Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Making Money With ChatAbout

(Read Negative Update at bottom of article)

cc from is a site where you can post comments, write reviews and articles, and get paid for it. The only catch is you have to have a facebook account to sign up. If you do have a facebook account, it's very easy to sign up and get started racking up points. Even though I don't like the facebook requirement, this is still a legit way to make some extra cash.

   How it works is you receive points for each comment, review, or article you create. The points can be redeemed into cash through Paypal, an amazon gift card, or other rewards. You have to earn 500 points in order to get a payout, which is equivalent to $5. That means that each point is worth a penny.

   The amount you make for each comment and reply is 2 points. This isn't much and less than a forum posting site, but the comments can be shorter and it's easier to build them up than on a forum. If you write a review you make 5 points, and an article 10 points. At first your reviews and articles will go into review for 24 hours to undergo approval from the admin.

   Although these aren't large amounts your making for your articles, they can be short as long as they are informative and make sense. I haven't found any min. length requirements to these, but from others I see, they can be from 200 words to however long you want. Best to make them at least 200 to be accepted. The reviews can be shorter, maybe a few paragraphs or 100 or more words. That's just my estimates to help you get the idea.

   Making .10 cents an article isn't good of course, but you can link them back to your blog and get traffic. Also, if you write a quick blurb that takes five minutes, it could make you some money. I haven't seen how well they are accepting articles yet, as I have only submitted one and it hasn't yet been accepted.

  There is a lot of good feedback on getting paid and getting it quickly. I have now cashed out twice and have made $10 from Chatabout, the payment came quickly and smoothly to my paypal account. 

   This maybe a good place for someone looking to make $20-$50/month with little effort. The site is quality to navigate and friendly to use, while using you'll have fun and learn. Also, the benefit of back-linking to your blog or website is nice. One more thing is you'll have a referral link, which if anyone clicks on you'll get one point.

   If you want to check it out and sign-up, follow this link and I wish you blessings in your efforts.

   Update: I have edited this article to show the changes Chatabout has made in the couple months since I wrote this review. It is now March 27th, 2014. Chatabout has mostly made bad changes, where they have lowered the points you can make and also the referral program is a joke now, when you make only a penny for each click, when before they said you would make 20% of whatever the referral you gained made from those who joined from your link. Still I think the site is worth checking out and you can make some money from them, but I'm hoping they improve from here.

Update Sept. 26th, 2014

  ChatAbout has just gotten worse and worse as a site, paying less and less and being more and more restrictive. Now they have stiffed me my last payment and I can't log into the site anymore and for no reason at all. 

   Good riddance, just thought I would let anyone knows who reads this article. Here is the final email I sent them:

Hello ChatAbout Admin., 
    Interesting that I can't log in at all through either my facebook or email. I was able to log in before and request my payout of $5, but now I can't log in no matter what I do and I haven't been paid after about 5 days. 
   Usually you all pay within a day, so I'm assuming this means you have basically stiffed me and banned me from the site. 
    This site has gotten worse and worse since it's beginning, so I don't really care. There will be some bad reviews coming through. I have a popular Hub about Chatabout and a blog on my blog, and they will be receiving an update of how you treat people here. 

 Remember, we all reap what we sow. You could have had a good site here, but's it's just another sketchy place full of pansy admin. people who are part of the NWO kiss up crowd. See how this works out for you. 

Sincerely, Lowdown0

Try Swagbucks as an alternative, I haven't been paid there yet, but it's much easier to make money there. I'm sure they pay, I just haven't been there that long yet. I'll do a review about them after I've been paid. 


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  4. Yeah, I don't like that aspect either. I'm hoping chatabout evolves into a better site, but for now, it's not bad for being new. If you can make Bubblews work for you then great. My experience is they don't pay all the time. They shut down my account for talking about a bubbler who wasn't paid. I was nice enough, just wondering what happened.

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