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Helpful Tips for People Seeking to Make Money Online

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After around three dozen jobs in 35 years (without the Internet), I finally found a way to make a living online. The ways I've found to do this, likely, aren't the most lucrative or easy, but they're ways that I can sustain long-term. The reason I have confidence in the ways I've chosen, is because I enjoy doing them. That's a helpful tip for those seeking to make money online.

The Many Possibilities

There's an entire world online, specifically, around and about making money from home. This means there are both genuine opportunities to make money and there are scams.

The scams, generally, appeal to people desperate to get rich quick and spend no money, time, or effort doing it. This is not a business minded person, rather a gambler with no resolve or passions other than simply making money.

My first tip is to avoid being this gambling type of person, rather, find enjoyable ways to make money online that fit your lifestyle. Also, avoid the lewd, dark, and pornographic side of the Internet as well.

There are so many different ways to make money online, so many possibilities. What can happen to the newbie trying to navigate this land of opportunity, is they get overloaded and overextended trying to do too much at once. The alluring, get rich testimonies and promises, excite people into near hysteria; get rich quick schemes are never without a catch, though. Really, there's no substitute for consistent hard work – this includes online work.

Deciding on a Direction

The good news is: there are many legit ways to make money online. The amounts made and ways available, depend on the person and their: expertise, skills, and commitment. For instance, someone with law expertise, could make $60k/ year writing freelance articles for clients online. If your serious about working online, research and decide which direction to go.

This direction could mean working multiple ways at once, yet they should correlate or fit in with the others. For instance, I make money, mainly, by selling books on Amazon and writing content articles; yet, I also sell clothes and items on Ebay, write ebooks for Kindle Select, have monetized blogs, write for revenue sharing sites, work two PTC sites, work 4 survey sites, and have 2 monetized YouTube channels.

For instance, one person may want to work online using their telephone (or VoIP) selling insurance or as an outsourced customer service rep, while another person wants to join a Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) opportunity, and yet another person becomes an affiliate marketer through some proven system.

The tip here is to not choose a direction based solely on money, rather, choose a direction based on passions and interests. Each opportunity will take dedication, resolve, and hard work in different ways. If a person thinks they'll simply get rich quickly and easy without time and effort, then they'll be disappointed and might fail.

Nature of Making Money Online

I was a complete newbie to the Internet and online work only 3 years ago. In-between working my lawn care business and paper route, I was learning and working online until I was able to do it full-time.

What I learned is: making money online is a slow process, and for most people the amounts are comparable to around a full-time min. wage job.

Most online opportunities take time and effort to grow and develop; quick and easy money is an illusion. The only way to fast-track success is with large investments, or if a person has expertise and skills in certain areas.

There are many different money making systems to buy into online, yet these do take: single-mindedness, resolve, and a willingness to work the system. They really take a dedication that completely takes over one's lifestyle (thinking of MLM or affiliate blogging). Personally, I don't want to spend my time and efforts as a salesman.

The nature of making money online is: it takes time to build a foundation and build a significant income online. Residual and passive income efforts may take years to pay off, yet are the perfect income stream for travel and remote work.

The Right Choice

The right choice for each person differs, so choose a way to make money according to your preference overall. 

This could be: photography, journalism, videography, talk show host, blogger, ecommerce store, affiliate blogging, buy and sell business, freelance writer, content writer, professional service, etc.

The right choices are the money making methods you can sustain long-term interest in. Just be realistic about the time it takes to make the desired amount of income from each method.

For instance, there are websites where people can sell their photography and videos, yet it may take a year to get established and build up a large enough portfolio to make the desired money. Or, maybe a person wants to be an affiliate blogger, well, this could also take 6 months to a year.

Understand the time frame for profit fruition, and choose according to your interests and passions, rather than promises of quickly getting rich with little effort. Making money online takes time and effort, just like everything else that's worthwhile in life.


The good part is: there are legit ways to make money online, from home or remotely. The tips and insights discussed above highlight the importance of perspective and intent. Having the right perspective on the time it takes to make a significant amount of money online, and having the intentions of building a long-term sustainable online income, rather than a get rich mentality.

Personally, I'm still on this long-term journey to make money online. I've been able to replace my menial labor jobs, yet there's still much work to be done. The important lesson I've learned along the way is to not get distracted by too many money making directions, instead: stay committed to the ways you've chosen. Stay open to other opportunities, yet stay focused on optimizing and working the original ways chosen.

Hopefully, this article was helpful for people looking for a way to make money online. I want to share a great resource I found along the way, called This site has hundreds of different ways to make money online, I've used it many time to get ideas and find places to make money from.  

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