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Daniel Duval Helps Christians Understand the Heart's Role in Faith

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   Recently I heard a great teaching by a minister called Daniel Duval. My wife and I heard him in an interview by Rick Wiles on Trunews. Something in me wanted to hear more from this man, my wife had the same feeling and she soon enough had a sermon on called As Above So Below. I know this is an occult saying, but it is taken from a Biblical concept, as we know Satan counterfeits all of God's ideas and reverses them and perverts them. Satan has no original ideas, and so he just counterfeits God's ideas and perverts them to appeal to man's carnal nature.

   Daniel Duval is a younger man, maybe in his late 30's, which is nice to see a younger person of my generation so in tune with our Lord Jesus Christ. His intelligence is tempered with wisdom and in this sermon he taught us something very helpful. He taught us that the heart acts as a filter between the spirit and the conscious soul (mind/body/emotions). That the heart is where our subconscious beliefs are held. Therefore the heart can filter either God's will on Earth, or Satan's will, depending on the pureness of our hearts.

   The last couple of days I've been troubled with doubts and questions, leading me to misery and suffering. Sometimes I get like this, where I just am angry at life and fruits of darkness arise. I can't seem to break out of this mode even with spiritual warfare and prayer, which I don't want to do when I'm like this. The frustration I have being stuck in this place, is mostly simply not understanding what is going on, why I'm so weak in the faith. Most of the time, I'm very strong in the faith and am grateful for everything the Lord Jesus has done in my life. Minister Duval explained that trauma is what the Devil uses to darken our hearts and cause false understandings which we have subconsciously lying in our hearts. Deep down inside, even if we are saved, we can have doubts and bitterness because our hearts have been darkened by trauma and not purified yet.

   The reasons why I left the faith when I was 19 years old, was the general reasons the unbeliever has. One of the main reasons was, how could God have everyone go to hell even if they haven't heard of Jesus? I mean what about those before Jesus was born? And then another one was, of course, how could God allow all this suffering and pain and be a loving God? That I couldn't answer these questions and then the majority of everything around me told me the Bible wasn't real, led me to loose my faith. I came back to the faith when I was 26, because the Bible is the only source which depicts the world exactly for what it is. The testimonies and love of Jesus Christ are evidence enough for me to believe. When I was 31, I realized the world was being run by Satanist, and the reality I was born into was a complete lie. That Satan was real, made me believe in Jesus that much more and I became on fire with God.

   Even though I've been on fire for God, learning and sanctifying myself from the world, I still have some dark understandings left in my heart. Minister Duval explained the way to purify your heart is from revelations from God and repetition from reading the word of God. This made sense to me, as I have had small revelations along the way the last few years, which have thawed my heart and brought me closer to the Lord Jesus Christ. I just didn't understand how the heart fit into this growth, or how it hindered this growth. The heart acts as a filter for the Holy Spirit to come through and work in my life. Conversely the heart can act to block the Holy Spirit from manifesting into my conscious soul, by my heart being darkened because of trauma. This was a revelation from God, which Minister Duval gave us, and now I know why I sometimes go off the deep end and seem like an unbeliever even. I understand demons can be at work here to.

   You'll have to watch the video to get the whole teaching cemented in your heart. A pure heart allows the Holy Spirit which resides in us, to come through and manifest into our lives! The problem is our hearts, which represent our subconscious thoughts. We don't consciously have these great doubts about God loving us and whether we are really saved, but deep down inside in a darkened heart, is all the questions and doubts which we had when we were unbelievers.

   The other video I'm going to put here is talking about some other misconceptions Christians often have which hinders our relationship about God. This video is another revelation which will purify your hearts and give you closer access to the Holy Spirit. In it, some key points on God's will, our will, and the free will God gave us can help us understand why the world is the way it is. This Blogtalk radio show helps us understand that we can trust God, and God does love us. It's up to us to pray and give place to God's will to work here on Earth.

   Both of these teachings are very helpful for us Christians who struggle to have the faith we want to have. False understandings in our hearts which came from trauma in our lives need to be purified and dissolved, so we can begin to let the Holy Spirit work through us and do God's will on Earth. God isn't in control of everything, we humans have free will which God will not interfere with. Otherwise we'd be robots. God loves us and can be trusted, we need to purify our hearts with revelation and repetition from reading the Word of God. Praise Jesus for Minister Duval and Rick Wiles, their links will be below this article. God bless Christian saints.  

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