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Book Review: Inside The New Age Nightmare

(cc from Madame Blavatsky
Have you ever heard of this book? It was written by Randall N. Baer, and was posthumously published in 1989. Randall Baer tells his awesome testimony, where he escaped the New Age scene to become a born-again Christian. Randall was a young man when he became a leader in crystal healing and spoke in lectures across America. One day though, he saw the truth beyond the illusion Satan was presenting as New Age light, and this set him in the process of coming to the Lord Jesus Christ as his savior.

       Testimonies are a powerful way to encourage believers in a fallen sinful world, and also to help save the lost from their ignorance. When someone like Randall comes out of the New Age and can speak with empirical knowledge of the true nature of it, this becomes a big threat to the kingdom of Satan. This is why Randall died mysteriously in his young thirties, even before publishing his book. The few years he had as a Christian were spent trying to reach out to New Agers, and tell them the urgent warning that they're under the deception of Satan and his emissaries.

       The book can be found and bought on Amazon for as little as one penny plus shipping. It's almost as if God is help give this book away to a country being led astray by New Age deception. The book can be found in my Amazon Christian Book Store below this article as well.

       Many people still find books to be appealing in this internet age. This book is less than a hundred pages and will go by quickly, as his intelligent voice begs the reader to stay and listen. His experience is fresh, and profoundly expressed throughout the book, explaining the inner workings of the New Age culture.

       I found the sociological insights to be provocative, describing the common characteristics of the New Age crowd. He gives us an idea of the absolute hypocrisy and selfish nature which result in the scene. Also the greed factor and vanity, which pervade their minds, all the while with them expressing a facade depicting the opposite. The double mindedness making up New Age personalities is exactly what the Holy Bible proclaims occurs in unbelievers here in James 1:8 A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

       The New Age religion is growing rapidly and has been ever since the 1960s. The affects of it's loose morals and selfish vain beliefs have been a very destructive factor in the degradation of our country. The roots of the New Age are in an ancient Luciferian Doctrine. Aleister Crowley, Madame Blavatsky, Nietzche and Hegel, are just of a few of the modern agents of propaganda to espouse this self-centered hedonistic way of life. The relative truth it proclaims is far from logical, and the applications it provides are highly destructive and deceptive.

       The common theme of the New Age culture, in it's multiple aspects, is easily seen to be the hatred of fundamental Christianity, according to Randall's conclusions. He explains how odd the fact is, that the only belief not embraced by New Agers, who claim to be so embracing of different beliefs, is Christianity. The absence of any Christians in the New Age scene is indicative of the black and white case it represents, darkness and light, Satan and Jesus Christ.

       One of the most interesting parts of the book is at the end, when Randall uses his lecturing platform he gained through his expertise in crystal healing, to preach Jesus Christ to the New Agers. He found in response a cold rejection, and even worse, a hostility from old "friends" he couldn't have foreseen.

       For believers and unbelievers alike, I recommend this book to help you understand the New Age scene and the deception that lies at it's core. Praise Jesus for Randall N. Baer's testimony and all those whom it has helped save from Satan's grip.

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