Sunday, March 15, 2015

eBook review: Newspaper Carrier Job

The video below reviews this new eBook that describes what it's like to have a newspaper carrier job. If you're trying to think about job opportunities where you don't have to deal with customers and or co-workers and bosses, this could be a good option for you. 

Overall I would recommend being a newspaper carrier until you can find a better paying job. It's a peaceful job that allows you to think about other matters besides work. They are usually independent contractor jobs as well, so no drug testing and no taxes being taken out until you file at the end of the year. 

I always enjoy trying to help people think of jobs they can do to get them back on their feet. This world beast system is so repressive and unnatural, getting a job where you don't have to conform to the communist satanic group think is getting harder and harder. The powers to be are trying to take away the good paying jobs men used to have to raise their family with one income (or they mostly have already taken them out). So, this series is just an effort to try and help younger men and older alike to find a way to maintain and get by in this beast system without working for the government, being a criminal, or losing your dignity. 

Hope this eBook helps, and remember tithing and praying to Jesus Christ is a very good way to remain provided for in this life. 

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