Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Negative Bubblews Review

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   Bubblews isn't like any other site on the internet and does have it's good points, but I have to give a bad review of the site overall. The site itself is user friendly and is easy to sign up and get started. Even though the format is sort of cheap looking and childish, creating a post is easy and the requirements are simple enough. Actually, the rules are very vague and easy to manipulate. The problem with Bubblews, is you might join the many people who never got paid.

   I signed up and started writing post and amassed about 40 posts. I was making about .50 cents for each post on average, but I wasn't spending much time on the site. All you have to do is type 400 characters in order to meet the minimum requirement of content. You can place pictures in the post, and even links. The tricky part is some photos and some links could get you in trouble and mean you won't get paid. You don't really know what links or photos either will give them reason to not pay you or ban you from the site. The eight simple rules they have are vague and easy for them to manipulate if they decide they don't like you.

   I'm a fundamental born again Christian, and have some views which liberal places don't like. I would write about Jesus Christ and try to preach the Word of God through my post. Some post I simply wrote about writing and internet work. The problem I had, was when one of my Bubbler friends disappeared. I searched for him and found out he left because he never got paid. His post weren't breaking any rules, and he was a popular character there. Unlike me, his post weren't controversial, but were very trite and common like many there at Bubblews. This made me conclude Bubblews simply is ripping some people off randomly.

   I went on to investigate about this issue and started to write post about it. Then I got an email telling me I wasn't going to get paid, and then they canceled my account completely. So my posts and all I built there for about three weeks was lost for no other reason except the administration wanted to keep me silent about their failures to pay bubblers. In the end I had about $21 made, which is lost in the vacuum of the internet.

   The problem is I was reading many other bubblers who weren't getting paid. Sometimes they would keep going, and get paid only half of the time. There are many bubblers who don't get paid sometimes, and other times they do, so it's a strange predicament they're in. See they're walking on glass with their posts, afraid they are going to break some hidden rule. Really, it's just a random rip offs Bubblews is conducting. See, bubblers can't speak about not getting paid, or they end up like me, banned. Then people can say, well, he must of broke the rules cause other people are getting paid...

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   Bubblews has only been around for a little longer than a year, I believe, and they are experiencing growing pains. This is the excuse they have for not paying people. Now they have changed the payout limit to $50, so bubblers have to post for at least a month or longer to even see if it works. The thing I don't understand is there are many sites which payout at $5, or $10 through Paypal, so why is it so hard for Bubblews to pay people even at $25 or $50? I have to conclude after dealing with the shady people that run the site, that it's a scam.

   Now, I do believe more people are getting paid than aren't. I think your chances of getting paid are about 75%. If that is good enough for you, then go ahead and write for a month or two and see if your in the percentage getting paid. Yet, every time you try to get a payout, you'll have to hope for the best. Now do you see the problem with Bubblews? Who wants to write 100 post to maybe get paid? Truth is, after enough people like me start talking about this rip off alert, their site is going to drop in popularity drastically.

   I hope they can get their act together, and everyone will get paid. I know every site has issues, but not paying thousands of people a month, is not OK. Although many people are making money there, many others are being lost in under the wheel. I would have more respect for Bubblews, if they would have at least let me criticize them if it's true. I was willing to stay there even after I wasn't going to get paid. That's when they had to ban me from the site. Interesting way to go about the problem.

   Honestly, this site is made up of younger people who are mainly talking about trite blabber, it's no place for real article writing. The childish format and girlish colors, make this even more tacky. On top of these problems, the worst is not knowing if you'll get paid. There are many interesting positive people there, and I hope they are doing well. Take this bad review as a warning, to not get blindsided when your redemption comes up empty for no reason.  

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