Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Singer/Songwriter Spotlight: Adriel Hong

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   Blessings in Jesus Christ dear reader, welcome to this singer/songwriter spotlight pick this day! You are going to be blessed by A Writer's Review pick today: the beautiful and talented American Adriel Hong. I'm glad to introduce you to this sincere believer in Jesus Christ, who is using her songs, piano, and voice for the glory of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Her music is such a powerful force of good and she does a great job of packaging her songs for us through her YouTube channel, website, and even on Soundcloud. 

   Adriel plays an excellent piano while singing with a beautiful full range voice. Her songs are very melodious and flowing, inviting the listener to become thoughtful and ponder the greatness and love of God. Her songs have a serious tone to them, yet through them we can sense the gratefulness and joy the salvation and blessings of God truly brings. Overall, Adriel's songs are unique and far removed from the vain superficial garbage we find in the mainstream culture - so called Christian or secular both. A truly refreshing change for those who appreciate sincere music.  

    I learned of Adriel Hong from Google +, where she shares her videos and Christian encouragement. I've been subscribed to her YouTube channel for months now and notice she is continually coming out with quality songs for the edifying of the body of Christ. Her songs are all free and she puts a lot of effort and time into them. This is a blessing to all of us, and this is why I've been wanting to do a singer/spotlight for this talented artist. 

    Adriel has around 50 videos on YouTube and a long running website called Adriel's Music Notes. On her blog you'll find the lyrics and the story behind the songs she writes. Her website is very simple and has all the resources you'll need to find her videos and songs. Adriel is also a loving wife and mother who I can tell is someone who is grateful for all the blessings God has given her in life. God is so good, wonderful, and loving - and Adriel's songs exude these qualities of God - while giving all the glory to Jesus Christ. 

   Enjoy this singer/songwriter pick and be blessed by the many wonderful songs Adriel has been generous in sharing with us. Subscribe and drop her a line saying hello and thank you. Below are the links where you can find her songs and website. That's it for this singer/songwriter spotlight, sincerely in Jesus Christ.

- Adriel Hong's Website: Adriel's Music Notes

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