Thursday, May 1, 2014

Readers Are Just As Important As Writers

Picture I took of Oregon coast area
One thing the world needs more of is more listeners and more readers. The world needs more people who are talented in appreciating the creative talent of others, and less people trying to get attention from their so called talent. When it comes down to it, the most important thing a writer needs is someone to read their writings, otherwise why are we writing?

I remember when I was a full fledged journal writer who would write to no-one except my journal. There was a chance that when I died someone would take some of my writings and publish them, and I would posthumously gain notoriety. Other than this faint hope, I was simply writing to God, who was listening I found out later. Now, things have changed a bit. The journal writing, and the worldly ambition that went along with them, are gone. Now I have more of a purpose and even have readership.

Although the readership might be small, there are some people who have even commented that what I've written has inspired them in a way. Of course there are others who have said unkind things, but that is to be expected when posting about angry atheist in the Thinkers community on G+. This readership is important to me and has given me the motivation to grow my blogs and continue writing on-line.

Being a reader though, isn't something I do as well as writing I've noticed. It's not that I don't like to read, cause I do, but it seems I don't have the time to digest people's words in the way needed to really meditate on what they're saying. This is something I'm working on and has come to my attention. The more I travel around the net, the more I see the value of the reader. The readers who likely aren't even interested in writing, but simply love to read other people's creations. In all art I see this being a struggle in the vain society and world we live in. Mostly, people simply aren't motivated to pay attention to you unless there is something superficial they get out of it, like money or recognition.

That is to say, most people are greedy respecters of persons. What can we expect with what people are watching on TV and the music they listen to? Aleister Crowley's saying “Do as thou wilt” is the motto of America every since the 60's. In reality, it has led to many discontent and vain people who are constantly seeking attention and recognition for nothing of merit except being alive. Notwithstanding that being alive is a miracle, yet a miracle God has done and not us. Glory to Jesus, not to ourselves here, see.

So bloggers, writers, and others – let's appreciate those who appreciate artists and others for the talents and skills God hath given them. And let us learn to become readers and admirers of other artists and people when they deserve merit. In the end we will become better people for it. If we find something interesting, then digest it and appreciate that someone created it, and by digesting it in this way we will become better people even if we don't agree with what they are saying.

What I'm saying is that writers need readers, and musicians need listeners. So one isn't more important than the other. 


  1. Thanks Justin, and by reading this to the bottom, you are one of those special people that is a reader and writer. God bless.


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