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Movie Review: Miracle ( 1980 Olympic Gold Ice Hockey Team)

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Miracle is a movie that came out in 2004, which is based on the true inspiring story of the 1980 US Olympic ice hockey team. This team achieved what most people thought was impossible, in beating the Russians in the semi-finals and then going on to win the gold. Everyone doubted the US team except Herb Brooks, the coach, who inspired his team to believe as well.

   Herb Brooks is played by Kurt Russell in this film by Disney. Normally I wouldn't recommend a Disney movie, but this one doesn't seem to have any hidden agendas, so if you skip the garbage previews and not listen to the music at the credits after the movie, then this is a good movie. It's rated PG, and is void of any cursing God and Jesus, and there is no sex scenes.

   True stories are compelling to me, and I love to watch them. Sports movies are some of the best true life stories in my opinion. Although I don't know much about ice hockey, I still enjoyed this film. The Russians were the dominating team in the world for the better part of two decades, and this was in the era of the cold war, so the communism vs America theme is portrayed as a time piece background for the movie's nature.

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  Also, what makes this story compelling is the coach Herb Brooks. Herb was cut from the 1960 Olympic hockey team the day before they left for the games and went on to win the gold without him. Every Olympics since then the Russians beat everyone. So, this was Herb's determining motivation to beat the Russians with whoever he could put on his team. As the US team were amateurs, yet the Russians were only feigning to be so, as they were actually seasoned veterans who beat even the top US All-star hockey teams before the Olympics.

This movie shows what great, honest leadership can inspire in those who follow it. It shows us that dreams can be achieved if we believe they can be, and work harder than anyone else to achieve them. If you haven't heard of this story or watched the movie, you'll be blessed to do so. It is one of the greatest sports stories ever told, and it was absolutely true.

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