Saturday, March 8, 2014

Give Me A Horse, You Can Have My Stupid Car

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   Modern life is rubbish is something a band called Blur stated on an album title. I agree with this statement. As we are all deceived to be consenting employees to the corporation of the United States, proved by the registration of the birth certificate and issuance of our employee number -- the social security card. Well, I just wish I lived before the industrial revolution in America. This is the time when horses were used instead of vehicles, and I think the absence of machinery was a wonderful thing.

   This modern life now in 2014 is rubbish, I mean we have to jump through so many hoops and junk to simply drive around our stupid cars which can break down at any moment. I would much rather have a horse to use as my transportation, then I wouldn't have to have a driver's license, car insurance, or register the stupid car with the stupid DMV. What a wonderful world this would be!

   Think of the pleasure of riding your horse wherever you wanted, not having to worry about getting pulled over by some steroid taking policy enforcer officer enforcing the policies of the corporation we work for. That would be wonderful, riding a horse around would give so much freedom. There would be no need for the highway system, no need for the taxes to maintain the roads, no need for gas and oil, no need to have to spend all your extra money at the mechanics. How wonderful it would be to just have a horse instead of a car.

   Why do we now think this modern life is a progression from the pre-industrial time? Think of how peaceful it used to be, and there wasn't all the taxes and fees for everything. When a person of the law talked to you as a law abiding citizen there was respect and friendliness. No, we have surely been hoodwinked into thinking this modern life is something great. A horse lasts about 30-40 years too, and all we have to do is feed it alfalfa, grass, and water it. It could be your friend too, on the long trail.

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   If someone wanted to have a carriage, well that could be arranged, of course, so people could get their supplies and carry the family to church. It could have a cover to stay out of the rain, and even be made into a raft to float over a river. Although it may take longer to get somewhere, you will enjoy the journey and be part of the scenery without having to worry about rushing cars, cops, stop lights, and many other stressful modern rubbish to hamper your journey.

   Maybe I can get to a place in the country eventually where I can just ride a horse around, and stop driving around these stupid gas guzzlers which break down all the time. Only problem is they have made all these stupid roads. I would also say the power lines are stupid too, we were doing just fine before electricity. All these ugly power lines ruining the scenery and causing cancer. What a stupid world we live in, we haven't progressed a bit, we have digressed.

   Just think of how independent we could be without the trappings of vehicles and electricity! We would be able to work our lands, be self-sufficient, raise our families in peace, and the whole while actually enjoying our lives and this wonderful creation God had made for us. This modern life has taken so much away from us, and all it's given in return is slavery and dependence on a stupid way of existence. 
   Makes me sick thinking of how we've been hoodwinked and deceived to think all this modern world is progress, no, we have surely digressed from all that is good and wholesome. Give me a horse and take these stupid cars away, and get out of my life governmental slave masters!


  1. I love my horses. I love my carriage. But there's nothing like a Suburban on a Sunday when it's 90+ degrees, and I have 9 people to get to church 30 miles away. LOL. I do love my homestead--and I definitively think more people should try it (as long as I don't have to give up my computer and blog.) It's very rewarding and my kids don't think twice about going to work without complaining where ever we are.

    1. Hey there Deborah, I can appreciate your sentiments, we can hardly imagine a time without these contraptions. I can say confidently I wouldn't miss any of them for long. I love to blog, but I would be just as happy with liberty in a land that loved Jesus and a pencil and a pad. Thinking of the freedom a horse can give, makes me long for a different way of life. Next stop for humanity though is the thousand year kingdom with Jesus as our King, and I don't think I'll have a car that breaks down then. That is the next stop for those who believe that is. God bless, thanks for coming by.

    2. Yes... I dream of the Micah 4:4 promise. We WERE made to live in gardens :-)
      I would be just as happy with liberty in a land that loved Jesus as well. Not too late for America to repent...


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