Thursday, August 28, 2014

Singer/Songwriter Spotlight: Stevie Sightz

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  Blessings and greetings in Jesus Christ everyone. I wanted to shed the singer/songwriter spotlight today on Gospel Artist Stevie Sightz!

   Stevie came out with his debut album May 1st, 2014 called "Witness Stand." The songs included in this post are called "Heaven" and "Nothing Can Separate Me."

                            "Nothing Can Separate Me"

    Somehow in the course of mingling through my Google + stream I met Stevie and have had the pleasure to listen to his music. He comes across as a very sincere person who has a great love for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. That is so important these days, and to find a talented singer/songwriter who is putting his best effort forth to represent his faith for Jesus, is something I respect. 

     If only the masses would embrace people like Stevie more and stop feeding their minds with the Satanic garbage the culture is placing in front of them. We need to counter this wicked culture with artist like Stevie and others who are much more talented than the puppet singers who they put in front of us. 
     Rather than a long critique of the mainstream music scene in America though, I'll say that Stevie's music has good beats, strong lyrics, and a smooth delivery. His melody and creativity are unique and overall this is music we as Christians can appreciate.  

     Check out Stevie's website where you can find more info:     
 The Witness Stand Muzic

    If you are interested in supporting Stevie and obtaining a digital CD, check out his iTunes Store:

    And if you want to subscribe and listen and watch more music videos, check out his YouTube Channel:
Stevie Sightz YouTube Channel

 Be blessed and pray for Stevie and other Christian artists for them to gain favor with God, and stay true to their calling. 



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