Thursday, January 7, 2016

Why The Release of Such Advanced Technology to the Common Public?

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A new year has begun, and the modern advancement in technologies is leading more and more people into making their living through their computers somehow. Have you ever wondered if this was a trend designed for the purpose of controlling human populations? We have to look at the trends and see what they could mean, then see who benefits and what conclusions it leads to.

It's laughable that a person who calls themselves a software developer consultant can make hundreds of thousand a year basically doing very little, and then a roofer can work 40 hours a week (risking their life) and bring home maybe $2,200/month. The roofer can't even take care of his family with this money, but the person who works from their computer lives in luxury because they know something about computers.

I believe this is a planned strategy by the Vatican Jesuit New World Order. They've been using technologies to control people, especially since the television. Since the mobile technologies have become so advanced, we have to wonder why they're allowing this technology to come out now. The only reason why technologies are released to the common public is for specific reasons of the Satanic leaders of this world. What's their purpose in giving the everyday person the ability to work from home on their computer?

The new way to make a living is not honest, skilled or non-skilled labor, rather it's to make money online as a developer, website owner, consulting service, app creator, or whatever else where there's a huge market to target. Truly the opportunities on-line are much great than those in the “real world” of brick and mortar.

The Motive: Make everyone dependent upon the Internet to make money, then when a majority of people are dependent on the Internet to make money or live their lives, then start to regulate and control it completely. Ultimately, only allowing use of the Internet through a mark in the hand or the for-head, which is the mark of the Beast talked about in the Holy Bible. Without the mark, then people won't have access to the Internet and everything connected to it, like buying and selling everyday goods and food.

For now, they're allowing more freedom than they would like to (through the Internet), because they want to draw us in more. Yet, some of us realize what they're doing and are taking advantage of the freedom of the Internet, to create Christian remnant shows and websites. Especially hurtful to the Beast is ministries which point out who the Beast is: the Roman Catholic Institution and that the Papacy is the Anti-Christ on Earth. Because there are so few people using the Internet for the purpose of learning the truth about history and the present, the powers to be allow mostly the free use of the Internet to draw people further in to the matrix they're building.

Most people are completely unaware that the Internet is anything else than a technology that the people control and own. Yet, the Beast owns these technologies and designs and makes the devices that give us access to the Internet. Get used to the companies offering such wonderful phones and computer devices, because they're going to be the companies who come out with the mark of the Beast. Of course, they'll call it something else great sounding.

That's my review on the reason why they're suppressing the real brick and mortar jobs they can't control as easily, and driving people to the Internet to make money because they control the Internet and technologies. In the end, most people will be making the majority of their money on-line or at least use the Internet to manage it and live their lives. Their greatest pleasures are going to be in the new devices they get or are going to get, much like it is even today.

For sure, the Vatican is behind the control of technologies and is using them to control mass amounts of people. There's no better way to enslave people than to have them sign up for slavery with a sparkle in their eyes toward the new device that'll make them free – or so they erroneously believe.

This isn't to say we shouldn't use the computer, phones, tablets, or the Internet; just an idea of what the motive is for these being so readily available to us now. Guard against falling in love with the devices and the Internet world, and simply use them while we can to make money or get by in this modern world. The only time I'll have to become a Luddite again is when I say no to the mark of the Beast. I'd rather spend eternity in heaven with Jesus, than be part of some smelly technological revolution that leads to control and death. Think about it.  

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