spirits:
Win Worley's Book: Battling the Hosts of Hell: Diary of an Exorcist

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Movie of John Hus, One of 50 Million Christians Killed By the Catholic Institution

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   A hundred years before Martin Luther's great stand against the Catholic Institution, there was a man named John Hus who stood against the same. Unlike Martin though, John was burned at the stake for being a heretic.

   Although John Hus was simply a Christian, a man of God who followed the sayings of the Holy Bible and Jesus Christ, yet this was exactly what he was killed for. Only Satan would kill a man for being a sincere Christian and following the sayings of Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible. Therefor we can conclude the Catholic Institution is working for Satan directly.

   Watching movies like the one below are not only good entertainment, but also show us the evil manipulation that those who feign as Christians use to persecute those that are Christians. This movie only shows one of millions of people who have been murdered by the Catholic Institution throughout the ages. And we can be sure that the same Institution will kill many more before it's done, as it is assuredly the Mother of All Harlots which rides the Beast (Revelation 17). They even call themselves the Holy Mother Church...

   Anyone who is a Catholic and agrees with the Catholic doctrines, is not a Christian at all. Otherwise, you're on the side of the same institution which has been the number one manifested enemy of the saints of God in all of history. Now, the Pope is the first Jesuit ever to become Pope, and he has said such things as a person can be an atheist and go to heaven. Obviously the Roman Catholic Institution has changed little, as it gears up to give rise to the False Prophet and cause the world to worship the image of the beast.

The Inquisition

   From 1200 AD til 1800 AD 50 million Christians were killed by the Catholic Institution, through what is called the Inquisition. Must I say anymore? Here is a story of one of these people who was a priest.

Christian Martyr: John Hus (Full Movie)

Richard Bennett's (Ex-Catholic Priest) Book: East of Eden

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Scathing Work Industry Review of America!

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   If I were to review the work industry in America, I'd have to conclude that there's a concerted effort to make sure that both parents have to work to have a house and raise a family. Basically, the money that is offered as income for most jobs, isn't even half the amount of money needed to support a family. I know this is the agenda of the New World Order crowd, to make sure the man can not support his family and thus creating the environment for a feminist culture  and a two parent income to simply get by.

   They sell the idea in many different seemingly appealing ways, such as liberation for women, equal pay for equal work, and other brainwashing social conditioning tactics. The end result though is destruction and slavery of men, women, and children. The State comes in and saves the day implementing their agenda along the way to enslave us further.

   Let's just look at the numbers for a moment in a place like Oregon. The costs of living in Oregon is actually fairly low and there is no sales tax. Also, we have the third highest min. wage in the nation at $9.10 an hour. So, if a man is working as a house painter for a small private company full-time, shouldn't he be theoretically be able to make enough to support a family of three in a modest duplex or house? Have you ever house painted before, because it is hard work and takes skill. Regardless, let's say the man makes a wage of $11/hr, which is actually fairly high for a house painting job that isn't union. Now let's times $11 with 160 hours a month, which equals $1760. Now the GROSS part of this equation is he about 15% of this money will be taken, and that is a low estimate. So now he is making $1496 Net, so he is taking home this paltry amount each month for working full-time at a semi-hard labor job that is even life threatening at times.


   Do you think the man can take care of his family of three with this amount of money? The answer is absolutely NO!

   Let's say the family wants to move into a duplex to save money, they can find a duplex that has one bedroom for $650 a month plus they pay for electricity. Remember they must come up with about $2000 just to get into the place too. Let's estimate the electricity to be $100/month. So, now they are paying $750 for rent and electricity.
$1496-750= $746 left.

   He needs a truck to go to work right? Vehicles need insurance and take gas right? Insurance costs $75/month and the gas to get around for the month costs $200. That is $275 for the vehicle expenses not counting repairs, payments, DMV, or any other governmental fees they like to throw at us like parking and tickets.

$746-275= $471 left

   OK, money is getting a little tight now isn't it? Although they have been very frugal with their lifestyle and choices so far. OK, so now they need phones, him for his work and her to keep in touch with him and to conduct the business of life. Let's say their phones costs them $110/month for both of them.

$471-110= $361 left

cc from
   OK, so they don't have Wi-fi for the computers they don't have, they don't have Cable, they are being very frugal here. They don't have any past debts they need to pay off, they don't buy presents for anyone, they don't go out to eat, they don't take trips anywhere, they basically don't do anything but sit motionless in their homes as he works and she stays home and takes care of the child.

   So, although this couple with their child have absolutely no life to speak of, do you think they can get by with $361 for food and household goods each month for three of them? Even if they could somehow, how are they going to buy the vehicle, get the registration, buy the phones, get furniture, get a pan to cook with, how are they going to get the money to get into the duplex?

   Truth is this scenario is actually a favorable situation compared to what most people are facing these days. Truth is most people are faced with working for wages that are less than $10/hr, and they have past debts to pay off as well. Most places to rent are more expensive than this too, for instance in California you wouldn't even be able to find a studio for this amount, and their min. wage is less than Oregon, plus most places have a sales tax!

   In reality this is exactly what the New World Order crowd had in mind to enslave this country. My generation, the X generation and lower are bearing the brunt of the experiment upon America. We are wasted because of it! We are gone, lost, burnt, slaves, zapped, victimized, emasculated, strapped, consumed, confused, and bewildered to say the least. Only Jesus can salvage the crap pile we've been born into.

   Truth is if a man were to make enough money to provide for his family, and the woman he was married to stayed home and took care of the children (which included home-schooling the kids), then he would have to make twice the amount of the man stated above – At Least! That means that he would have to make $22/hr and taxes would have to stay around 15% at the most. Of course taxes aren't even legal, and although idiots like Rush Limbutt says us poor people get all our taxes back, what he isn't saying is we get the Federal taxes back, maybe, but that is not the biggest part! The biggest chunk they take is Social Security and Medicare, and then State tax. We don't get those back, and our generation will never get them in the future. There would be no need for them if they New World Order crowd, whom Rush works for, didn't initiate the socialistic destruction tactics they did – way back when they killed off President McKinley even, and got rid of the Tariffs. Uhgg.

   We are such slaves, the only people who are really getting anywhere in this slave land are the mindless drones who embrace the lie and have no convictions or meaning besides getting along with everyone and fitting in for personal gain. These are compromised cowards who in the end will have their soul sucked out and be discarded like an aborted baby if they don't repent and find Jesus. Does that comment make you mad? Then get mad that Abortion/Murder of the innocent in legal here!

   Let me say though before you get mad, there is still a very small remnant of private businesses that are providing fairly decent jobs in which you don't have to work for the government (and unions are part of the government mostly now). Those small percentages of people who have a valuable skill and can make decent money would I'm sure disagree with my assessment, but I would say they are snobby pricks who don't think about anyone else but themselves!

   There is a whole plethora of American men who work hard at difficult physical labor jobs and are getting nowhere, who can't feed their families, who can barely feed themselves although they work full-time!

   I know what I'm talking about, I've worked 35 different jobs in 19 years in the work force since I was 16, and not one of them made me enough to raise a family. Most of them barely allowed me to survive myself.

  This is the point: if a man works full-time at an honest job, then he should be able to live in a house and support his family. It's that simple!

   What we have instead: both parents working and barely getting by living in an apartment, as their kid is being taught how to become a transvestite communist at the New World Order propaganda centers known as the public schools!

   Judgment is coming America, God doesn't like unfair masters and abusers of the innocent. Seek the Lord Jesus Christ while there time cause it's going to get ugly and who could disagree with this country needing judgment?

That's the Lowdown Truth, you'd be well advised to listen.

Clueless About New World Order?
Christian Watchman Paul McGuire Can Help You Get a Grip On Reality: