Sunday, December 29, 2013

Writing For Postloop

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   For the last couple weeks, I've been working at Postloop and want to share my experience. Postloop is a forum posting site, which hires writers to post comments in clients forums. Simple enough concept, and writing there is fairly simple as well. So far I have mostly good things to say, but I will share a couple cons as well.

   Signing up is a but confusing if you don't pay attention, but if you take your time the process will go smoothly. After posting 10 comments in their own review forum called the Postloop Portal, your application is finished and you'll wait for Postloop to email you. They will give you a rating and tell you if they want you to write for them. They got back to me after I applied within a full day, and I was giving a 4out of 5 rating, so I was accepted to work there.

   You can request payout once you make only $5, and they pay through Paypal. So, you'll have a profile with your Paypal set up, and from there you can subscribe to other forums through their list of clients. They have a variety of forums to choose from, something for everyone really. I signed up initially for three different forums and started writing comments. Now I'm subscribed to six different forums and still writing comments.

   The amount you'll get for each and every post is from .05-.12 cents. The amount depends on your rating, which every once in awhile you'll get from the forums you post in. If your rating is say, 4.8 out of five, then you'll get paid nearly .12 cents per post. This adds up quickly, and even though you won't be able to make a living, it will give you a payout every other day if you work at least an hour a day. Basically you can make $3-$4/hour if want to look at it that way. Part that I like, is most of the time your writing about things your interested in and learning.

   The only cons I have so far, is the rating system could be a problem for you. I've received three ratings and two of them were 4 and above, but one was a 3, so my rating is 3.8 now. The catch here is, you have to have a rating which is better than the average Postloop user, to receive a payout. The average rating of Postloop users is 3.7 or so, which means I'm one bad rating away from not being able to get my payout. 

   Since the ratings are random, if I did get a bad rating making my rating dip below the average user, I may have to write for weeks trying to improve my rating and not be sure I'll get paid for it. That's the con about it, and it seems the ratings are subjective as well, so if someone disagrees with your belief you may get a bad rating, even though your writing and interaction is good.

   One more thing to know is Postloop gives you points, which can be converted to cash. The rate of the points is .05 cents for every point. You have to have 100 points before a payout, so $5.

   So far I've made $13 on two payouts. I have about 50 points credit now, working towards my next payout. The payouts have been granted quickly within a day. So far, I'm happy with Postloop, but getting the bad rating has taken some of the wind out of my sails. Before I got the 3 rating, the 4.4 rating bumped my pay up to .09 cents, but now it's about .05 cents. I've looked around at other forum posting sites and they seem to have gone out of business, or I've heard bad things about them. If you are looking to give forum posting a try, try Postloop and see how it goes. It's got my approval.  

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