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How to Make $100/month Streaming Videos on 4 Survey/Offer Sites

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There has to be a catch right? That's what my wife thought too, when I told her I found a way to make around $100/month, simply, by streaming videos on my mobile phone and laptop – while I work at home writing content articles and selling books on Amazon. The good part is: it's true!

My wife was a bit skeptical, mostly, because about a year ago I was nearly sure I'd found a way to make good (hundreds a month) money from Paid to Click sites. Well, renting referrals on PTC sites (I found out the hard way) just doesn't work, because they're robots – the game is rigged!

Yet, this doesn't mean a person can't make money from getting direct referrals on legit sites like NeoBux and Clixsense. By the way, basically, all other PTC sites are scams and will fade away within a year, or simply not pay... I found this out the hard way, but this article isn't about PTC sites, rather: survey/offer sites.

4 Survey/Offer Sites to Make Money with by Streaming Videos

Here are the main four sites I stream videos on to make around $100/month (that's without any referrals, taking surveys, doing offers, etc. – just videos and easy tasks like daily survey, search, etc.):

Also, I work some other eggs in the basket where pennies roll in, but they're aren't as good for streaming videos. These 4 above (really 6 with the apps) are the best for streaming videos; below I'll explain how I do it.

First of all, I have an extra cell phone, where I stream, exclusively, Inbox Dollars App (website is good for videos too) videos all day. I have to check on the phone to press continue about once every half an hour or so. I make around $1.25/day by doing this.

The only other “work” I do on the website is search four times a day in their browser and enter into their sweepstakes from the automatic points earned along with the pennies. I received a check in the mail a few days ago for $29, not bad, and I was able to prove to my wife (and myself): this idea actually works!

When I'm working on my laptop I open a few windows (these windows are streaming videos now – pennies rolling in as we speak), and the SB website is one of the windows I open. Click on the playlists in the watch category and choose videos worth 3 points, check on it every half an hour to an hour.

The second way I make money here is with the SBTV mobile App, which I turn on when I wake up and keep going until they won't let me earn anymore (the earning limits change). The SB website and the SBTV app can be streaming videos at the same time and make money cause they're different (can't simply open three SB windows and stream videos in each...same with these other sites).

I also go to the SB website everyday and vote in their daily poll and do a search about three times; from all this SB “work”, I make around $1.10/day.

This is the most automated video streaming site I've found yet; all I do is click on Earn, then Watch Videos (this takes me to the InstaGC video playlist), push play, and then check on it about once every three hours. Everyday, they give me a 10% bonus for watching videos, which I claim the next day. I make around .75 cents/day here.

This site plays the same video playlists found on SB, and pays around the same as well. They also have a daily poll and a search engine to “work” everyday. I only use this one after I'm done working for the day, because my computer bogs down too much when I stream videos in three different windows and work in the 4th with numerous tabs. So, by working this website around 6 hours a day, I make around .50 cents a day.


These all pay with PayPal as an option (except for Inbox Dollars), although with InstaGC you have to get $50 worth of gift cards somewhere (Amazon, Walmart, many others) before can cash out with PayPal. With Inbox Dollars, options are: a snail mail check, prepaid Visa card, or eGift Card at different places; snail mail check is sent out once a month or something like this, but after the 1st payment the process gets faster and easier (I've yet to get 2nd payout). Swagbucks and MyPoints give PayPal no problem, just takes a week or so.

So, let's tally up how much I'm making daily:

Swagbucks:    $1.10
InstaGC:            .75 cents
MyPoints:           .50 cents

Total: $3.60/day times 30 days month = $108.00/month!

Not bad, right? This is without even doing a survey, having any referrals, signing up for offers, or shopping through these sites – which all can make a person, potentially, much more money. Really, if a person is industrious enough with even just these 4 sites mentioned, they could make about as much as a min. wage job pays or more each month – what a strange world we live in.

Note to Christians (and everyone), don't watch these videos, just stream them with the screen down and in other windows. Most of the videos I can stream are about food, travel, and non-lewd and non-sexual content, yet there are times when videos are streaming that aren't good for the eye gate. Also, of course, turn down the volume and don't listen to them, unless there's an interesting news or travel piece, etc.

Other than that, I've found a way to make at least $100/month from just streaming videos from my laptop and mobile phones! This is just the beginning too, because once I earn from referrals or learn how to make more from them (shopping through them on Amazon, rising in levels, surveys, offers, more phones, etc.) – then I could make hundreds or, even, one thousand a month without doing much at all.

So, why not sign up through my links and start making $100/month by simply streaming videos? If you have any questions press the contact link and email me; if not, then let's get to “work”, right...God bless online entrepreneurs.


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