Thursday, December 26, 2013

Working in The Service Industry

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   The service industry is the main sector of jobs for the younger generations, as manufacturing and production have gone away to cheap labor countries. There are many different types of jobs in this industry, yet they're usually low paying and involve dealing with the public. This can be a brutal factor today when the economy is down and having to deal with a culture disconnected with reality.
   Honestly, the service industry isn't made for everyone, yet some people find it hard to escape. Maybe they dropped out of college to become a musician or go on a road trip. There are many people who have degrees from college, yet they're working as a waitress. So college isn't a "get out of the service industry for free" card. Whatever reason a person finds themselves there, they might relate to what I'm going to say.
   I want to call it the slave industry as most of the jobs ask a person to give 100%, yet give just enough for them to survive. Now we could get angry about the wage, or the cost of living, or the government regulating everything to kill profit, but the fact is: this sucks. Try being a cab driver, working at a gas station or even being a cashier at 7-11- and see for yourself.
   Being part of the system means you have to be conformed to the companies standards. This involves watching training videos made for idiots, wearing ugly outfits, and getting along with co-workers. Not all of these jobs have co-workers, yet most do – and they can be the biggest challenge of all. I can do the job even though it's banal, but dealing with the clique at the new job is the hard part. Maybe you get along everywhere you go, but for those that are consistently unique, it's tough.
   Those who get along everywhere they go are generally chameleons, that is, they are good actors. The service industry is not made for honest people really, the first time you honestly tell the jerk customer they are a jerk, you'll be fired soon and for good reason.
   So between the banal cookie-cutter work, the lame-brained co-workers and the jerk customers- the service industry employee really has their work cut out for them. And for all their efforts they're given a wage that barely pays the bills.
   Seriously, this whole service industry has been created for us to get used to servitude for the elites. They have taken away the middle-class jobs, in which, a man could make a living for his family. Replacing them with inadequate jobs, taking all our time and giving us an insult for a pay check.
   Many people are trying to escape this service industry system even as we speak. People are saving, scheming, hustling, bustling, and brainstorming to escape. I feel for you and wish you the best. I'd like to say it gets better, but I don't want to be a lame brained optimist. In reality, the forecast looks dim with Obamacare on the horizon and living expenses going up. There is a chance though; always a chance.
   I will keep plugging away, looking for a way to escape this service industry servitude system. Until then I have to rationalize and validate my worth through other means rather than financial success. This may just be the point my maker is trying to get across to me anyway. As hard of a lesson it is to learn, I may even be grateful one of these days – for having a job at all.

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