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12 Survey/Task Sites to Make Money Online With in 2016

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The Proverbial Eggs in a Basket Income

When it comes down to it, I'm not a big fan of survey sites. Most of the surveys ask a bunch of preliminary questions, then say you don't qualify for the survey. This means you make no money for the 5 minutes spent giving out personal information. Good news, the 12 sites I'm sharing aren't like this, rather they're legit and easy ways to make money every month online.

When looking into these sites, think of the potential each one could bring with the time and effort involved. A quality site is going to reward those who spend a lot of time and effort there (work), and each person is suited for different work.

Personally, as part of my work at home online routine, I spend the beginning of my workday morning starting out working 6 different survey/task sites. This takes about 15 minutes and I make about $15/month. This helps warm me up for the day and also gives me some money for shipping supplies. Considering how easy the work is, I'm not worried about the per hour rate.

From my calculations and experience of working these sites more extensively, expect to make about $3/hr in the beginning. With some of these sites, the ability to increase the hourly average is possible, but with others it peaks about $2-3. Yet, if a person wanted to work 10 hours a day on these sites, then they'd make an estimated $30-$50/day potentially.

There are better ways to make money online, but at least this offers a person with little online experience to make something. I mean if a person is broke and in bad shape, but has a PayPal and a bank account, then they could at least make a couple hundred a month with dedicated effort. This could make the difference for some.

#1. TellWut (Alexa: 61,183)

This is a multiple choice survey site, where anyone can sign up and work everyday. After the first payment is made ($10 min) by snail mail with a gift card (I chose Amazon card), then your account is verified and you can get digital payment through PayPal, Amazon, and many other gift card options.
  • The rewards are bought with the points you earn from the multiple choice surveys. Basically 4,000 points = $10, with some gift cards giving more for same points.
  • Surveys are worth 5 points or 10 points, you choose which ones to take. There is a limit to how many surveys a person can take after their first payment is verified. The limit for me is 60 points a day, and one day a week I can only make 10 points.
  • There is a limit to amount can make here, for me I make ave $2.75/month.

Overall, this is a legit survey site that pays every time. I've made about $40 from them the last year, and am soon to make another $10. They do have a referral program, but it only gives 25 points for every person referred and you can only mail out 10 emails to refer.

Sign Up Here for: TellWut Survey Site

#2. Paid View Points (Alexa: 28,640)

This is another multiple choice survey site that's easy to use. They pay through PayPal once you reach $15 min. payout amount. I've been paid their once, and make about $2-4/month from them.

Many surveys are trait surveys which pay about ten cents, but some are real surveys which pay various amounts. I really like the way PVP designs and conducts their surveys. Any clicking and work done there is paid for, and any real surveys that come pay around .50 - $2/each.

I go there every workday at the same time to see if there's any surveys, every few days there is something. They'll send an email if a survey is available. There's no other way to make money on PVP, except through referrals. You can earn up to $25 for each referral, getting 20% of what they earn (paid by PVP).

Sign Up Here: Paid View Points

#3. Mintvine (Alexa: 16,949)

This is a nicely designed and user-friendly survey site. A fairly standard survey type of site: with offers, surveys, and a daily poll. They give points for your efforts, every point equaling a penny. Payout is at $10 min through PayPal only, I believe.

I go here every workday and answer the daily poll question and earn 5 points. After awhile this adds up and I'm almost at payout now. So, I haven't yet been paid from here, but so far it seems to be legit. The daily poll pays more than usual, so even through I haven't explored much nor found another way to make money here – this is good enough to make me $1.00/month.

They do have a generous referral program, where you can refer people with a personal link and get 15% all they make on surveys and offers. They are a popular site in the Alexa rankings and as for a survey sites are top notch.

Sign up here: MintVine

#4. SwagBucks (Alexa: 698)

This is a very popular survey/task site, as you can tell with the low Alexa ranking. A person can find many different ways to make money from here.
  • Search bar that pays
  • Swag Codes that pay
  • Watching videos
  • Interacting with websites
  • Surveys
  • Daily Poll
  • Rewards from shopping though their many partners
  • Referral program

There are likely other ways I don't know or am forgetting now, but there are many different offers and ways to make money on Swagbucks. I generally go there and make about 5 cents a workday, taking the daily poll, clicking through their NOSO offers (not there anymore), and using the search bar a couple times in a row. I used to have the search bar as my default browser, but have switched to Google now because of another way I make money called Qmee.

If a person where so inclined, they could reasonably make $100/month from Swagbucks alone. It takes a certain type of innovative person willing to slog through offers, emails, ads, and whatever comes at them, but it can be done. Personally, I'd rather write articles or sell books, but I do make about $5 from Swagbucks every month.

After a couple years, I've made $56, which they've always paid on time. I always get Amazon gift cards, but there are many different choices of payment including cash through PayPal. They also have a generous referral program which gives you a personal link and makes it easy to email and share socially. You get 10% of everything a referral earns, not bad.

Sign Up Here: Swagbucks

#5. Qmee (Alexa 60,709)

This is a very innovative way to make money and sell advertising. Qmee is an add-on you can place on your browser to make money. When searching on Google, Amazon, or Ebay – ads will show up on the left side of the screen. There is a little picture of an item similar to the searched for subject, and there is also a money sign in cents below this.

Press on the ad with the .07 cents sign or .05 cents and make that much money when it takes you to ad's website. You can see how much money you've made by clicking on the add-on on the top right of your screen. You can cash out whenever you want as well, even with only .05 cents.

I've been paid a few times from Qmee into my PayPal without problem, and estimate making about $1.25/month with this interesting tool.

They do have a referral program, where they give $1.00 when your referral cashes out the first time. Considering how easy it is to cash out this is a generous offer. Not a site where you're going to make a lot of money, but requires very little work on your part and has potential to make $10/month.

Sign Up Here: Qmee

#6. Clickworker (Alexa: 46,970)

This is a German website I believe, but is open to Americans to work as well. Sort of like Amazon Mechanical Turks, except for more personalized and easy to understand. A worker has a dashboard which shows the current available jobs open to them at the level they're at.

You complete assessments to open more jobs, and with a high percentage of success with job history more jobs are opened to you. The tasks vary, but are generally worth a few cents each for each task.

There isn't always work here, but if check daily, will find some work to complete. It's a quality site, much easier to understand and work than Amazon Mechanical Turks. I have completed my profile, but haven't actually done any work here, and so haven't received any payout. Payout options are PayPal and direct deposit into bank. PayPal pays once a week if have at least $5 in account, $10 min. if going to bank account.

Clickworker does have a referral program, which gives $5 to you when a referral earns their first $10. For those who are tech savvy and like this kind of work, this is a good site to grow with and make some money.

Sign Up Here: Clickworker

# 7. Humanatic (Alexa: 34,768)

An interesting place to make money, where you listen and categorize phone recordings for mostly car dealerships. With every recording categorized correctly, you earn a some pennies, and with enough work and accuracy you earn bonuses along the way.

Pay is through PayPal with a min. of $10. Very simple and straightforward site. I have been paid once by them with no problems. From my experience working this site for an hour at a time, I made about $2-$4/hr. If a person wanted to work this for longer, then more bonuses would come and maybe they could make more per hour.

For the right person who needs to make some money quickly, this is a place you could work all day and make $20 or so. No referral program.

Sign Up Here: Humanatic

# 8. Crowdflower (Alexa:7,143 )

This is a similar site to Clickworker and AMT, where you do crowdsourcing tasks and get paid for each one. I have an account, but haven't completed any work or gained any levels. Many times AMT or other sites will partner with Crowdflower for tasks to be completed through their site.

Very popular site with a lot of potential for the right type of person who likes to do this kind of work. Move up in levels and have more work available worth more money when completed. Also, the accuracy of your successful work is important to your growth with Crowdflower.

Don't think they have a referral program, not sure of the payment – likely through PayPal.

Sign Up Here: Crowdflower

# 9. Amazon Mechanical Turk (Alexa: 6,392)

A very popular and long running site where workers can perform a myriad of tasks. Not as user-friendly as the last couple sites just mentioned, but has a lot of potential for the person who wants to exploit it.

Personally, I've made about $3 here in totality. Payment is through Amazon Payments, which is linked directly to your checking account. This site is open to workers world-wide as well. No referral program that I know of.

# 10. Postloop (Alexa: 133,000)

If you like to comment in forums and people's blogs, this this is a great place to make some money. Basically, Postloop is a site that hires workers to comment on clients' forums and blogs, and each comment is worth a certain amount depending a worker's rating.

I've been paid multiple times from Postloop, always legit and no problems. The min. amount can be paid is $5 through PayPal. Each comment is worth a certain amount of points, and these points are converted to cash. The amount made generally for each comment is around .08 cents.

The forums and blogs do change often, so joining new forums and blogs available is necessary to work often here. They have a great referral program, which earns you 20% of all the points every referral makes.

Sign Up Here: Postloop

In-Depth Article: "Writing for Postloop"

# 11. NeoBux (Alexa: 564)

Very popular Paid to Click site, been around for about 8 years now. This is a legit paid to click site, which pays every time. Basically, this is a site where you can click on ads to make fractions of pennies, get referrals, and do tasks to make money.

They pay though PayPal when you meet a min. payment threshold that tops out at around $10. 

Payment is always within a couple hours with Neobux. Although I believe the rented referral system is rigged with bots, the direct referral program is very much a money maker.

Sign Up Here: NeoBux

In-Depth Article: "Poor Man's NeoBux Strategy"

# 12. Clixsense (Alexa: 824)

Slightly less popular than Neobux, but very close. This is the oldest PTC site around, having been around for about 9 years now. Legit place to make money a variety of ways. One major difference between Neobux is Clixsense has no rented referrals.

Clixsense has surveys, offers, videos, and ads to click on to make money. Also, they have tiered direct referral program. This is a good place to make money for people who can gather direct referrals that work hard here everyday.

I've been paid a couple times by them no problem. They sent the first payment to my house in a check to confirm my address, and now I can get payment directly into PayPal.

Sign Up Here: Clixsense

In-Depth Article: "Clixsense Review"


All of these sites are good ways to make some money online. Although potentially, if exploited properly, some of these sites could earn a person a significant amount every month, mostly they're just small eggs in the basket of online work. Many people who work online have multiple eggs in the basket bringing in the monthly income. Any or all of these 12 sites could be another egg in the basket.

For those who are technically savvy and have an online platform to gain referrals, this could be a good source of residual income from these types of sites. All of these sites are legit as far as I know, and most of them I've actually made money and been paid from.

Hopefully, this list gives you an idea of another site to work, to fill up the proverbial basket of income.  

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