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Alternative News and Views on Blogtalkradio

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   Blogtalkradio has a large presence on the Internet with an Alexa rating of 3,174 in the world and 784 in the US. Maybe you've heard of the site, or have listened to some radio shows there. I found Blogtalkradio a few years ago listening to OmegamanRadio. I generally listen to Voice of Evangelism, Omegamanradio, and The Hagmann and Hagmann Report from Blogtalkradio these days. I have been encouraged and feed spiritually very much so by these ministries, especially Voice of Evangelism with David Lankford.

    As for myself I started broadcasting my own show July 2, 2012. As of now I have 13 episodes in all on my show called Lowdown. I have only a free account, so my broadcasts are 30 minutes long. That is the longest I could likely go anyway, so it works out just about right. I have been sporadic in my broadcasting, mostly doing it in spurts here and there these last couple years. The last show I've done is last Monday May 12th.

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   I really like Blogtalk radio and wanted to start it up again and add to the blogging and writing efforts I'm doing now on-line. It's a way for me to say what's on my mind and recap the weeks work I've been doing blogging and also relay what I've been learning in the Lord Jesus. My writing week ends on Sunday, so Monday is a good time to have the broadcast.

   My review of the site has to note that the site itself takes a lot of effort for my computer to navigate and load. Also, the ads have gotten more invasive and now run before the shows when playing them from my page. I'm sure this is only on the free accounts, so I feel pressured to pay. That's not likely going to happen anytime soon if ever. I just like to have a weekly show for a half an hour. Although the ads are invasive, free is still a good deal.

   The Lowdown show talks about Jesus centered subjects and about the efforts I'm undertaking on-line trying to become a successful on-line blogger and writer. The show will not have hype or gimmicks, and if I ever do put music on, it'll be Carroll Roberson most likely or myself. Mostly though if you listen to my shows you'll hear encouragement and information that may be helpful in your walk with the Lord Jesus Christ and as a writer on-line.

Pic we took  on McKenzie Pass In Oregon
   The Lowdown is aware we are in the last days, and that there is a conspiracy of secret societies in the process of taking total control of the world. I'm not shy about talking about these subjects and relaying what I've gathered. Of course, as menial labor working man, I'll give you simply a layman's view. Although my voracious study and compacted research has filled me with a decent understanding of the history and reality of this modern world. I always loved history, even majored in it in college, only to be taught absolutely nothing basically. I've learned more from You Tube than ever did from my public education.

   As of now after 13 episodes, I've gained 135 listens and have one follower besides myself. I would have two, but I haven't gotten my wife to sign up for Blogtalk yet. This is a good start though, as before this last show I had no social sites and hardly any presence on-line at all. So, now with a growing platform the show should gain some ground and some listens. I will make sure that what I'm broadcasting is as quality as I can muster with the resources and knowledge I have.

   I will be broadcasting this coming Monday at 8pm Pacific time. The show topic will be Don't GiveUp, There's A Way With Jesus. If you are so inclined to listen and join me, then there is a Blogtalkradio button at the top of both of my blogs as well as a Blogtalkradio widget to my shows on the bottom of my blogs. God bless.   

Here my last show on May 12th:

Blogging, Writing, Lowdown is Back:

Online Spirituality Radio at Blog Talk Radio with Lowdown0 on BlogTalkRadio


  1. I wish you much more success. I have an interest in public speaking. I have a strong testimony and a role in developing the testimony for my children. It's a waste of answered prayers to stay quiet about all that God has to offer. I'll have to check the radio show out! Blessings~

  2. Definitely Meredith, you should start up a show and share what God has done for you and family. It's also a great place to share what you've been learning as a Christian, when talking is more suitable than writing. I wish you the best in this. If you do get a show going, let me know so I can listen. God Bless and thanks for coming by.


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