Thursday, June 2, 2016

Has Stephen Curry Sold Out to the Anti-Christ Beast System?

cc from Obama and Curry enjoying each other's company

 This is a follow-up article of one I wrote a year ago at this time, which praised Stephen Curry for his willingness to give Jesus Christ all the glory. The article was specifically about the finals, which was coming up in 2015, and involved the same teams as this year: Cleveland and Golden State. I was contrasting the spiritual differences between Lebron James the sell-out with Stephen the Christian, but is this still true?

That's the question I'm posing this time, and unfortunately the evidence isn't bearing record that Stephen Curry is standing strong in his faith for Jesus Christ. This doesn't mean he's going to fail in the end, but as of now the pressures and flattery of fame in this Satanic world beast system – have seemingly overcome his faith in Jesus Christ.

Why do I say this? You have to watch for the signs, and not deny them when you see them, and Stephen Curry is flashing the Satanic salute signs clearly with both hands in the image on the YouTube below:

The Western Conference NBA Finals

I watched the Thunder vs. Warriors in the Western Conference finals, and I found myself rooting for the Thunder. The Warriors obviously finally won the series in dramatic fashion, but my sentiments were for Durant to get to the finals. Why is this?

Well, honestly Curry just bothers me these days with his too cool attitude. The guy just exudes arrogance and pride, chewing on his mouthpiece and pulling up his shorts for a victory celebration (what the heck??). There's just something different about Curry, who by the way is MVP for the second season in a row.

Kevin Durant is a Christian as well, at least that's what I've heard. I just see more humility and understanding in Durant, and wanted him to win. This didn't happen though and now we have a rematch of last years finals, but it seems to me this time Lebron and Curry are on the same team – the sell-out team of the Vatican led New World Order Anti-Christ Beast system.

Obama and Curry

This was likely a turning point in the courtship of Satan and Curry, when he was asked to come to the White House and visit Obama. Personally, this is an invitation I would simply deny, but it seemed Curry was all to willing and excited about the opportunity. The picture below shows how comfortable he is around the Satanist Homosexual Murderer we call President of the U.S.

cc from Obama and Curry brothers in the Beast system

Likely, this was a turning point in Curry's career, but this would've never happened if he wasn't already given over to the Beast Anti-Christ system. The courtship of Satan was too tempting for the luke-warm Christian, as persecution will be too difficult for every luke-warm Christian in the near future.


Just look at the Satanic hand salute Curry was showing with both hands, pointing to the Western Conference trophy the Warriors won just last week (idolatry by the way). He wasn't doing this last year was he? No, this is something he's learned to do, something he's been coached to do since then.

Also, consider the reality that if he refused to be courted by Satan, he wouldn't have been chosen as the MVP a second time. If he was water and the NBA oil, then he would have suffered the same fate as Tim Tebow.

Unfortunately, whether knowingly or unknowingly, Stephen Curry has chosen to serve the Beast Anti-Christ system over Jesus Christ. And the truth is no-one does this unknowingly at the level he's at. He's likely rationalizing it as OK, but in reality he understands who he serves is no longer Jesus Christ.

Luke 16:13 No servant can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.

So, the NBA finals are upon us this year, but who really cares? I still believe there are some real Christians on the Warriors team, like Andre Iguodala, so I'll root for him, but as for Curry – he's no different than Lebron James at this point. Although, both of them could start serving Jesus Christ and forsake Satan, which is what I pray happens.



  1. Very sad to see Curry has chosen this path. Hope he will awake before it's too late. Please keep him under your radar in the coming seasons. Is it just me or do you find it interesting that Ayesha Curry tweeted "Everything according to his plan...always Glory to God" after the Warriors lost the Finals? Was she further hinting that the games are rigged when she wrote "him" instead of "Him" ?

    FYI, KD has sold himself. Google it and you will see him putting up those signs.

    1. Thanks for the comment HY Cheng. I think some of these sports stars are ignorant of what they are being a part of, yet only the depths of it; the Spirit of God (if in them) should be leading them and exposing the darkness, yet they must be rationalizing their actions. The delusion is sent to those who don't love the truth. I think the Jesuits (illuminati) are very crafty in how much they reveal to whom, when it comes to reeling in the top stars. The ignorant acceptance by Curry and Durant and others is not justified considering all they have to do is look up on YouTube and see what's going on. They are surely accountable when they've made their choice for the lie over the truth...
      Thanks, God bless.


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