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Movie of John Hus, One of 50 Million Christians Killed By the Catholic Institution

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   A hundred years before Martin Luther's great stand against the Catholic Institution, there was a man named John Hus who stood against the same. Unlike Martin though, John was burned at the stake for being a heretic.

   Although John Hus was simply a Christian, a man of God who followed the sayings of the Holy Bible and Jesus Christ, yet this was exactly what he was killed for. Only Satan would kill a man for being a sincere Christian and following the sayings of Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible. Therefor we can conclude the Catholic Institution is working for Satan directly.

   Watching movies like the one below are not only good entertainment, but also show us the evil manipulation that those who feign as Christians use to persecute those that are Christians. This movie only shows one of millions of people who have been murdered by the Catholic Institution throughout the ages. And we can be sure that the same Institution will kill many more before it's done, as it is assuredly the Mother of All Harlots which rides the Beast (Revelation 17). They even call themselves the Holy Mother Church...

   Anyone who is a Catholic and agrees with the Catholic doctrines, is not a Christian at all. Otherwise, you're on the side of the same institution which has been the number one manifested enemy of the saints of God in all of history. Now, the Pope is the first Jesuit ever to become Pope, and he has said such things as a person can be an atheist and go to heaven. Obviously the Roman Catholic Institution has changed little, as it gears up to give rise to the False Prophet and cause the world to worship the image of the beast.

The Inquisition

   From 1200 AD til 1800 AD 50 million Christians were killed by the Catholic Institution, through what is called the Inquisition. Must I say anymore? Here is a story of one of these people who was a priest.

Christian Martyr: John Hus (Full Movie)

Richard Bennett's (Ex-Catholic Priest) Book: East of Eden

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