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Some Insight Into the World of Content Writing

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   Content writing is basically creating content for clients by writers who usually sell their articles, essays, and writings with full rights, thus the client can do whatever they want with the piece. That means they can change it, put their name on it, or whatever they fancy. The world of content creation on-line is an exciting one for the writer who is looking for an opportunity to make some money. I want to share some insights into the world of content writing from my minimal and basic experience within the last couple years.

   I've worked only for two content broker sites: Textbroker and Hirewriters. These are two of the more popular places for beginners to write. Let me show you the numbers from the last two years when I started this.

 83 Articles completed (one rejected)
 $219.23 made
 = $2.67/article accepted

 48 Articles competed (one rejected)
 $197.84 made
 = $4.21/article accepted

Total Content Writing experience: 
 131 Articles completed (two rejected)
 = $3.23/article accepted

   Sometimes the numbers say more than I could with a large article speaking generalities. Writing is really such a subjective form of expression, isn't it? Content writing is no different really, considering the work to be done is full of people's opinions in figuring a writing worthy for acceptance or not. Understandably, there's a craft to writing as well, and the better you know this then the more potential you'll have to make money.

   Content writing has many different levels to it, from the basic places like Textbroker and Hirewriters, to high end content creation places like Copify and Scripted. The later are more selective and rigorous in their application process. A writer who knows their craft well and has been perfecting their writing can make a good living as a content writer. This is something to think about for the writer who desires to be diligent and see how far they can take their craft. This is also why it's exciting to create content for clients on-line. Gaining the approval of a client or editor helps a writer know they meet a certain standard, when writing for a revenue sharing site or their own blog only requires your own approval most of the time.

   I've always loved to write, but really have never done the due diligence to become a good writer when it comes to the craft. I've spent just enough time learning grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure to wing it some of the time. When submitting paragraphs into these elite writing destinations though, the imperfections begin to become glaring and we realize how much we need to work on our writing to be considered good writers. Maybe you and I can express ourselves well through writing, which is one thing, but the actual craft of the art is another.

   So, content writing is a great way to practice, and in the mean time make some money doing it. Until you become a good writer though, don't complain about the pay, because it's a joy to make anything at all, isn't it? There was a time at the height of my Luddite existence, when I thought making money writing was basically not going to happen for me - although I wanted to be a writer. I was a journal writer, a poet, a song writer who had no access to the computer and Internet. Once I did get on-line, I realized the great opportunity there was for writing and making money. How much money really depends on the work you are willing to put into your writing. And, becoming a full fledged good writer is work. Basically, I've been too lazy to put in the time and effort to become a good writer, but this is changing as I get older. Now, I'm seeing the potential I could have if I put in the effort.

   Writing 131 articles as a content writer is a decent resume to start with. It's helped me practice my craft and see where I'm at. Most of those article were written in a space of about three months within the last 2 years. There really is the opportunity to make a full-time living as a copywriter if one were so inclined. Although I would rather sell things through Amazon and Ebay full-time, I do want to become a good writer who works part time content writing, blogging, and writing eBooks.

   Hopefully this article has given some insight into content writing at the base level, and maybe has motivated you to become a better writer through your own diligence. To pass the grade as a good writer, there really is no faking it. At a certain level where you're offered good money to write, the editors and clients will know if you have what it takes or not very quickly. Just like this article, which is full of mistakes to the person who has an eye to see, but to others it seems OK. I'll relax here though because this is my personal blog. God bless and happy writing to you out there in Internet land.


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