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Wizzley Review After 8 Articles

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   Wizzley is a revenue sharing site much like Hubpages. The difference it they have more ways to earn from different affiliates including Chitika ads if Adsense doesn't work for you. They share revenue from these ads 50% of the time which goes directly to your Adsense. Wizzley is a quality site, yet there are some problems I've encountered.

   Wizzley has an Alexa rating of 32K in the US and 56K in the world. This means they get a decent amount of traffic. Their word requirement is 400 minimum. After writing 8 articles I have gained 178 unique views and one article has been blocked and rejected. The article that was rejected they said was preaching and more suitable for a personal blog. I did put a similar article on my blog The Lowdown Truth, but also a similar article on Hubpages.

   Hubpages has actually proven to be less restrictive as for writing about Jesus and faith. Wizzley lets people write all they want about New Age topics, but it seems that fundamental Christianity isn't welcome there. This is a problem for me, and makes me not want to write there anymore. I probably won't write there anymore because of this. I will include the article that was blocked so you can see it wasn't offensive.

   After 177 unique visitors which is different than views, I haven't made a penny from Wizzley. The thing is I can't even see the views in Adsense for Wizzley. I can see the other sites I have Adsense connected to, but I can only see Wizzley stats from Analytics. This was a pain when I first started there because I couldn't tell if I was making anything. I guess there is a place in Analytics to see if you made anything, but the whole experience with tracking your earnings there is confusing.

   After 177 views and not seeing a penny, this doesn't excite you very much to keep writing there. Then they blocked one of my articles and this made me think I should just put my efforts into my blogs and Hubpages. So, that is what I'm going to do is spend my efforts elsewhere. I've heard Hubpages is liberal and will censor some conservative truth tellers, but in my experience so far, they are much more lenient than any other revenue sharing site I've been on. Yet, I was suspended from the forums once for talking about Satan,demons, and hell.

   Although Wizzley is a quality site and I like the way it looks and feels, this review has to be a negative one because I haven't made a penny after essentially 8 articles, and they blocked an article that shouldn't have been blocked. This means the people who run Wizzley are liberal leaning people who are not comfortable with true Christianity. Just keep these thing in mind if thinking about writing there.

Here is the article Wizzley blocked and rejected:

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